Callum lost his first tooth

Hi, it's me anyone out there? Yeah, it's been a while. I actually thought I was completely done with this ole blog of mine. I wasn't planning on giving it up. It just happened. It was no longer a priority. Then Callum lost his first tooth at school last week and it seemed like too good of a story not to document. And by too good, I mean a story that wouldn't have made sense two plus years ago. 

We only discovered Callum had a loose tooth two days before it fell out. And it didn't even seem that loose. But he was in prep this past Thursday, dancing to Just Dance (high quality education over here) when the tooth came out and his mask caught it. HIS MASK...haha! He pulled it out and kept it safely in his hand until he got back to class and gave it to his teacher. She got one of those coveted tooth necklaces for him and put it safely in there. 

Fast forward to after school. Callum is usually the first kid out. Thursday, he was not. In fact, the teacher approached me before he did and said, "Did you get my message?" I thought for sure something happened. Turns out she sent me a picture of his toothless mouth, but I didn't check my messages. And Callum was late coming out because he was grabbing his tooth necklace off the teacher's desk to wear outside. 

The tooth fairy came that night. Callum requested the tooth fairy not take his tooth, so she so graciously left it, along with a note and a dollar. The problem is, the next morning a certain three year old got ahold of the tooth and lost it. It's gone. Oops. At least the memories and pictures are there, right?

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