Father's Day

I know father's day was a while ago now, but I have pretty much been living life behind the times for the past few weeks now. We moved the day before father's day. And with us returning from Hawaii to me having not have packed at all and us moving in less than a week, let's just say there was no time that week for even any brain space to think of doing anything for father's day.

Even with not a card in sight (for Ian or our dads…fail) I still managed to make sure our annual tradition of pictures of Ian with the kids happened. And, I have to say, these pictures really sum up the kids personalities at the moment. Connor, the one that generally does as he's told. Isla, the free spirit. And Callum, the one that just wishes he could get a moment to himself from time to time…that last photo especially had me laughing. There is always someone touching Callum.

Even with not a gift or card in sight on father's day, we still had a good one. And we managed to get Ian's dad to cook FOR us, even with us not doing a thing for him…that's true parental love right there.

Next year though, I'm bringing it…I mean, really, I can only go up from here!

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Connor: He was at vbs all week. On the first day he didn't want to go, but by the time I picked him up, he was loving it. He even got camper of the day one day. 

Isla: She not only loves putting makeup on, but she also loves just putting it wherever on her face. And she was totally proud of this. 

Callum: It was a big week for him. He got his first taste of solids and took his first sink bath. 

"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2016."

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Can I brag for a minute?

I really do just need to brag on this guy. He has always been extremely cautious around water. Swim lessons have never been super successful. Last year, we were all excited because he stuck his face underwater…with the bribe of a lego. Enter Hawaii. This kid was running and jumping in the waves. He was purposefully letting them crash into him and get his FACE WET. I was shocked. In a totally and completely good way. Then we get back and he gets in the pool, with a life vest on still, and wanted to swim by himself. This is a HUGE DEAL. Last year, he wouldn't do anything unless he was holding on to the side of the pool or one of us, even with a life vest on. This gives me such great hope that he may actually swim…which is a good thing considering our new house has a pool. I am just so proud of him for overcoming (or more facing) so many of his water fears and starting to branch out. Proud mom over here.

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Callum's First Food

After waiting far too long, I finally gave Callum "real food" on Monday. At first I was trying to wait until 6 months to give him food. Then, it was like, well he turns 6 months in Hawaii, so I should wait until we get home. Then there was the chaos of moving. And, well, sitting in the chaos of boxes, I decided I could use a fun distraction and decided to go for it.

The above pictures are in order…Callum was excited about the food coming toward his mouth, unsure after the first bite, then got excited and was ready for more! I let Connor chose what food we would give first and after a riveting round of "eenie meenie" sweet potatoes it was.

I am a more fly by the seat of my pants mom and don't have any sort of plan for when and how much I will feed him. On Monday I fed him until he seemed to be spitting it all out. And on Tuesday, I fed him until the container was gone. All I know is I will be skipping baby cereal…I skipped it with Isla as well (can't remember why) and after the reports of how high arsenic is in it, I decided to skip it this time as well. But, I am hoping that Callum will cut some teeth shortly, so then I can feed him some pizza…I kid.

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Given that we moved this past weekend, life last week was pretty crazy. It was full of packing and moving. And the poor kids got shuttled around way more than they would of liked, but they really were troopers. At one point, they may or may not have been taping each other up with duck tape…it was their idea, but when I saw it happening, I at least warned them to only do it on clothes and not on skin, but then did just let them have at it. There was lots of laughter to be had. 

Connor: This kid swam in a pool (with a life vest on) by himself. This is a big deal for him because before he wouldn't even do anything even with a life vest on. 

Isla: Full of sass, sparkle and imagination. She held an old iPad screen cover up to her face and acted like she was on tv. 

Callum: He had his six month check up, and the shots that go with it. And for the most part, was very chill and relaxed in the midst of chaos. 

"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2016."

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I still haven't been able to decide if the timing of our trip, in the middle of an incredibly stressful and crazy season of life, was absolutely genius or incredibly stupid. Either way, I felt the stress of life totally off me while we were gone, we made some amazing memories, and some we will be laughing about for years to come. Here are a couple highlights…

I left all of our luggage and one of our children with a stranger when Isla had to go to the bathroom. In my defense, she was holding her butt, crying that she needed to poop really bad when this kind saint of a stranger offered to stay with Connor and all our luggage. 

Connor and I went digging for crabs on the beach and managed to unearth one about the size of my hand. Ian claims I was flapping my arms as I went running down the beach screaming. I definitely remember the running and screaming part, but I'm not so sure about the flapping of the arms. Either way, Connor said "Let's not dig for crabs again, ok mom?"

I had the most incredible spiritual experience seeing the sun set from the top of the volcano halekala. In spite of the kids complaining and wanting to sit in the car, I couldn't help but feel amazed by the beauty and feel like I was in the presence of God. 

One evening we took the kids to get some gelato after dinner. The place has a back patio that is over the water. Sitting back there with three kids that weren't complaining/crying/whining, listening to the waves crash, eating great tasting gelato felt pretty much like pure bliss. 

The trip really was an amazing one. Though, Connor says his favorite part was the hotel we stayed at in San Francisco the night before we left. I am not sure if that means the trip was a total fail for him or if the hotel in San Francisco was just that good. Either way, I will always look back on this family trip with fond memories…because, hello, no public meltdowns…and will try to forget about Isla's stuffed animal ending up in the toilet on the way home

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Callum {6 months}

Weight: 17 pounds
Length: 27 inches

Likes: his thumb, people smiling at him, being held or worn, his brother and sister
Dislikes: sleeping all night

I feel like people comment over and over about what a happy baby Callum is. Even at his check up, his doctor mentioned about how smily he was and how he will just go to anyone…of course, maybe I have passing him around at the older kids school drop off/pick ups to thank for that! But the kid will seriously smile for anyone that smiles at him. I call it his party trick because you can always get him to do it. 

Developmentally, Callum is on the cusp of being able to sit up unassisted. He can do it for a few seconds, but that's it. A couple weeks ago, he started walking in his walker. He really seems to enjoy the walker. He also now puts his hands out toward people. And he babbles. No real sounds like "dada" or "baba" but he does attempt to have a conversation when you talk to him and I find it pretty dang cute. Callum has also taking a keen liking to my glasses in the past couple weeks. If I am not careful, he snatches them right off my face. 

Sizewise, Callum wears 6-12 months clothing. He has even started to wear some 12-18 months and they fit!? Of course, I am over here in a corner sobbing, not wanting it to happen so quick. He is in size 3 diapers and I feel like if he keeps growing as fast as he has, he won't be in them for long…though if my memory (and old blog posts!) serves me correct, my other babies didn't grow as fast their second six months of life. 

Sleepwise, if the conditions are right, I can still get a couple really good naps out of Callum. Of course, there are those unpredictable and loud older siblings that can throw a wrench into things at times. And I haven't figured out how sometimes he can sleep through all their shenanigans and other times not. At night, he still wakes numerous times…too many to count, as it would just get depressing. He doesn't wake and stay awake, but just wants to nurse back to sleep. Bad habit, I know. But, for the most part it doesn't bother me, so I am happy to keep my nighttime cuddle bug for now. 

This happy go lucky third child of mine really has been the icing on the motherhood cake for me. I love this little guy so much. He is getting ready to start solids (hello mess!) and I am sure will be moving around the house very shortly. But, in the mean time, I am enjoying every second of cuddling with him and singing to him…and even watching Connor and Isla fight over who gets to sit by him. They sure love him and of course, that makes my mama heart all gooey with happiness. 

And because I am me, here is Connor at 6 months and Isla at 6 months. Callum and Isla were actually pretty close to the same size at 6 months. After reading the other kids updates, it seems both of them had already started the whole stranger-danger thing by 6 months, but not smily, friendly Callum!

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Last week was spent in Maui. Living the calm, carefree life on the beach was sure a flip flop from trying to paint, pack and move this week…take me back to Hawaii! Given that we spent so much time on the beach last week, that is where each kid'c picture is from. 

Connor: He really faced his fears and had so incredibly much fun playing in the ocean. He went under several times and it never even bothered him. I was so proud. 

Isla: This girl was constantly one with the sand at the beach. She loved the beach so much and let us know her displeasure with leaving every time we had to.

Callum: This little guy did so well last week. He was incredibly adaptable. And even he got to be in the ocean a few times. He loved the water and would kick up a storm whenever we would put him in it.

"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2016."

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Isla's Ballet Recital

^^ This is her "Oh hey guys, I'm on stage" face.

^^ And this move (which I am sure has a technical ballet name) was literally Isla's favorite part of her whole dance. 

^^ Both sets of grandparents brought Isla flowers to her recital…the parents on the other hand...

Isla had her ballet recital this weekend. She seemed both excited and nervous for it, so I wasn't quite sure what to expect, but she totally loved it. With the forecast calling for a high of 108 for that day, we went ahead and got a babysitter to stay with Callum during the recital. And, lucky for Isla (and all of us), the kids in her age group all get to leave as soon as their dance is over. Next year she will be expected to stay until intermission.

During the dance itself, Isla was very serious. She literally didn't smile at all while dancing. But, before and after the dance, she would smile at the crowd. Her favorite part of the dance is at the end, so it was nice to watch her "finish strong". Especially since the girl next to her was sobbing like crazy, so Isla spent about half the dance just staring at her crying. But, then she seemed to get over the girl crying and start dancing.

It was a fun (albeit hot…and sometimes crazy with the crazy and serious dance moms) experience all around. Isla said she wants to do it again next year and after her recital next year, never again. Haha! So, I guess we will be taking this whole dance thing one year at a time…of course, isn't that every activity with kids?!

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