Callum's First Food

After waiting far too long, I finally gave Callum "real food" on Monday. At first I was trying to wait until 6 months to give him food. Then, it was like, well he turns 6 months in Hawaii, so I should wait until we get home. Then there was the chaos of moving. And, well, sitting in the chaos of boxes, I decided I could use a fun distraction and decided to go for it.

The above pictures are in order…Callum was excited about the food coming toward his mouth, unsure after the first bite, then got excited and was ready for more! I let Connor chose what food we would give first and after a riveting round of "eenie meenie" sweet potatoes it was.

I am a more fly by the seat of my pants mom and don't have any sort of plan for when and how much I will feed him. On Monday I fed him until he seemed to be spitting it all out. And on Tuesday, I fed him until the container was gone. All I know is I will be skipping baby cereal…I skipped it with Isla as well (can't remember why) and after the reports of how high arsenic is in it, I decided to skip it this time as well. But, I am hoping that Callum will cut some teeth shortly, so then I can feed him some pizza…I kid.

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