Oh Rain, How Connor (and I) Adore Thee

The way I have been blogging about rain lately makes me think back to my old blog posts about snow in Scotland. You can read about that here, here or here

It poured down rain for a few hours today. As soon as I heard the rain, I was excited. When I looked out the window to confirm what I was hearing, I was giddy. In honor of the occasion, I once again allowed Connor to go out and play in it. I swear that kid loves the rain just as much as his mama. And he played and played and played until his boots were full of water and his pants were soaked through. Even then, he still had to be forced to come back in the house. 

If only the rain would stick around for a few days in a row...this girl and her little boy can only dream!

What I Wore {six}

My dad suffered from temporary psychosis on Sunday and went a little crazy buying me stuff at MadeWell. I always feel awkward having people foot the bill for me, but it felt really nice to be pampered. Its been a long time since I've shelled out money on nice clothes for myself. So thanks dad for doing that!

It all started with the pants. I've been wanting some red skinny jeans for a while now, but haven't been able to find the perfect pair. While browsing in MadeWell, I found some in orange. And they fit perfect. Then my dad had the workers pick out a couple tops to match and I got two of them. Lastly, my dad was sold on this bag before I even saw it. Needless to say, I ended up getting it.

So here is my awesome new outfit, courtesy of my dad:

Sweater: MadeWell
Tank Top: Michael Stars
Jeans: MadeWell
Shoes: from Scotland
Purse: MadeWell

I am seriously in love with these jeans. I think I will be buying another pair in actual jean color to replace my skinny jeans that I've worn out. I wish I could wear orange pants every single day and not be judged for doing so because these pants are that comfortable.

Driving with Babies

Traveling any distance with two babies is no easy feat. I would like to hand it to my two little ones for both being on their best behavior while traveling today. Connor seems to have turned a corner lately and become easier to travel with. I think it is because he is more willing to play with his toys in the car. And I brought a whole bag of toys for him. He also likes to look at the trains along the side of the road. The only problem? He cries when the trains are gone! It's funny and sad all at the same time.

And Isla, well today she was content pretty much just sleeping and stopping to eat. She did get slightly fussy at one point. But that was it. Slightly fussy I can take.

After I hit the road this morning, it occurred to me that it would be the biggest pain ever for me to stop and go the bathroom somewhere by myself, with both kids. After thinking it over, I decided it would be best to stop at a Starbucks where they have those bathrooms that are an entire room and not just a stall. The only problem was there wasn't a changing table to change the kids. So, I ended up putting something on the ground and changing them there. Not the best, but it worked. What I didn't think about was how I would carry my drink to the car while also holding Connor's hand and carrying Isla. It was difficult and Connor may have gotten a small amount of coffee on his head, but we made it. About halfway to the car I considered ditching my drink. It was that hard of a walk! And you know what sucked? Once I got the kids in the car and took a drink of my coffee, it tasted horrible. But I wasn't about to take it back in and complain. Oh well. At least I was able to go to the bathroom.

The last crazy thing that happened (but was really the first, if we went in chronological order) was it was snowing hardcore on the grapevine (the mountain range between southern California and central California). The kids were asleep when I was driving through it which was kind of a blessing given that it allowed me to concentrate, yet a bummer that Connor didn't get to see the snow. And even though it is a little nerve wracking to drive in conditions like that, it was fun to see it snow.

After a long day of traveling and a long few days of being away from home and Ian, I arrived home to a beautiful bouquet of flowers. What a sweet man that Ian is. And I unwounded from the trip by taking a bath, drinking a glass of wine and forcing Ian to sit there and talk to me while I relaxed...pure bliss.

The Los Angeles Zoo

It's been a while since Connor's been to a zoo. In fact, I am pretty sure certain he doesn't even remember it. It was when he was 5 months old. We went to the London Zoo. Anyway, the kids and I are in LA for my aunt's 60th birthday and decided to head to the zoo.

Besides the sticker shock of paying to get in the zoo, and having to pay almost as much for a 2 year old as an adult, it was a good few hours. The zoo seems nice and new. Unfortunately there were two large sections closed for construction. One of those sections included a train. Bummer. Connor would have loved that. Maybe it was just because of some stuff being closed, but the zoo did seem rather small.

 The stinky, yet beautiful, pink flamingos

Connor checking out the gorillas

Anyway, I am pretty sure the highlight of the zoo for Connor was the carousel. In fact, we were duped into paying for it twice. Thankfully, you only have to pay for the kid and the adult rides free...and it was semi-cheap. Before the second ride, Connor decided to throw his token to ride the carousel. Thankfully the workers said that happens all the time and still let him ride.

And Isla? She pretty much spent her first zoo adventure sucking on her hands and wrist! Glad she enjoyed it. 

Snow Day 2012

Winter seems to have forgotten us in California this year. Like three days of rain (no exaggeration) and maybe two days that a coat has been required. So freaking depressing. Of course, it has been more depressing for my brother that bought a season pass to our local ski resort. Sorry bro.

Anyway, some snow came this past week and we decided to take the kids up to the snow on Sunday. Isla had never been and Connor, I want him to be a fan of the white stuff. Up to this point, he hasn't been a fan (read about Connor's past interactions with the snow in 2010 & 2011).

Well this year, Connor seems to be a fan. He instantly wanted to go down a hill on a saucer. He did back out and wanted Ian to go with him, but seemed to really enjoy going down with Ian. He referred to snow as both "snow" and "ice", and tried eating it at every opportunity, including dirty snow in the parking lot and on walking paths! When I asked Connor what color the snow was, he said "white". Melt my heart. I know, something only a mother would appreciate! I've become such a softie. But back to the snow...

This is actually the same lake we went to this past summer. Kind of funny to see it drained and semi-covered in snow.

We had fun getting out of town and going to the snow...and playing in the mud. There was a lot of that. But we did see the snow. And heck, I even put Isla in the snow for a token picture!

Maybe next year Connor will get to go skiing!


Tonight I experienced the most beautiful sunset ever. Well, at least that I have seen in a while.

It started out purple, then turned fiery red. And there was a swirl in the clouds adding to the beauty.

Seriously beautiful. Like take your breath away beauty.

Lately {in Photos}

1. Mama and her boy
2. Good morning world, love Isla
3. Connor and his double-double
4. Hello there happy girl
5. Starbucks valentines cup = LOVE
6. Isla and her huge bow
7. Proud potty moment
8. Smiler
9. Isla looking adorable
10. Coolest cup ever!
11. Train museum in Sacramento
12. Isla's baby book


When I used to work out of the house, I remember getting a day off during the week and spending the entire thing at home. I would wake up late. Sit in front of the tv with my bowl of cereal (at 11am). Not shower until 3pm. And put my pjs back on after I did shower. It was glorious. And then Ian would come home and think I was a freak.

Fast forward to now. I spend a lot of my time at home. I now find leaving the house like a breath of fresh air. Of course, when I am too busy and out of the house too much, I don't like it, but that's not my point. Getting out of the house and going on walks with the kiddos is one of my favorite things. Just being outside is a glorious thing to me. Breathing in fresh air. The kids strapped in their stroller, sitting there quietly. The sun (or even rain) hitting my face. It makes me so happy.

Its like back when I used to take the bus everywhere. It is just time to myself. Time to clear my head and enjoy myself. Stopping to smell the roses, if you will. I like that time. No distractions. Nothing to clean, pick up or do. It gives me perspective. It lets me clear my head. It lets me stretch my legs. And it lets me get out of the house.

Connor {2 Years, 3 Months}

Weight: 29lbs (my measurement)
Length: still need to measure him

Says three words at a time
Remembers places when we drive/walk by them
Recognizes and says certain colors - yellow, green, white
Starting to say his own name (tawn-er)
Starting to recognize and say various letters

Who knew that talking makes one seem so grown up?!? Seriously. Connor is talking so much these days and it makes him seem so much more grown up. When he knows what something is, he says it over and over for me. Like he wants me to know he knows. So freaking cute! The other night in the bath, he was using "dad's soap" as he reminded me over and over. He started holding it up and saying something over and over, but I couldn't quite figure out what. Then I realized he was saying "white". And he was correct, the bar of soap is white. Like I said before, too freaking cute. And probably only something a mom would find freaking cute. I know. I am a little over the top.

Some of Connor's favorite things include trains, books and Chuck the truck. He is definitely a train boy. He likes watching trains (both real and cartoon), he likes playing with trains, he likes reading about trains. Connor loves all his books. And he certainly has a collection. Of course, he will still fixate on one book and want it read over and over again until I finally refuse to read it. And I often find him looking thru his books by himself. It makes me a proud mama. Now Chuck the truck, this is a rather new obsession. He got a Chuck video for Christmas and a few toys and the obsession began. I limit his tv viewing anyway, but I really have to now that Chuck is in the picture. He always wants to watch Chuck.

After I wrote about Connor constantly getting out of his bed, he switched on me again. He is back to staying in his crib. Though, he isn't back to taking naps every day.  I still put him down for a nap every day, but some days he just lays there and talks to himself...he can also reach his bookshelf from his bed, so brings in some books with him. Because of the lack of naps, sometimes he is really tired. On Monday night, he kept falling asleep at the dinner table and bobbing his head. When his head would fall, it would wake him up. And I think because I kept laughing, every time he would do it, he would laugh too. It was funny and sad all at the same time.

Connor is starting to get really possessive and having a hard time sharing. He doesn't want Isla to play with certain toys and he really has trouble when playing with other kids. But, I think that is just a part of growing up. I can't believe how much and how fast my little man is growing up...

On a side note, can you believe Connor is still sporting the same shirt a year later? Talk about value for my money!

Isla {4 Months}

Weight: 14lbs, 13oz
Length: 24.5 inches

Rubs her eyes when tired
Looks at herself in the mirror & smiles
Follows people around the room with her eyes

Every time I take Isla to the doctor, her pediatrician always comments on how proportional she is. Such a weird compliment(?) but maybe most kids don't have height, weight and head all around the same percentile. Isla is holding strong just above the 80th percentile. She sure is putting her older brother to shame!

The last few nights, Isla has been going to bed in her own bed. This is growth people! In fact, the other night Isla slept in her own bed from 8pm until 5am! Before this she was waking numerous times a night (sometimes every hour), so was hogging our bed snugging in bed with us a lot. Needless to say, its nice to have our bed back and its nice to get a few hours of uninterrupted sleep. I'm crossing my fingers this continues!

Isla is a smiler. All she needs is for someone to smile at her and she flashes her huge toothless grin right back. And she is becoming more generous with her laughs. A sure way of getting her to laugh is by kissing her cheek. I'm not sure why that is SO FUNNY, but to her it is. And those baby smiles man, they do something to you! They make me like putty in her hands.

Isla loves watching her brother play. She will follow him around the room with her eyes. She'll even arch her back to look behind her to keep watching him. She also likes watching me and Ian. But I am pretty sure Connor is her favorite.

Bath time is still a huge hit with Isla. We are mostly bathing her with Connor these days. Its just easier to kill two birds with one stone. She likes to splash water all over the place. And if a toy gets close enough, she likes to suck on those too.

Speaking of toys, she is playing with them more and more everyday. She already had been pulling on ones dangling above her, but she has now managed to pick a few up and get them to her mouth. Of course, everything goes in her mouth these days, her clothes included. Whatever she can get in her hands and get to her mouth - other people's fingers, her clothes, her fist, her wrist (which seems to be her favorite) - she does. 

It's Raining!!!

I've only been waiting since uh, October for a good rain! Woot, woot!

With no plans to go anywhere, I dressed up Connor and we went in the backyard to play. He had so much fun and didn't want to come back in the house.

Finally, after about half an hour, he came to me and said "hands". His hands were freezing. Then and only then was he willing to come inside and warm up. Even inside, he didn't want to take his rain gear off. But with the promise of being able to play in the rain again later, he conceeded.

Even if the rain is only supposed to last the day, I still love and appreciate it. 

What I Wore {five}

Going out two Fridays in a row? Very unusual for this mom of two. Heck, it was unusual when I just had one too! But, all my friends seem to be growing up and two Fridays in a row I had 30th birthday parties to attend. This one requested that we dress up, so I obliged.

Dress: Diesel
Cardigan: hand me down
Belt: from Scotland
Shoes: Banana Republic

This entire outfit is all stuff I've had for years. Ian bought me the dress for my birthday a few years ago. In fact, I wore it to my birthday dinner in 2008. And I normally don't wear belts on my mid-section, or over a sweater for that matter, but tried it and though it turned out well. Ian even said he wished he was going out with me looking like that! Awww...

Sleepy Girl

I am a seriously cruel mom.

The other night, I noticed Isla starting to fall asleep in her bumbo. Rather than be nice and take her out, I watched and smiled. It was cute though. Her eyes started to glaze over. Her head tilted to the side. Then her eyes shut. That's when I ran and grabbed the camera!


Don't judge. You know you would have done the same thing. And don't worry, I took her out as soon as I was done taking pictures.

How I Met Your Father {one}

Kids, have I told you how I met your father? I haven't? It's a good story...

In case you haven't guessed it, I have decided to tell mine and Ian's "story". I realized the other night, the details are already starting to get fuzzy, so I thought I should write it down before I forget too much more.

I originally met Ian in the fall of 1998. It wasn't a particularly great first encounter. I remember I was having a bad day. And my friends were all "Our friend Ian has a half day at school and is bringing us lunch." And I was like, "Uh, well good for you guys. I guess I will stick to my normal, cafeteria food." And so I met Ian. Like I said, nothing special.

Over the next few months, we hung out a few times. There was the famous (and thankfully finally-no-longer-talked-about) curb hitting incident. I popped my car tire on a curb in his neighborhood. 'Nuff said. Really? I know that is not enough said for such an embarrassing moment in my life. We were hanging out with a group of people somewhere, don't remember where. Like I said, the details are getting fuzzy. Anyway, we all decided to go back to Ian's house. He started weaving us all over the freaking place (I didn't know where he lived). Anyway, my friend that was in the car with me told me to make a u-turn. And me, thinking that the curbs were the kind you can drive up on (like in my neighborhood), steered full speed on to the curb. Yeah, it didn't go so well. Neighbors came out and stared. Ian's dad came. My dad came and explained to me how to change the tire. So, I had to change the tire while everyone in the whole freaking world watched. Not my proudest moment. And seriously, I was reminded of this moment for years to come. Usually by adults. My friends didn't seem to care. But every time it came up, inside it pissed me off and I wanted to scream. "Didn't you ever do anything stupid?!?" But I'm over it. So over it.

Our friendship progressed passed the "curb hitting incident". Can't remember too much, the details are fuzzy. But I do remember "it all began" one night because my friend was a flake. You see, we were all supposed to hang out. She was nowhere to be found. So Ian asked if I still wanted to hang out, which I did. And that is the night that I became smitten...

Some point after that, Ian invited me to meet him at Subway on his break from work. Romantic, right? His parents came to work to visit him and they found out he was at Subway on his break. So, they came in to say hi. His mom later told me she was like "Who is that girl with my son?" Apparently she didn't yet remember me from the curb hitting incident.Of course, back then I was only her son's friend...not a threat. wink, wink.

Anyway, Ian ended up inviting me to his prom. In case you are wondering, he asked me over the phone. I remember I had butterflies in my stomach and was so-freaking-excited. Before prom, yet after Ian asked me to prom, I went with him to sadie hawkins at his school. That was the night we took our first picture together...

In the spring of 1999, we went to Ian's prom (which really was a banquet as he went to a Christian school that didn't condone dancing). I showed up in the same dress as his best friend's date. Apparently she was not happy about it. I could have cared less. On our way home, Ian was driving like a jackass a little fast and got pulled over. Of course, he didn't get a ticket. I swear I don't get how he can always get out of tickets.

The following weekend, Ian was going to another prom with another girl named Jessica. Seriously?!? He told me it wasn't a big deal. The night before, we hung out. When he was dropping me off at home, he leaned in and kissed me. Super quick. Left me a little dumbfounded. Once I got in the house (it was hard finding the house key. I had freaking just been kissed by Ian for the first time!), I called my friends. They came over and we talked about that kiss over and over. That was May 7, 1999.

The Poop Situation

I walked in to get Connor up from his nap the other day (yep, he is back to staying in his crib. Crazy kid!) and instantly noticed he didn't have any pants on.

So I started surveying the room looking for his pants...he had thrown most of his bedding out of his bed too. When I found his pants, I noticed his diaper on the ground next to them. This was a first. He has never taken his diaper off before.

As I am walking toward the crib, I realize he is standing in the corner saying "yucky poop" and pointing to the smallest turd known to man that he had pooped in his bed. The funny thing about this is we have been working on him pooping in the potty...you know, kind of pooping on demand. Obviously he mustered up all his strength to poop one out in his bed. Cute and gross all at the same time.

And guess what? I am that mom. I took a picture of it. And yep, I am posting it for all to see. Hey, at least I am warning you! So I present to you, the smallest turd ever.

While I was trying to take a picture of it, he kept leaning over looking at it. So funny! And yes, gross. Who knew poop could be so interesting?!?
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