Hello, Fall, Are You There?

The other day on Facebook, one of my friends posted a picture wearing a jacket. A jacket!!! It literally made me shed a tear. Ok, so I didn't cry, but I did get kind of mad. Here we are with temps stuck in the 90's and fall seems to be hitting everywhere else. I even wore jeans the other day because I am just so tired of wearing the two pairs of maternity shorts I own. Of course, I regretted my jeans decision pretty quickly when I was sitting in a puddle of my own sweat on the school run. On the plus side, ice cream has become a daily fixture in my life. Of course, I am betting that positive will turn into a negative as soon as they weigh me at my next doctor's appointment…don't even get me started on how cruel I think it is to weigh pregnant women at every appointment! 

Oh fall, the pumpkin patch is opening this week. And, it is going to be October in TWO DAYS. Just throw me a bone. Even a little one. Make the temp drop a little so this pregnant mama can have some relief.

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Connor: This kid has been all about the dress up lately. Policeman, fireman, astronaut, soldier. He got himself all dressed up in camo gear…rain boots and sunglasses included…and asked me to take his picture. The icing on the cake was him wanting me to take pictures of him fake walking from all angles. 

Isla: Is there really anything better than laying in bed with a good book?! 

"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2015."

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A Six Letter Word

The other day a word came out of this child's mouth that I have been trying to keep out of our house.


I pretty much felt how Connor looks in this picture when he said it. In fact, I probably looked at him close to that. I can't stand that word. It's like running nails down a chalk board. It literally makes me shiver. It only took a month and a half at school for him to learn it and say it. So far, he has only referred to things as boring, rather than saying the dreaded "I'm bored". But seriously, whoever created this word is getting some serious stink eye from me right now.

I've heard Connor's friends use it before (and prayed that he had invisible ear muffs on and didn't hear it), so I knew it would eventually come into his vocabulary. But still. A mom can cry a little in the corner over this word making an appearance…and sticking around…in her house.

Aww, I can't believe my kid is old enough to find things boring…or more, vocalize that they are boring. And now I know why it used to drive my mom insane when I used to say "I'm bored" all the time. Aww parenthood, always putting things in perspective.

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Ian's {kind of} Famous

Ian was contacted a bit back by a local magazine to appear in their "hidden talents" section. What a cool opportunity! They were supposed to come to our house and take a picture of Ian with his roaster. They gave us a week to do that picture and in that week, we were going to be home ONE DAY, in between traveling. This totally and completely stressed me out. First, houses are never clean when you luggage vomit all over them after returning home from vacay. And, on top of that, we were needing to repack and leave a day later. Ian ended up contacting the magazine and asking if we could submit our own pictures and they said yes. So, the picture that appeared with Ian's little interview, along with the one in the table of contents (that I didn't take a picture of) were both taken by me. Kind of cool…but, you know, super cool for Ian being in a magazine and all.

This little business of ours has jumped leaps and bounds over the past month and a half. It's been pretty exciting to see various opportunities come our way. To figure out what works and what doesn't. And to watch people enjoy the coffee.

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Connor: He got the stomach flu and had to miss a day of school this past week. He was pretty much totally and completely devastated over missing school. This kid really does love school and loves doing homework and practicing things at home. I really am hoping this is a love that will stick around for many, many more years. 

Isla: Whenever the kids have something from school that is particularly cute or they really like, I tend to take a picture of them with it. Isla excitedly showed this to me when I picked her up from class one day this week. I was so confused and asked if it was a dragon holding a piece of corn…I told you I was confused! To which she replied, "No mom, it's a rattlesnake." Now I see it. And she has proceeded to play with said rattlesnake the rest of the week.

"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2015."

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Isla Said What {three}

Wow, apparently it has been a while since I have done one of these. Like more than six months ago. So much for remembering every single last adorable/funny/inappropriate thing my child said. But, here's some of the things that have come out of Isla's mouth lately.

I just making jokes.

Ian: Why are you not asleep?
Isla: Because my finger nails are not painted.

You're pushing my buttons.

Isla: Is it night time?
Me: No, it's morning.
Isla: I wanted to sleep.
Me: I know, you like to sleep.
Isla: I don't like waking up.

When I was in your tummy, I closed my eyes so I didn't see all your food. 

Me: Stop licking me.
Isla: But dogs do it.

Mommy, I love you all the time, but not sometimes. (Gee, thanks kid!)

I walk in Isla's room and see her putting stickers all over the wood floor. She hears me and lays over said stickers.
Me: Really, all over the floor?!
Isla: Sorry mom.
Me: It's alright. I'm used to you by now. 
Isla: I know mom. 

And there you have it, a little Isla entertainment to get you through your Thursday!

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Hello, Third Trimester {28 weeks}

^^ My personal photographer Connor shot this picture. All the others seemed to only have my face and not my belly, so at least he got one with the belly in it. 

I feel like my second trimester flew by. Super fast. Now I am in that stage where I can actually feel my skin stretching on an almost daily basis. And at that point that I am always super hungry, but really can't fit anything of substance in my belly…or if I do, I feel sick for hours. But, I am also at that point that the baby is moving around the clock, and that's pretty dang fun. Feeling those little jabs always puts a smile on my face. 

I thought I would wait until October or November until I started getting prepared for the baby, but the urge is coming. I can feel it. I got a car seat for the baby this week. Other than that, I haven't gotten anything. My mom is going to help me redo a dresser for the baby and after we do that, I will pull out the tub of gender neutral clothes I have and put them in it. I am pretty dang excited to look at all those teeny tiny little outfits again. 

Ian and I had a discussion about names on our way to San Francisco a week and a half ago. Basically how it went down is I read him all the names on my list…the same list I've had since Connor. He threw out some and we have some left. And we haven't talked about it since. I threw out some names too because they have become too popular over the past few years or I know someone close who has used the name. There aren't many names on the list, so we will see what happens. 

Things are starting to get legit though. My doctor's appointments are dropping down to ever four weeks. And at my appointment this Friday, I am supposed to turn in all my pre admittance paperwork for the hospital…I guess I should get on filling that out! I did my glucose test a couple weeks ago and passed. Things really are moving along nice and smoothly and for that, I am thankful. 

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Connor: It's interesting to already watch Connor's subject preferences in school come out. He is really good with numbers, which just may be in his dna given that his daddy, grandpa and great-grandpa have all been accountants.  He also really enjoys practicing his writing…and I've noticed some perfectionist tendencies coming out when he is practicing. 

 Isla: Just a little good ole fashioned box house fun. She even ate her lunch in the box house.

"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2015."

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^^ Maybe I should have known when this was the best expression Isla would offer me that things were going to go downhill fast. 

^^ Yeah, I'm not a good bowler. I really do try, but it doesn't seem to happen. Maybe I should have shamelessly used the bumpers. 

I saw in the newspaper (yep, we still get it and I still read it) that our local bowling alley was having a labor day weekend special, so we decided to take the kids bowling on Monday. Connor has been one time before with my parents and Isla had never been. Connor was very excited and Isla sort of fed off his excitement. The deal was for two games…I should have realized that was more than stretching it, but you know.

Isla was excited for about three frames, then she was over it. She became more interested in the swiveling chairs than anything else. Connor though made up for Isla's lack of enthusiasm and loved it. In fact, he excitedly bowled the rest of Isla's game as well as his own. And he really, really seemed to enjoy dancing all over the shiny wood floor…until the lanes on either side of us were being used and he had to be restricted. I actually thought we would do a second game, given that Isla was happily playing in the swivel chairs and Connor was so enthusiastic…until Connor decided to throw the bowling ball from all the way back at the bowling ball stand (or whatever you call the ball holder thing). The ball got wedged between the bumper and the side in the gutter. We told him that wasn't ok and he proceeded to do it again, this time launching his ball down the lane next to ours…a lane that was in use. And just like that, we took that as our cue to leave.

Bowling, it was fun while it lasted. Next time though, we will only plan for one game. And lay out some serious ground rules in advance. And maybe not pay for Isla and just let her entertain herself for free on the swivel chairs…it's the little things in life, right?

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Isla's First Day of Preschool

^^ The struggle of knowing what you want to be when you grow up is real! When I told Isla she needed to narrow it down to one thing, she said "I really just want to be a dog." Ok, we will stick with five things then ;) And in case you can't read the sign, Isla wants to be a policeman, ambulance driver, fireman, ballet dancer and ballet teacher.

With Isla being, well, Isla and not always so predictable, I wasn't sure how the first day of school would go. I tried talking it up to her, but she seemed whatever about it. Not really excited, but not apprehensive either. One of her good little friends was already at school when we arrived. I thought this would be a good thing, but instead Isla decided to hide from her under a table on the playground. Eventually she warmed up and started playing. When it was time to go into class, Isla covered her face and started acting all weird and shy. I got her in the class, pinned her name badge on her and tried to encourage her to play. Even her friends were calling her to play, but she wasn't taking the bait. Finally, I noticed one of the teachers (the one she picked flowers for after her orientation last week, so I knew she liked her) at the craft table. As soon as she invited Isla to paint, all was well in the world again. Isla didn't even really acknowledge us when we said bye.

When I went to pick Isla up from school, she straight up ignored me and kept playing with puzzles. Eventually, I physically removed her from the table. She was excited about her craft in her cubby. She ran up and gave each of her teachers a hug goodbye. What I got out of her about the day was that she played with a girl named Alexis and she got to hand out the napkins at snack time. And she is excited for show and tell on Friday, so I am excited that she is making plans to go back to school again!

Here's to hoping for a drama free drop off time this year…because after the drama filled drop offs all year long last year, this mama could stand to have a little less drama in her life!

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Off The Grid {San Francisco}

^^ So we weren't totally kid free…the one in utero did tag along ;)

^^ My dinner…that I couldn't even finish…freaking smushed pregnant stomach that doesn't allow me to eat large (or really even normal) portions anymore! 

^^ Ian's dinner…the line at this food truck got amazingly long pretty much as soon as they opened. 

^^ Dessert. I can never, ever say no to creme brûlée. 

Ian's birthday was on Friday and I thought it would be fun to do something on his birthday. You know, something besides just dinner. Maybe actually go on an adventure. A while back, I heard about Off The Grid in San Francisco, a big food truck event that happens every Friday night. As luck would have it, my parents were in town this weekend and willing to take the kids for the afternoon and night. So, once Connor was out of school, we headed out. We did some shopping and walking around before heading over to the food trucks.

I had read online that it is important to get there early as the crowds get crazy quick. The real positive of getting there right after it opened was scoring a free parking spot right outside of the venue. I didn't really care about lines…the kids weren't with us and we had all the time we wanted!!! That being said, we avoided most of the lines by getting there early. Plus, we were able to find seats to sit in while eating. After eating and getting up to walk around, there were no more seats to be found. It was a fun atmosphere though. A dj was playing music. A large crowd. A good mix of people - young, old, and even families. I definitely wouldn't hesitate to bring the kids back with us sometime, though I would bring a stroller for them as I know they would get tired of all the standing.

After eating and hanging out, we walked along the water for a bit and sat on a bench with a view of the golden gate bridge. I thought it would be the perfect place to watch the sun set, but after I looked on my phone and realized the sun wasn't setting for like another hour and a half…not to mention the guys that were smoking pot nonstop right next to us…we didn't make it until sunset. It was still a beautiful place to sit and talk for a while. To watch the water hit the walls on the shore, to see the sailboats and have the perfect view of not just the golden gate bridge, but also alcatraz. Definitely a good spot. Plus, I would say we didn't miss out much on the sunset, given that we did get to see it set with the harbor in the foreground and the golden gate bridge in the background. Not too shabby.

It was a fun day. Nice to spend some alone time with Ian. Time that didn't feel rushed because we weren't needing to rush back and pick up our kids. Time that didn't have much of an agenda and allowed for us to do whatever we were feeling like doing. It's nice to feel carefree like that from time to time. And the icing on the cake was that we were able to do it on Ian's birthday.

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