^^ Maybe I should have known when this was the best expression Isla would offer me that things were going to go downhill fast. 

^^ Yeah, I'm not a good bowler. I really do try, but it doesn't seem to happen. Maybe I should have shamelessly used the bumpers. 

I saw in the newspaper (yep, we still get it and I still read it) that our local bowling alley was having a labor day weekend special, so we decided to take the kids bowling on Monday. Connor has been one time before with my parents and Isla had never been. Connor was very excited and Isla sort of fed off his excitement. The deal was for two games…I should have realized that was more than stretching it, but you know.

Isla was excited for about three frames, then she was over it. She became more interested in the swiveling chairs than anything else. Connor though made up for Isla's lack of enthusiasm and loved it. In fact, he excitedly bowled the rest of Isla's game as well as his own. And he really, really seemed to enjoy dancing all over the shiny wood floor…until the lanes on either side of us were being used and he had to be restricted. I actually thought we would do a second game, given that Isla was happily playing in the swivel chairs and Connor was so enthusiastic…until Connor decided to throw the bowling ball from all the way back at the bowling ball stand (or whatever you call the ball holder thing). The ball got wedged between the bumper and the side in the gutter. We told him that wasn't ok and he proceeded to do it again, this time launching his ball down the lane next to ours…a lane that was in use. And just like that, we took that as our cue to leave.

Bowling, it was fun while it lasted. Next time though, we will only plan for one game. And lay out some serious ground rules in advance. And maybe not pay for Isla and just let her entertain herself for free on the swivel chairs…it's the little things in life, right?

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