Weeks 24 & 25 - Pregnancy Style

This pregnancy is seriously going at lightening speed. I am thinking I will soon need to be getting ready for this babe to make its appearance. I am slowing cleaning out the boxes from said babe's room. Once that is done, I can begin setting up and organizing.

So at 24 weeks, the baby is supposed to be the size of a piece of corn. I think I was liking 2 weeks ago better when the baby was the size of a spaghetti squash! Whoever came up with this comparing baby to food items didn't do a good enough job for me. Oh well. Here I am at 24 weeks posing with a piece of corn...hoping the baby really is bigger than that.

Dress: Liz Lange Maternity for Target
Sandals: H&M

I scored the dress for $6 on clearance at Target. I was pretty excited about that. There was a bow that went over the belly (I seriously will never get that about maternity clothes...bows on the belly). I cut it off and ended up making little knots out of the bow material where the holes for the bow were. I realize you can't see any of this in the pictures, but I thought I would tell you anyway!

Over the weekend, I went to Forever 21 and got a much needed boost in my clothes selection, so you will get to see some new outfits popping up on here. Also, a friend kindly donated a pair of maternity shorts and a tank top to me. I was so excited about the shorts, I wore them the next day. 

Shirt: Forever 21 Maternity
Shorts: Hand me down
Shirt: Forever 21
Pants: A Pea in a Pod Maternity
Shoes: Steve Madden
Bracelet: Tiffany & Co. (a 5 year anniversary present from the hubby)

This was the outfit I wore out to dinner with Ian for our anniversary.  And please pardon the sub-quality iphone pictures. This last set of pictures really didn't turn out well. Oh well. Can't win 'em all, can you?

8 Years

An engagement photo circa 2002

No, your eyes aren't playing tricks on you. I am biting Ian's ear in this picture. It was totally random and not planned. So you are seeing his true reaction to the ear biting incident. Why I did it? That remains a mystery to this day, along with many things I randomly do.

Happy 8 years of sharing a last name with the man I love. 

Every year, it just keeps getting better and better. This man just gets me. He is probably the only person on the planet that does. I love that I can 100% be myself around him. I love the comfort we have with each other. I love the peace and security I feel at night with him laying next to me. I love the joy I get when I see him playing with our son. I love his thoughtfulness when he helps around the house. I love that to this day, he still does all the ironing (for both of us). I love that I don't feel awkward sitting in silence with him. I love that we can have intelligent conversations with each other. I love that we both love coffee. I love that he watches out for me. I love that he tells me I am beautiful, even thought I am big and pregnant. I love that he is sarcastic.

But the one thing I love most is how much I know this man loves me.

To Text or Call

That is the question. 

I'm not sure when texting caught on in my life. But it happened sometime a couple years ago. Sure I did it before then, but not with the zest that I do it with now. Much of my planning and conversation with friends and family is done via text message. Its just easier that way. 

However, it has been brought to my attention that some people find a text impersonal and others just don't text. No texting? Yeah, I don't get it either. I want to divulge further into a text being impersonal. Let me start off by saying, I would never do something crazy like fire someone via text message (of course I am currently no one's boss and I have never had to fire someone anyway, but you get what I am saying). I do think saying something serious like that via text is going too far. But, I will say a lot via text message. It is an easy way to let someone know you are thinking about them.

I was involved in a conversation the other day where people thought texting wasn't very personal and a phone call would mean so much more. I disagreed explaining that much of my day is filled with the noise of a toddler making it difficult to talk to someone on the phone. Also, if someone sends me a nice text, I can look at it over and over to remember the nice thing they said. I even have full blown conversations via text message. Many times for the same reason I mentioned before, toddler noise. Sometimes it is just easier to text.

Now let me talk about planning...One thing I LOVE about planning via text message is that I then have something to go back and look at to remember the date, time, place or address. You see, I don't have a calendar and I loose things (like pieces of paper where I write someone's address or phone number), so it is nice to have a text to go back and read to remember what I need to know.

So I wonder, what makes someone prefer texting over phone calls? Age? Tech savvyness? Cell phone plan? I really don't know the answer to that. I really don't think it is age. I do think tech savvyness, or really, what kind of phone you have will determine how often you text. But I wonder how certain people "fall behind" on technology while others stay up to date. And, I am sure for some out there their cell phone plan dictates if and how often they text. For me, I got the unlimited plan cause I just gotta text! 

And so I ask, 
Do you prefer to text or call?

Connor Snippets

1. I learned to never give Connor anything with chocolate, no matter how small it is, when it is hot outside. It will get everywhere.

2. Connor helping out at the doctor's office. And I have to ask, why do they put computers at a child's level in a pediatricians office? That was NOT thought through.

3. Everything's fine as long as Connor has his ottor pop and the hose is on. Change one part of that equation, and things are no longer, uh, fine.

4. Connor is inventive, in a way that scares me. He stacked his step stool on top of a toy to get a better look out the window.

Connor's Room - In Progress

As I mentioned before, one of the things I was really excited about for getting our own home was properly decorating a room for Connor. A couple months ago, I stumbled across some adorable bedding for his room (so the baby can have his crib bedding) and that became the basis for the room.

This weekend we* painted the room. I use the term "we" loosely. My parents spent all day Saturday painting the room. All day, you ask? Well, apparently the room had been painted with oil based paint, so it was repelling the paint I bought. It was a headache. But after about 2300 coats of paint, it is done. And even though my parents spent all day Saturday painting, Ian had to spend a couple hours on Sunday painting as well. But its done. And I like it.

Connor wanted to preview his room to you...well, at least the paint color. I have been instructed not to hang anything on the walls for a few days until the paint is "good and dry", so you won't get to see the finished product for a few days. But here is what Connor was willing to show you this morning while hamming it up in his bed.

*I said "we" painted the room because both Saturday and Sunday I provided the entertainment for the painters. AND I was nice enough to point out all the spots that needed repainting!


Before you tell me, I know...

the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.

Now that we have that out of the way, let us proceed.

After going through a rocky path in life lately, I found myself complaining to a friend the other day. I ended my rant with:

I never should have left Scotland. 

I'll be honest, life back stateside probably isn't the bliss I thought it would be. When sitting in Scotland thinking about moving home when I didn't fully want to, I tried thinking of every positive thought out there I could. Really, I built up "moving home" in my head. But the reality is, how often is life always bliss? Every single day just pure bliss? Its not. That is just impossible.

The thing is though, when you (really, me) have something to compare your life to (say living in a totally different place) there are times the grass really does seem greener on the other side. And that other side, well it consumes your mind.  Anyway, after my friend talked some much needed sense into me, I remembered life really isn't that bad in California.

Today I was doing laundry. When standing in front of the washer starting my 4th load a huge smile erupted on my face. There is no freaking way I could have washed, dried and put away 4 loads of laundry in one day in Scotland. I used to dream of this day. And it made me happy.

So I guess, sometimes the grass you stand on really is greener.

I'm Getting Old

Its just a reality, I know.

But, I actually found myself in a conversation the other day where I was arguing that the driving age should be raised to 18.

I remember when I was 15 and there were rumors of raising the driving age. That scared my little 15 year old heart. Now, I think of how irresponsible I was behind the wheel between ages 16-18...irresponsibilities I won't even get into now. I just try to forget about them.

Now don't get me wrong, I did some pretty stupid stuff in a car after hitting 18, but still. I just think it would make the roads a safer place for all involved if we got those youngsters off the road.

See? Old.

22 Weeks - Pregnancy Style

Technically I am 23 weeks along, but since all these pictures are for last week, this post is for 22 weeks. Catch my drift?

One thing I really like about being pregnant is the bigger my belly grows, the smaller my legs appear. You see, I think of my legs as my worst feature. They are....sturdy legs. I haven't always liked that, but I also realize all of us have a place that we "carry" our weight and for me, its in my legs. Anyway, as the belly grows, it causes my legs to appear smaller. Its a win for me!

Shirt: Old Navy
Gachos: Old Navy Maternity
Flip Flips: Reef

I am not normally an "all black" person, in fact I love me some color, but it worked, so I went with it. I also am not normally an "all Old Navy" person, but for some reason during pregnancy, that seems to be where all my clothes come from. 

Shirt: J.Crew
Shorts: Old Navy Maternity
Flip Flops: Rainbows (not pictured)

This was my first time ever rocking maternity shorts. I lived in Scotland when I was pregnant with Connor and never needed them. I am not a shorts person, but was happy to find some long-ish ones. Normally I like my shorts to cover my knees (remember, I don't like shorts...or my legs for that matter), but these work, so I'll go with it. 

Shirt: GAP
Tank Top: C&C California
Gachos: Old Navy Maternity
Flip Flips: Reef (not pictured)

I realized just yesterday (the last day of me technically being 22 weeks) that the baby was the size of a spaghetti squash that week. I happened to buy one at the grocery store for a meal this week, so decided to pose for a couple pictures. Thinking of the baby as being that big made me think my stomach didn't look so big after all! It was quite the boost to my self esteem.



Things are starting to look up. We got internet this weekend. It makes me start feeling like myself again! ha, ha.

And the ants, they are gone. Well, mostly. They are still around some. But at least they aren't all over my kitchen anymore. And speaking of that, my kitchen is now all put back together and I don't have food sitting all over my house, trying to keep the ants from getting it. Awww, bliss.

Connor and I still have the world's most mammoth colds and both of us are bearing it without meds (he is too young and me, well I am pregnant).

But life is looking up. I am thinking there will be a lot of organizing going on at our house this week. And a lot of blogging.

Upside Down

Connor taking his first bath at the new house

Lately I feel like someone has turned my life upside down and shook me a few times. Due to the disorientation of this trauma, it has taken me a while to right myself again. I still am not there.

It started with Connor's sickness and turned into the move. We are living our lives in a house that is not fully unpacked and feels chaotic. In case you wanted to know, I don't like chaos. Add on top of that that our house is full of ants*, it makes for one chaotic situation. Oh and Connor and I are currently suffering from epic colds. You know the ones where you never stop coughing, day or night, and people stare when you go out in public? That kind.

Then there is the drama with our internet. Or really, lack there of. AT&T (I will shame them) spent 4 hours and 15 minutes at my house yesterday only to end up telling me that we can't get internet from them because the lines around our house are old. Uhh, thanks for freaking wasting my time. So back to square one with that one. Maybe we will have internet sometime next week? Hopefully? Please?

*Now let me go back to the ant fiasco. When we were moving in, we discovered we lived on an ant hill. They weren't in our house, but everywhere outside our house. Seriously everywhere. Like thousands of them. We quickly discovered they would come in the house to gobble something up (dead spiders) and retreat back outside. So, we had a pest place come spray. The pest guy went crazy on them and confirmed that we had a crazy amount of ants on our property. He told me if they were still around in a week to give him a call. Then it started raining and the ants came pouring into our house. Everywhere. Whether there was food or not. And we haven't been able to get them to leave. I called the pest place this morning and they have yet to call me back. I need the ants gone. Even if only for my own sanity.

And just because, I want you to know that I know my life isn't bad by any means. But at the moment, I am enjoying wallowing in self pity thankyouverymuch.

Playing Catch Up

Its been a while. I know. We moved last weekend and don't have internet at our house. Hopefully we will have it up sometime soon. Very, very soon. I realize now that I really like the internet. Okay, so I knew this before, but still.

Anyway, where did we leave off? Oh yes, Connor was sick. For two days straight. Of course I decided to make him a doctor's appointment and when I took him in, he seemed perfectly fine. Like seriously fine. Except for the diarrhea. (Too much information?) But the doctor said that could last for weeks. Weeks?!? So we decided we would make the most of this new found health and get out of town.

On Saturday we packed up and headed to San Francisco. Destination? A children's museum...and Ikea on the way home. The morning went well, except for the fact that I now felt sick. But we soldered on. Connor seemed to have a great time playing and exploring at the museum.

Then we went to grab lunch in the museum cafe. And that's when it happened. Connor threw up all over himself...and the ground. And what did I do? Cover him up with a blanket so people wouldn't notice, told Ian to wait for our food and took him outside. There I proceeded to change him and try to clean his stroller, which was covered in said throw up. After a little while in the sun, the stroller dried, Connor had clean clothes on and everything seemed right with the world again. Ian decided we should stay a bit longer. With trepidation, I agreed. 

That lasted about a half an hour. Said child diarrheaed through his diaper and all over himself. So, once again we cleaned him up. This time we left. Connor fell asleep in the car. I still wasn't feeling well. But, we decided to stop at Ikea because there were a couple things we needed. So, I stayed in the car with Connor while Ian went in. Connor slept for a while, then woke up, so I moved him to the front seat with me. All seemed to be going well. Until he threw up. I was smart enough/quick enough to aim Connor where it only went on the floor mat (well, and some on my leg). About that time, Ian emerged with our stuff. We were able to get things loaded and cleaned up and back on the road.

Once again, Connor fell asleep. About a mile or so before we got home, Connor woke up and threw up. A lot. Thankfully his car seat contained it. We rushed home, got Connor in the bath and I disassembled the car seat and cleaned it. While in the bath Connor had diarrhea...

And the flu saga continued for another day and a half. It lasted a total of 5 days. Those may have been the longest 5 days of my life. Thankfully it is now over. And we are still alive.
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