Upside Down

Connor taking his first bath at the new house

Lately I feel like someone has turned my life upside down and shook me a few times. Due to the disorientation of this trauma, it has taken me a while to right myself again. I still am not there.

It started with Connor's sickness and turned into the move. We are living our lives in a house that is not fully unpacked and feels chaotic. In case you wanted to know, I don't like chaos. Add on top of that that our house is full of ants*, it makes for one chaotic situation. Oh and Connor and I are currently suffering from epic colds. You know the ones where you never stop coughing, day or night, and people stare when you go out in public? That kind.

Then there is the drama with our internet. Or really, lack there of. AT&T (I will shame them) spent 4 hours and 15 minutes at my house yesterday only to end up telling me that we can't get internet from them because the lines around our house are old. Uhh, thanks for freaking wasting my time. So back to square one with that one. Maybe we will have internet sometime next week? Hopefully? Please?

*Now let me go back to the ant fiasco. When we were moving in, we discovered we lived on an ant hill. They weren't in our house, but everywhere outside our house. Seriously everywhere. Like thousands of them. We quickly discovered they would come in the house to gobble something up (dead spiders) and retreat back outside. So, we had a pest place come spray. The pest guy went crazy on them and confirmed that we had a crazy amount of ants on our property. He told me if they were still around in a week to give him a call. Then it started raining and the ants came pouring into our house. Everywhere. Whether there was food or not. And we haven't been able to get them to leave. I called the pest place this morning and they have yet to call me back. I need the ants gone. Even if only for my own sanity.

And just because, I want you to know that I know my life isn't bad by any means. But at the moment, I am enjoying wallowing in self pity thankyouverymuch.


  1. UGHHHH to the ants!! I'm so sorry!!! The day we brought Allyson home from the hospital our stupid kitchen was attacked by ants. It was horrible!! There was no food or anything. Exactly what a parent with a new baby needs. I hope someone calls you back from the stupid pest place soon.

  2. Yuuk! I can deal with a lot but I don't care for ants. On the east coast, they were all big and traveled in ones and twos. I don't know which is worse because over there, they were more like sentient creatures and over here, there's just so darn much of 'em (but I feel less terrible slaughtering the lot of 'em).
    Good luck with that. And the internet. And the cough. And the move in....
    You have a good list to complain about.


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