Castle Fireworks

On Saturday night, Ian and I wondered out to take some photos of the fireworks show that happens over the castle during the Military Tattoo. Unfortunately for us, we had already moved our tripod to our new home, so we had to try to take these pictures with our own steady hands. It was a challenge, but we did manage to get a couple good pictures.

To Jer, With Love

There are certain things only brothers will truly understand. But, that doesn't mean that some of you out there might not enjoy what you are about to see...and if you don't, sorry, it's just who I am and what I do! ha, ha. In case you are into the details, I actually took this picture at night using the flash. Ian thought I was being too obvious, but I couldn't pass up a picture like this!

That sure is some crack!

30 Weeks

30 weeks people...30 WEEKS! This means I am well into my third trimester AND 75% the way through growing this baby. Crazy! I don't know what scares me the most, the thought of the birth or the thought of not knowing what to do with this little human once it is born.

On the pregnancy side of things, I am doing quite well. Haven't gained too much weight and so far have been able to keep the stretch marks at bay...though I hear they really like to show up at the end! I don't haven't any crazy cravings and actually try to eat healthy given that this baby is eating what I am eating. I have had some swelling of my feet, but wearing compression socks to work seems to keep that down to a minimum...and I look totally cool in them! Actually, they just look like normal socks that are super tight and go up to my knees. I was actually concerned that I might not be gaining enough weight in the pregnancy (people at my work swear my arms are getting smaller and I am looking skinnier in my face). I asked my midwife about it, but she wasn't concerned at all. She basically said there is a reason they don't weigh pregnant women over here (but of course, I keep track of it at home!) and that is because they become obsessed with the weight...oops, I guess I was put in my place! She said I look fine and the baby is fine, so I shouldn't worry.

For those of you that know me well, what I am about to say will come as a shock to you. I have always thought I wanted to have an elective c-section when I had children...less fuss and much easier. Most of my friends had them and liked them. But, that wasn't an option over here in the UK. Well, the more research I seem to do, the more hippie I seem to become about childbirth. I don't want an epidural (I know, can you believe it), but I do hear most women break down and get one. But, I am thinking of checking myself into the midwife led unit at the hospital, which doesn't offer epidurals...if I go into the doctor led unit, I could get one. My reasons for not wanting one are that the rate of assisted birth (forceps and vacuum) are much higher and so are emergency c-sections. Plus, there are the negative side effects that just freak me out. Besides an epidural, there are drugs over here used in childbirth not used in America and two of them I am totally against...both of them are injections that help with the pain but affect the breathing of the baby if given too close to birth. What seems to be positive over here is that you can have laughing gas during labor. Some women swear by it, others say it doesn't work at all...once I have my verdict though, I will let you know!

As far as the baby goes, I am constantly told how "active" it is whenever I am at my check ups, so I am assuming it will be like me! ha, ha. It is currently weighing in around the 2 1/2 - 3 pound mark. It doesn't like to cooperate and let others feel it move, so only Ian and one friend have felt it that I think about it, they are the only two to have touched my stomach anyway. We got the crib and changing table delivered and set up last week. That is really pretty much all we have for the baby. There are no sheets, blankets or anything, but we still have time to get all that...I think.

Only two and a half more weeks until my maternity leave begins! I already have a list a mile long of things I need to do during that time and when the baby arrives. Hopefully I actually can stay awake long enough to accomplish some of it!

To Scan or Not to Scan

I have discovered that while pregnant, the most simple baby related things can consume my thoughts. One that I am currently thinking about is getting a scan. I haven't had one since I was 13 weeks along. I was supposed to get one at 20 weeks, but due to an unorganized doctor, that never happened. I tried to ask for one anyway, but they said no because it wasn't medically necessary. Now I am left with the decision to pay for one or is about 100 pounds. I kept going back and forth on it...not really wanting to spend the money, but wanting to see a picture of the baby (oh, and this would be a traditional scan...the 3d/4d scans just freak me out). I thought I didn't want one anymore until someone said to me today, "what if you regret not getting one?" Now, I am sure when I am 80, I won't be thinking about this, or even looking at the scan photos. But the question for today still remains...

To scan, or not to scan?

I'm Bringing 2000 Back...

I am a compulsive shopper. Not one of those people who goes out to look for "key" pieces for my wardrobe or goes home to think about buying something. If I like it, I buy it. The thing with shopping like this is you never know what will become your favorite item or what will be the biggest waste of money.

Lately, with my feet increasing in size, my normal shoes just haven't been as comfortable as they once were. So, I scowered through my closet for another option. And, out popped some Doc Martin mary janes circa 2000. I remember buying these bad boys. My family was on a European vacation and I picked them up at a store in London. Years ago, I sported them all the time. But, it has been years (seriously, like 5 or 6 years) since I have worn them. Well, since rediscovering them, I have been unable to wear anything else! They are roomy, comfortable, don't give me blisters, and being that they are white, they go with everything. At this point, I should also mention, when I pulled them out of the closet, they had a thick layer of dust on them and needed to be cleaned. But, being the special guys that they are, they cleaned up right away.

I say all this to say, it is so hard for me to ever get rid of anything from my closet. I really am one of those people who will discover something years later and start rocking it again. Because of this, it is always hard for me to part with absolutely anything. And since I have this oddly good memory and can tell you when and where I bought everything in my closet, I always know what year I am rocking...and I am not ashamed!

Edinburgh Military Tattoo

Ian and I once again hit up the Edinburgh Military Tattoo last night. And I would say that it once again did not disappoint. Since most of you will not know what it is, basically it is a show at the castle in Edinburgh where military bands from around the world come and perform. Being that I am seven months pregnant, we were able to enter the stadium before the crowd. This really helped, as being in a crazy crowd of 8,500 people trying to run into a stadium in 30 minutes is a little crazy and not very fun when you are pregnant, so I was definitely thankful for the extra time and being outside of the pushy crowd.

This year, the highlight for me was the group from China. It was a beautiful performance, full of color and crazy performance...think girls on stilts dressed up as horses running around. It may sound ridiculous, but it really was beautiful. There was also the "top secret" drum band from Switzerland. Ian and I couldn't really figure out how anyone playing drums could be top secret, but it really was a good performance. They lit their drum sticks on fire and would throw their sticks in the air to each other. It made for some good entertainment.

The show also made sure to acknowledge the men and women serving in the middle east. The military did a whole mock performance of a shootout in Afghanistan. It was actually quite cool to watch. They had huge guns, rocket launchers, jeeps and more. It was a good "performance" and a good way for us to remember the danger that the servicemen (or service-people) are facing every day.

The most concerning thing for me during the performance was the fact that the baby seemed to kick whenever it heard bagpipes! I hate the sound of bagpipes, so for the baby to like them, that scares me!

And since Ian and I are such great Americans, while everyone stood and sung "God Save the Queen", we sung "My Country 'Tis of Thee", which is written to the same music. Look at us, sticking it to the Brits! ha, ha

Sleeping Ducks

When coming home at 2am this morning, I saw the ducks by my house asleep. Honestly, I never knew how ducks slept. At first, I thought they all had their heads under water, but then I realized that they all had their heads resting on their backs. Totally cute! And in case you were wondering, my taking pictures woke like half of them up...I am sure they were annoyed!

My Hospital Stay

This is some of the monitor tape of the baby's heartbeat...I thought it was cool

I was going to write the entire story about my hospital stay, but there were so many strange things that went on that the blog was becoming ginormious, so I decided to just give the highlights:

First, I was in the hospital because of a kidney infection. I couldn't keep any fluids or medicines down (i.e. I kept vomiting) so I needed to be admitted.

During the process of being admitted (which took a total of 6 hours) I had to explain to about 100 different people what was wrong with me, even though they had my chart right in front of them. This was highly agitating.

I was in a four bed room. During my stay, I got to watch two women experience labor. This did NOTHING to alleviate my fears about giving birth! I am just trying to remind myself that women have been doing it since the beginning of time, so I can do it too.

The tea trolley came around twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. And, none of the mugs on the trolley matched. It kind of reminded me of the NCO (where I used to work, for you non-NCOers out there). I also thought, I bet they don't have tea trolleys in hospitals in the US!

I actually had a visitor in the hospital. My friend Meabh has an odd love for hospitals, so jumped at the chance to come see me.

Both sets of sheets on my bed had holes in them. Honestly, is the NHS hurting for money that bad?!?

I had to beg my way out of the hospital. After two nights, I was beyond bored and ready to go home. Plus, sitting in a bed all day isn't that comfortable. Well, the doctor actually wanted to keep me for another night because the bacteria in my culture wasn't done growing and they wanted to make sure I was on the right medicine. Honestly, is that really a reason to keep someone in the hospital?!? I was insistent enough that they finally let me go home.

Oh, and the best part...even though the food wasn't fabulous (well, actually I think Riley the dog eats better than I did while I was in there) and there were holes in the sheets, the entire stay was ABSOLUTELY FREE! Come on gotta love socialized medicine for no bills at the end!

The Sky

The sky has been looking beautiful lately. Even though it rains pretty much everyday, when the sun is setting, it always reflects off the clouds and looks beautiful. Here's a picture from yesterday...

27 Weeks

This morning as I was getting ready for the day, I decided to scour my closet for another top to squeeze into. I was tired of the five tops I have been wearing over and over. I found a large flowy one and put it on, only to discover it didn't fit. I was a tad bit devastated. If it hadn't been for having a hair appointment at noon, I would have put my pajamas back on and crawled back into bed. But, I threw on one of those five trusty shirts and headed out the door.

The hair appointment went well...just a standard haircut and blow dry (I had to post a picture of me with the straight hair from the appointment, as I know it is my mom's favorite! Hi mom!). Then, on to meeting Ian in town for lunch. After lunch, I decided to stop by the store to look at clothes. The store was having a sale and I was able to score some really cute maternity clothes for cheap. Hopefully this will help with the near breakdowns in the future!

Since it is August, Ian and I have begun to stock up for baby. We ordered the crib (or "cot bed"...there are actually different size cribs over here and names for each size...crib, cot, cot bed...who knew!?!)and changing table. They are getting delivered in a couple weeks. We also picked up a cute "pram" for the baby. Everyday I look at it in the hallway and think of pushing my baby around in it...of course, by the time baby makes its entrance into this world, it will be winter, snowy and miserable outside, but someday me and baby will be able to stroll around together!

My belly button is still holding in there. Part of it is creeping out, but it hasn't popped. I was thinking about taking my belly button ring out soon. It doesn't hurt or anything, but I thought it might be gross to leave it in. Ian told me to keep it in a little while longer, as it makes the bump look "unique"...not that anyone ever gets to lay their eyes on this unique bump!

I have been sleeping a lot lately. But, I am not sleeping that soundly. It seems to be hard to find a comfortable position. And I still seem to need to go the bathroom in the middle of the night. Then there is the heat! Honestly, this 65 degree weather is getting to me! At night, I lather my feet with peppermint foot lotion to try to cool them off, and keep them right in front of the fan, but still feel hot at times. Then there is the middle of the night hunger. Honestly, can I really be THAT hungry!?! Still no crazy cravings...I just eat some crackers in the middle of the night, then head back to bed. Come to think of it, I think the daytime naps are needed to help me because of the restless nights! Oh well, this too shall pass!

I still can't believe this little human is due to make an appearance in less than three months! The countdown has begun!


I was out watering my plants this morning when a lady passing by asked me to watch her baby for a minute. She said she just needed to run back home for something. Not knowing what to say, I said okay. I stood there for five minutes until she got back. She is obviously VERY trusting, leaving her baby with a stranger.

Last night, I went to a house warming for a girl I work with. When I got there, one of my coworkers (a guy...which I am assuming you will be able to have guessed in a moment) announced to everyone that I wasn't fat, but merely pregnant. Thanks for that, man!

I found out yesterday at work, there is a 20 GBP bet going on as to if I am having a boy or girl...

Ian and I just finished filling out our visa applications. They are 50 pages each. In it, the application asks if I am a terrorist. Would a real terrorist answer yes?

My left ear has been plugged and ringing for the past two weeks. I don't notice the ringing all the time, but when it is quiet, it sure is annoying. The doctor's office won't see me for it for another week. At least I already have an appointment next week for a baby check up...maybe they can look at it then.

Ian ordered a car for us through his work. Yes, after two years carless, we decided to upgrade for the sake of the baby. But, apparently due to delays at the factory, we aren't due to get our car (a VW Golf) until the end of October. Here's to hoping we get the car before the baby!

Thanks, but No Thanks

Just like any other BIG time in my life (well, really anyone's life), people seem to want to offer their opinions on my being pregnant. And to be honest, I don't necessarily want them! The most interesting opinions have come from customers at work. I never really tell customers personal stuff about me. But, even through an apron, it has become increasingly more obvious that I am with child. Because of this, people love to share their opinion about it. Some people are hugely supportive and don't think I should have to work (6 weeks and counting until that maternity leave starts!). Two guys thought I should advertise it on the "community board" at work, so people could give me free stuff...only guys would think of something like this! Then there's the lady that told me she is old fashioned and thinks I should have been married before I got pregnant. When I informed her that I was in fact married, in fact for six years, then she was all for me being pregnant. There was also the guy that told my manager I was too young to have a baby. When she informed him of my age, he was shocked, but decided it was okay for me to be having a baby. I mean seriously, I haven't asked for the opinions! And, it isn't my fault that my belly sticks out so far. Just because of the appendage sticking off me, I have not in any way asked for your opinion about my situation!

On a side note, Ian thinks I should tell people that I am unmarried, don't know who the father is and am stuck in the UK...only a guy who doesn't have to deal with these judgmental people all day would find that funny!
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