Thanks, but No Thanks

Just like any other BIG time in my life (well, really anyone's life), people seem to want to offer their opinions on my being pregnant. And to be honest, I don't necessarily want them! The most interesting opinions have come from customers at work. I never really tell customers personal stuff about me. But, even through an apron, it has become increasingly more obvious that I am with child. Because of this, people love to share their opinion about it. Some people are hugely supportive and don't think I should have to work (6 weeks and counting until that maternity leave starts!). Two guys thought I should advertise it on the "community board" at work, so people could give me free stuff...only guys would think of something like this! Then there's the lady that told me she is old fashioned and thinks I should have been married before I got pregnant. When I informed her that I was in fact married, in fact for six years, then she was all for me being pregnant. There was also the guy that told my manager I was too young to have a baby. When she informed him of my age, he was shocked, but decided it was okay for me to be having a baby. I mean seriously, I haven't asked for the opinions! And, it isn't my fault that my belly sticks out so far. Just because of the appendage sticking off me, I have not in any way asked for your opinion about my situation!

On a side note, Ian thinks I should tell people that I am unmarried, don't know who the father is and am stuck in the UK...only a guy who doesn't have to deal with these judgmental people all day would find that funny!


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