My Hospital Stay

This is some of the monitor tape of the baby's heartbeat...I thought it was cool

I was going to write the entire story about my hospital stay, but there were so many strange things that went on that the blog was becoming ginormious, so I decided to just give the highlights:

First, I was in the hospital because of a kidney infection. I couldn't keep any fluids or medicines down (i.e. I kept vomiting) so I needed to be admitted.

During the process of being admitted (which took a total of 6 hours) I had to explain to about 100 different people what was wrong with me, even though they had my chart right in front of them. This was highly agitating.

I was in a four bed room. During my stay, I got to watch two women experience labor. This did NOTHING to alleviate my fears about giving birth! I am just trying to remind myself that women have been doing it since the beginning of time, so I can do it too.

The tea trolley came around twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. And, none of the mugs on the trolley matched. It kind of reminded me of the NCO (where I used to work, for you non-NCOers out there). I also thought, I bet they don't have tea trolleys in hospitals in the US!

I actually had a visitor in the hospital. My friend Meabh has an odd love for hospitals, so jumped at the chance to come see me.

Both sets of sheets on my bed had holes in them. Honestly, is the NHS hurting for money that bad?!?

I had to beg my way out of the hospital. After two nights, I was beyond bored and ready to go home. Plus, sitting in a bed all day isn't that comfortable. Well, the doctor actually wanted to keep me for another night because the bacteria in my culture wasn't done growing and they wanted to make sure I was on the right medicine. Honestly, is that really a reason to keep someone in the hospital?!? I was insistent enough that they finally let me go home.

Oh, and the best part...even though the food wasn't fabulous (well, actually I think Riley the dog eats better than I did while I was in there) and there were holes in the sheets, the entire stay was ABSOLUTELY FREE! Come on gotta love socialized medicine for no bills at the end!


  1. I'm glad that you are out of the hospital!!!!! :) Way to be stubborn.

  2. you can totally go through labor you are just stubborn enough that it won't phase you at all :)

    glad you are out of the hospital and that it was FREE

  3. by the way a snack cart comes through twice a day at US hospitals...not a tea trolley.

  4. Hi Honey Girl,
    Ohhhh, holes in your sheets . . . bad food and more questions than answers . . . yep, that' typical hospital care no matter what country you're in!

    I'm so glad to hear you are home and on the mend. Take care of yourself and save your strength. There are long nights and sweet baby G kisses ahead.

    You fully covered in prayers from all across the globe, and mine are but some of them.

    Love you!
    Miss G


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