A Quick Roadtrip

On Friday I flew to Denver to drive back to California with my sister in law. We took a round about way home, stopping off in Arizona for her to look for housing, as she got a job there. I actually didn't spend but a few hours in Colorado, as we hit the road straight from the airport and didn't stop until we rolled into Santa Fe, New Mexico at 1:30am. And that's about how our road trip went. Late nights. Deserted highways. Stranded for FIVE HOURS due to a dust storm shutting the highway down. I got to see where the SIL is going to be working, meet some of her new co-workers and get up close in personal with a pig. We also stumbled upon Saguaro National Park at sunset and were amazed at the beauty. After 1800 miles and more fast food than I care to admit, we made it home yesterday. I was happy to be back with Ian and the kids and think my SIL was happy to be out of the car and no longer having to deal with my incessant question asking. It was a good trip.

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Generous with Myself

^^ one of my more "mad scientist" hair days

I'm not going to lie, being "generous" with myself is something I struggle with. I think as a mom, I have gotten so used to putting myself on the back burner. And it's hard, oh-so-hard, to prioritize myself. Because, basically prioritizing myself means something else won't get done. Maybe I won't have time to clean the bathroom, or make an amazing dinner, or run that errand that just needed to be done. But I am getting there, trying to not feel guilty for taking time for myself. 

It started about two months ago with me taking time out to exercise. I joined an exercise group that has been really good at keeping me going and pushing me to try harder. However, it is three times a week and really encroaches on time I need to go grocery shopping and other things. It also means I have to swallow my pride a bit and wear workout clothes doing the preschool run. Yep, I'm that mom

Another thing I have let go has been my appearance. What feels like a lifetime ago, I had a bit of a shopping addiction. I had clothes, shoes and accessories for every occasion. Not only did I take up the entire closet in mine and Ian's bedroom, but I also had an additional wardrobe, not to mention two dressers. Like I said, a "bit" of an addiction. Let's just say that after that addiction was broken, I went to the other extreme. I have become cheap, super cheap. And sometimes that leaves me with practically nothing to wear. Or wearing clothes with holes or stains because I like them...or whatever excuse I tell myself. Like I said, I went to the opposite extreme. Well, I am starting to get back out there and buy myself a thing or two every once in a while. And, I am trying super hard to not feel guilty about it. To remind myself that I am not being wasteful or only thinking of myself. After all, Ian doesn't want a wife that looks like a slob! And now that I have short hair, I am going to have to carve out time to actually get my hair cut on a regular basis. 

I just struggle with putting my needs above anyone else's in my family. I have a feeling being generous with myself will be something I fight with for years to come. 

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Connor: Playing catch with his dad. And I would also like to point out that Connor has worn the same outfit for the past five days.  He REALLY likes the minion shirt I put in his easter basket. And I must say, I am not complaining because it is the first time he has consistently dressed himself! 

 Isla: Looking cool in her new sunglasses, eating some (fake) ice cream. She really licks it too, which always makes me laugh because it's not like it is going to taste any different than the last time she licked it! 

" A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014."

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Right Now

Laying there with you, having your chubby little hand grab mine, then your body inch over until it is right up against mine. That is pure bliss. Often I think about how this whole mother of small children thing is just a blip on the map we call life. It consumes me and I enjoy it so much, but one day it will be gone.

I often find myself thinking back to my own childhood. I used to cuddle in bed with my dad, just as my kids cuddle with me. I now think how much it must have meant to him. One day I even asked if he missed having us little and he said yes. I know that I, one day, too will miss the feeling of my small children.

There is just something's about the relationship between a young child and their parent. The all consuming love they have for you. The way they love, accept and want all the hugs and kisses in the world from you.

That's the thing about parenting, it is constantly changing, like the tide in the sea. One day it will be so different than it is today, but I want to remember today. I want to remember those chubby little hands, those huge smiles, those mispronounced words. Because right now, they are my everything.

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Little Moments Not to be Forgotten

ice cream stand // big girl in a little bed // enjoying the morning sun // tricycle riding // swinging // pool fun // cheese face...and he put his clothes on himself, hence the reason the shirt is on inside out and backward // bed head

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Please Tell Me...

Please tell me I am not the only person who had the finale of How I Met Your Mother send them into a bit of a life crisis?!


When Lily was standing in the empty apartment, I was having MAJOR Friends flashbacks. Then came the whole, "our lives are changing and we are growing apart" stuff. I tell ya, Friends all over again! Then I get all introspective, when I don't want to, and start thinking about how I don't see my best friend often anymore...grab the tissue box. I swear, tv is supposed to be light hearted and fun (well, in my opinion), not something that makes me overanalyze my own life and friendships. I will end it with this, I really did like Tracy, the mother. I loved how her and Ted interacted throughout the years. They seemed like best friends and that made me happy. 

Any How I Met Your Mother fans out there? What did you think of the finale (and the last season in general)?

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With the family all dressed up for easter, I couldn't help but drag us all out for a family photo. And I couldn't believe my luck that all of us were actually looking at the camera. That rarely happens with someone standing behind the camera trying to yell for my kids to look, so the fact that it happened with a camera on the tripod is nothing short of a miracle.

I decided to make the kids a matching hair bow and bow tie. My crafting skills are laughable, but they actually held up for the day. Connor did NOT want to wear his bow tie because it was "too polka dotty" but a little old fashioned bribery won him over...though he did continuously ask me to take it off.

We had a great, albeit busy, easter. It started off with my dad and I going to the sunrise service at church. I had never been before and wanted to go. It was a great service, but an interesting mix of people dressed in suits and people who looked like they just rolled out of bed. I was sporting the just rolled out of bed look, complete with coffee cup in hand.

We went back to church as a family later. Then we headed over to Ian's aunt and uncle's house for lunch. After that, we went to my parent's house for dinner. The kids ingested more candy in one day than anyone should in a month, but I guess that is how it goes. Now I just need to find a really good hiding spot for the rest of the candy! Thankfully the long day beat out the sugar high the kids were on and they went to bed easily and were asleep before bedtime.

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Connor: I took a picture of him through his telescope. This is one of his favorite things in our backyard. He runs around with it and his new party trick is he has learned it comes apart...I am sure it is only a matter of time before pieces are missing.  

Isla: It was our first time using the pool this year. Isla was definitely loving it. This makes me think it is going to be a great summer! 

" A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014."

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Connor's School Easter Party

Connor had his easter party at school on Wednesday. The kids were told to bring an easter basket and I have to admit, I felt a bit like a mom failure when I saw the other kids easter baskets. Most seemed very fancy and some were even fancy-schmancy ones with the kids name embroidered on them. In all honestly, I realize Connor doesn't care (and I kind of think fancy baskets are a waste of money that play on parents emotions, wanting to get the best for their children), but still. 

Connor got to find nine easter eggs during the egg hunt. He has told me that numerous times, "The teacher said I could get nine eggs. I got nine eggs." And, as soon as Isla laid her eyes on those nine eggs, she wanted them...bad. You can only imagine my shock when Connor agreed to give her one. And when she wanted another one, he once again agreed. WHO'S CHILD IS THIS?! My son, sharing with my daughter?!? Say what?! But seriously, I was blown away, in a good way, that he so willingly shared with her. I'm pretty sure, if candy were on the line, she wouldn't have shared with him.

Connor also got to decorate a cupcake with "colored frosting and other stuff" then eat it and it was "really good". He came home with a couple easter themed crafts as well. But, the highlight of the day was definitely the egg hunt. It sounds like the egg hunt is definitely going to be a win for him on Sunday! 

^^ Look at that little forced smile. That's ok, I still like it.

And to prove that I have such a grown up little boy on my hands, he has spring break next week! I thought spring break was for big kids...when did I get a big kid?!

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Isla {2.5 years}

Weight: 28lbs, 4oz 
Height: 36 inches

Can spell her name
Draws/writes a couple letters and one shape (circle)
Can hold up two fingers, for how old she is

On the one hand, I would like to say, "How has my baby gotten so grown up?!" and on the other, "I am loving Isla at this age." Strong-willed temper tantrums aside, this is such a fun age! Isla is talking in full sentences. She expresses her wishes. She asks for what she wants. She now says all the time, without prompting, "I wuv you" and it melts my heart oh so very much. She is a little girl, not a baby. 

This past season has been a sick one for Isla. She dealt with two back to back things that had her on antibiotics twice. After going over two years without ever having an antibiotic  she then had them twice in one month. Thankfully she is all healthy again. 

Switching Isla to a toddler bed ended up being the best decision of my life. Seriously. I was dreading it, but it has gone amazingly well. In her crib, she was sleeping though the night once or twice a week. In her toddler bed, she is waking up at night once or twice a week. I don't know what the difference is, but I am loving it. When Isla does wake at night, she stays in her bed until I come get her. And in the morning, she generally wakes and plays in her bed, though has gotten off the bed and played a couple times. And girlfriend loves herself some blankets. I found her asleep under FOUR blankets last week. She had gone in her closet and gotten them. Of course, the result was her covered head to toe in sweat. I don't even know how she can sleep like that. 

Though Isla will eat way more vegetables than Connor, she is a junk food addict at heart. If there are fries around, she will eat nothing else until the fries are gone. And you can't even mention ice cream (or go past the ice cream shop) without her freaking out. But, thankfully, the girl also loves her some fruit and veggies. I don't even have to try to get her to eat them. She just does it. She has never come across a fruit she didn't like, though bananas and oranges (specifically cuties) are her favorites. And she will try any veggie, but green beans and corn seem to be her favorites. 

Isla has really turned a corner with imaginary play. She loves playing with her dolls. She will rock them in a rocker and tuck them in bed with a blanket. And she loves feeding them with a bottle. It is all very sweet and cute to me. She hasn't gotten to a point of naming them though. She calls them either "baby" or "baby doll". Some of Isla's favorite toys include books, dolls, bracelets, puzzles and anything she can draw with.

Isla is quite the strong willed little girl, which I like to be reminded (hopefully) means she won't be a push over later in life! In the mean time, this equates to temper tantrums when, say, she doesn't want to leave the house or really is forced to do anything she doesn't want. And when she is uphappy about something, she lets the world know. My favorite (sense the sarcasm) is when she is throwing a fit in public, I pick her up and she screams "you hurt me, you hurt me". Awesome. But, I have been reminding her over and over than I am actually not hurting her and she seems to be doing that less.

If you so desire, you can see all of Isla's past updates here.

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Fashion on the Fifteenth

So, I cut my hair off on Friday. And I made the wise (oh, so very wise) decision to take pictures for today's post on Friday, as my hair lady had done my hair. Let's just said that was the smartest decision EVER. I am very much still learning how to do my super short hair. Yesterday, I looked like a mad scientist. No joke. My hair was sticking up in every direction. Like I said, I am learning. I feel like a jr. higher in that awkward phase. Hopefully it should only last a week or two and not a couple years! 

Can I just say that I am loving Old Navy this year. I haven't shopped there for myself in years. They have great kids clothes, but for me, I always found them ill fitting and cheaply made. I don't know if they have changed or I have changed, but lately I have been finding great things there, like this shirt. It is so simple and basic and will get used a lot this summer. It is also white and I have two little people that can't keep their sticky, dirty hands off of me, so I am guessing it won't stay white-white for long. But, I will enjoy it while it lasts. 

Shirt: Old Navy
Belt: AE (super, super old)
Jeans: Gap
Sandals: Target
Bracelets: various (i.e. I have no clue!)

Remember to hop on over to Two Cent Sparrow and check out the other lovely ladies outfits. Or, even better, join in on the fun yourself! 

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