Connor's School Easter Party

Connor had his easter party at school on Wednesday. The kids were told to bring an easter basket and I have to admit, I felt a bit like a mom failure when I saw the other kids easter baskets. Most seemed very fancy and some were even fancy-schmancy ones with the kids name embroidered on them. In all honestly, I realize Connor doesn't care (and I kind of think fancy baskets are a waste of money that play on parents emotions, wanting to get the best for their children), but still. 

Connor got to find nine easter eggs during the egg hunt. He has told me that numerous times, "The teacher said I could get nine eggs. I got nine eggs." And, as soon as Isla laid her eyes on those nine eggs, she wanted them...bad. You can only imagine my shock when Connor agreed to give her one. And when she wanted another one, he once again agreed. WHO'S CHILD IS THIS?! My son, sharing with my daughter?!? Say what?! But seriously, I was blown away, in a good way, that he so willingly shared with her. I'm pretty sure, if candy were on the line, she wouldn't have shared with him.

Connor also got to decorate a cupcake with "colored frosting and other stuff" then eat it and it was "really good". He came home with a couple easter themed crafts as well. But, the highlight of the day was definitely the egg hunt. It sounds like the egg hunt is definitely going to be a win for him on Sunday! 

^^ Look at that little forced smile. That's ok, I still like it.

And to prove that I have such a grown up little boy on my hands, he has spring break next week! I thought spring break was for big kids...when did I get a big kid?!

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  1. My boys don't have fancy Easter baskets either. I don't really see the point. Although, I must admit if someone else was willing to pay the money for my kids to have fancy baskets I wouldn't say no. :) And good job Connor for sharing his Easter eggs - that's tough to do! I'm impressed.

  2. My kids don't have fancy baskets either but like Anna said, I wouldn't say no. :)


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