A Quick Roadtrip

On Friday I flew to Denver to drive back to California with my sister in law. We took a round about way home, stopping off in Arizona for her to look for housing, as she got a job there. I actually didn't spend but a few hours in Colorado, as we hit the road straight from the airport and didn't stop until we rolled into Santa Fe, New Mexico at 1:30am. And that's about how our road trip went. Late nights. Deserted highways. Stranded for FIVE HOURS due to a dust storm shutting the highway down. I got to see where the SIL is going to be working, meet some of her new co-workers and get up close in personal with a pig. We also stumbled upon Saguaro National Park at sunset and were amazed at the beauty. After 1800 miles and more fast food than I care to admit, we made it home yesterday. I was happy to be back with Ian and the kids and think my SIL was happy to be out of the car and no longer having to deal with my incessant question asking. It was a good trip.

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  1. Simply stunning photos! As much as I love taking pictures of my kids (and other families), pictures like these can be so fun and refreshing too!


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