Why Hello There Big Girl

Isla had her 2 week checkup at the doctor the other day.  She's already grown 2.5 inches and gained more than a pound from what she weighed when we left the hospital. Of course, with the way this girl eats, she better be growing!!!

Just for comparison, what Isla weighs at 2 weeks is what Connor weighed at 2 months! Apparently I have gone from having a small baby to having a big baby! Connor was falling off the charts and Isla is quickly rising to the top.

Here are Isla's stats:

Weight: 8lbs, 15oz (70 percentile)
Length: 21.5 inches (88 percentile)
Head: 14.5 inches (69 percentile)**

I can't believe how fast this is going. I want to freeze time. Just a little.  In the mean time, I will enjoy all the cuddles I can get because I know she won't be this little for long. It all happens so freaking fast.

**I only included the head statistic because my babies seem to have large heads! Connor is in the 97th percentile. I am sure Isla will quickly get up there. They need to have big heads to hold in all their smartness!

Drive Me Crazy

People's driving habits drive me crazy. If I don't watch myself, I could quickly go down the road of some major road rage. But its just because the majority of people seriously don't know how to drive.

One of my major pet peeves is people turning right on red. When you turn right on a red, you DON'T have the right of way. This means I shouldn't have to slow down at all for you, let alone slam on my breaks. This happens numerous times a day when driving around Modesto and it seriously kind of pisses me off. But people in Modesto don't know how to drive, so I will forgive them. Maybe.

Another thing that gets to me is the lack of respect drivers have for pedestrians. This bugs me just as much when I am driving as when I am the pedestrian. Drivers constantly turn really close to pedestrians in crosswalks and even fail to stop for people walking in them as well. I don't think any hurry a driver is in is worth the life of the person in the crosswalk. So, for the love of people's lives, slow down and let people safely cross the road.

I could go on and on about driving habits that drive me crazy. You really don't want me to get started on talking on your phone or texting while driving. It's against the law. Just don't do it! And the thing is, people in Modesto just aren't good drivers. There's even statistics to prove it. People in Modesto are more likely to get in an accident than the national average. But, I chose to move here. So I will deal with it.

Oh well. I would be happy (maybe) if people just stopped turning right in front of me.

Pumpkin Patch Fun...Again

We have been to the pumpkin patch five times this season. Yes, you read that correctly. Five times. In Isla's short 12 days of life, she has already been twice. We are out of control. Every time I go, I wait for the workers to tell me enough is enough. But it never happens, so we keep going back. Connor loves it there. What can I say?

I am starting to discover just how hard it is to get a decent picture of two children. And the baby isn't the problem. Connor is so enamored with his sissy that he doesn't want to look at the camera. Most of the pictures I take these days, he is poking Isla in the nose or putting his fingers in her mouth.

Connor loves playing in the dried corn so much. I don't really get the appeal, but it is like his favorite thing at the pumpkin patch. Well, his favorite thing after visiting the ducks (or "quack, quacks" as they are known by him). Since the dried corn is his favorite thing, it is always a bit of drama dragging pulling him out to go home. But it is this entertainment that keeps us coming back to the pumpkin patch for more!

And since I thought this picture was adorable, a picture of Isla and my mom. And it totally wasn't staged. I turned around and saw this. Made my heart melt.

I think once halloween is over, I am going to miss all this pumpkin patch fun. I wish we had more outdoor activities we could enjoy. Especially since the weather is finally getting a little cooler.


What kind of mother of two would I be if I didn't compare my children?!? I mean seriously, isn't that what parents are supposed to do? Sure, Isla is 10 days old and Connor is 23 months old, but the comparisons have already begun. Here are some things I have already noticed:

The other day I noticed Isla make a face. A face that was a signature facial expression of Connor when he was a wee babe. It made me smile. And that facial expression is about all these two babes have in common.

You see, Isla sleeps all the time. Connor, he never slept. People were always making comments about how alert he was. Isla, not so much.

Actually, there is another thing both babes have in common. They both had decent heads of hair when they were born. Sure, Connor's was sandy blond and Isla's is dark brown, but still it counts.

Isla likes to be held. All the time. If she isn't held, she cries. She also is a major fan of her swing. It is the only place we can set her for a reasonable amount of time where she won't cry. We never swaddle Isla. It doesn't seem to matter.

Connor liked to be swaddled all the time. In fact, it was the one sure way to calm him down. He also spit up all the time. Thankfully Isla doesn't appear to have the stomach problems that Connor did.

And since I am talking comparisons, I have noticed that unless Isla is dressed head to toe in pink, people assume she is a boy. I don't like that. People should just call it a baby if they don't know otherwise. I can tell this is something that is going to bug me.


1. Connor's first time eating cotton candy
2. Isla's first stroller ride at 2 days old
3. Ian multitasking - holding Isla and eating dinner
4. Connor showing off his stomach for no apparent reason
5. Connor playing in the corn at the pumpkin patch
6. And another one of Connor playing in the corn
7. Isla asleep
8. And awake

And Then There Were Two

Having two kids isn't necessarily harder than I thought, but just different than I thought. I prepared myself for Connor hating this new little person and wanting to take out all his anger and rage on them. I have found just the opposite. Connor loves his "sissy" so much. He is actually rather gentle with her. He loves being by her. Touching her little hands and laughing. Touching her eyes, nose, ears and sticking his fingers in her mouth. But he is actually real gentle about it all.

That doesn't mean we don't have to protect Isla though. Connor has had more energy than I have ever seen in him since Isla came into the world. He throws things, runs, jumps, body slams and everything else there is he can do. It is this type of behavior we have to protect her from. Her and everyone else for that matter. I am hoping figure in just a few weeks, he should be used to having Isla around and will calm down a bit. Hopefully.

I am learning everything is different with two. There are no peaceful nursing sessions. Well, except for the middle of the night. Getting in and out of the car has to be strategically done. I have a running toddler and a small little infant. All that has to be taken into consideration. Today I actually lifted Connor out of his crib while nursing Isla. That was a first. But hey, it worked. And I am learning the art of prioritizing who needs my immediate attention more. Sometimes it takes a little thought to appease both, but I will figure it out.

As we work our way into the swing of things in our new life, I have to say, I am more than pleased with the fact that Connor really loves his sissy. It makes my heart so freaking happy.


Isla's Birth{day} in Pictures

I have been trying hard to post a blog, but it just isn't happening. And I thought, who doesn't like seeing pictures of babies? Seriously, WHO DOESN'T? Because of this, I present to you the day Isla was born in photos.

Soon enough I should have the time and energy to start writing thrilling blog posts again. It will happen. I promise.


Isla Grace Grimbleby
October 13, 2011
8lbs, 2oz
19 inches long

Apparently something between the full moon and the membrane sweep worked and she made her entrance into this world last night, well early this morning. It was an altogether much better experience than my labor and delivery with Connor. We are still in the hospital but should be going home tomorrow. More pictures and stories to follow...

40+ Weeks

Today I had a doctor's appointment. It seems I am making progress. I am 2-3cm dilated. And, the doctor did a membrane sweep. Hopefully it works and I have a baby in my arms in the next couple days. The doctor also offered to induce me on Saturday. But I stayed strong and said no. So, if baby doesn't come, I have a non-stress test scheduled for Monday and another doctor's appointment scheduled for next Thursday. By that point I would be 11 days late. I don't want to have to go that long. So hopefully baby will decide to come soon!

In the mean time, I have been getting stuff done around the house. The refrigerator is all stocked. I did all the laundry yesterday. Including our sheets, which I had just washed a couple days before. This may be normal for some, but for me its not. Honestly, I wash my sheets like once a month...on a good month! I am just being honest. Don't judge too much. Plus, now we are getting clean sheets every couple days!

And this morning my mom came over to help me clean the house. She knows how to get things done. I think I need to be asking her to come over every time I need to clean. The place was spic and span in no time at all. I have been obsessing over the house not for baby (after all, baby's room is clean and ready) but because I know people will stop by to see baby and inevitably see the rest of the house, so it should be clean. Wiping down the front door and baseboards might not have been necessary, but that got done too.

The last thing I have on my list is my car. It has been bugging me. I need to vacuum it out. Maybe I can do it after Connor's nap today. It needs to be all clean for baby's first ride!

This must be what nesting is. It only took me being over cooked to get there.

Pumpkin Patch Fun

With no baby in sight, we headed to the pumpkin patch on Saturday. This particular place is set up like disneyland the fair. It is a little bit over the top (wristbands for all day fun!?!) but we had a good time non-the-less. Connor got to ride on a train, which he was really excited about. Once the train started moving, he literally sat frozen. It was kind of funny.

Ian got to enjoy himself shooting pumpkins at 100mph with the pumpkin blaster. And I will say, I think that was the coolest thing at the place. It kind of makes me want to go back just to do it again. (It helped get out some of the pregnancy rage...) There were different targets to hit, but the most satisfying thing for me to hit was the cars they had in the field. It was pretty cool.

Connor wasn't into the pumpkin blaster at all. I think it was a little too noisy for him.  So he stayed a safe distance away with my mom. We did take him up to the gun once and tried to get him to push the trigger, but he just wanted to cover his ears.

And, we had to do a belly shot with a pumpkin. My mom said I needed a larger pumpkin, but given that I am hoping the baby is on the smaller size, I chose a smaller pumpkin. Wishful thinking, right?

And now my porch is all decorated for fall. In a couple weeks we will carve the pumpkins, but for the time being, they make cute porch decorations just as they are.

And in case you care, I stole a friend's idea and made myself the fall wreath on the door. But because I was lazy and didn't cut my fabric strips down (I just left them the size of the fabric I purchased...1/4 a yard...9 inches...I am sure you really wanted to know this!) I think it makes my wreath look a little droopy. Oh well. I still feel accomplished to have made something AND to have actually decorated my porch for fall. So, go me!

Still Pregnant

I just wanted you guys to know that I am still alive and still pregnant. I have been struggling with staying positive about still being pregnant....well, more trying to be positive about the fact that there is nothing, and I mean nothing, going on to even hint that my body is preparing to expel a baby any time soon.

I really want this baby to come naturally. And I really want my labor to progress naturally, which didn't happen last time. But each time I go to the doctor and find out my body isn't doing a dang thing, I get a little discouraged. I am trying to not let it get me down. I know God already knows when and how this baby is going to be born. And I know He knows my desires about how I want it to happen. I am just hoping and praying those desires happen.

In the mean time, I am trying to keep my mind occupied with other things...things like decorating for fall and cleaning up after my toddler who seems to be into everything at the moment. And I am pretty excited about hitting up a rather large pumpkin patch tomorrow. That should be fun.

And hopefully, just hopefully, in the midst of me living life, this baby will decide to come out on its own accord.

Oh Rain, How I Adore Thee

Last night I was sitting on the couch reading a book when a sound caught my attention. Was I hearing rain? I bounced off the couch (Ok, I'll be honest. I rolled off the couch...I am big and pregnant, you know) and went to investigate. When I saw the rain falling, I was so excited. I decided to open up the windows so I could hear it better. For 12 hours we had rain. And it was pure bliss. I wish the rain lasted longer, but not this time. I am just so excited for the temperatures dropping and the rain rolling in.

Maybe fall will actually make an appearance before Thanksgiving after all.

Awkward/Awesome {three}

Awesome: Having a friend text me that we need to hang out. Me, not really having a life, responding with "ok, how about today?"
Awkward: Said friend responding that they are busy all week, so maybe next week.

Awkward: Having a wrong number call my phone.
Awkward x2: Them asking what number they called and me blanking on my phone number.
Awkward x3: The lady responding with "Who doesn't remember their own number?" I wanted to respond back with, "Well I am 9 months pregnant, in the middle of making dinner and have a screaming toddler in the background. You try to remember your phone number with all those distractions &$#@%!"
Awesome: I held my hormones in check was a little kinder and just hung up the phone.

Awesome: People caring.
Awkward: Getting 20 million texts a day from people asking "How are you feeling?"
**I started loathing this question at the end of my last pregnancy as well. You can read all about it here.

Awesome: My MIL calling to let me know they can now babysit for us.
Awkward: We didn't have plans and didn't ask for babysitting.
Awesome: Taking her up on that babysitting and getting an evening to ourselves.

Awesome: I found a restaurant gift card in our room, so we used it for our random night out!

Awkward: My car having problems starting.
Awesome: Us finding out it only needed a new battery and not some insanely expensive repair.

Awkward: Someone telling me I looked huge and needed to have the baby immediately.
Awesome: I didn't punch this person. I merely told them that was a rude thing to say.

Awesome: A different someone telling me "Ohmygosh, you are due in a week!?! I never looked that good when I was that pregnant." Now this person gets an A+ on what to say to a pregnant lady!

Anything awkward or awesome happen to you lately?
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