Pumpkin Patch Fun...Again

We have been to the pumpkin patch five times this season. Yes, you read that correctly. Five times. In Isla's short 12 days of life, she has already been twice. We are out of control. Every time I go, I wait for the workers to tell me enough is enough. But it never happens, so we keep going back. Connor loves it there. What can I say?

I am starting to discover just how hard it is to get a decent picture of two children. And the baby isn't the problem. Connor is so enamored with his sissy that he doesn't want to look at the camera. Most of the pictures I take these days, he is poking Isla in the nose or putting his fingers in her mouth.

Connor loves playing in the dried corn so much. I don't really get the appeal, but it is like his favorite thing at the pumpkin patch. Well, his favorite thing after visiting the ducks (or "quack, quacks" as they are known by him). Since the dried corn is his favorite thing, it is always a bit of drama dragging pulling him out to go home. But it is this entertainment that keeps us coming back to the pumpkin patch for more!

And since I thought this picture was adorable, a picture of Isla and my mom. And it totally wasn't staged. I turned around and saw this. Made my heart melt.

I think once halloween is over, I am going to miss all this pumpkin patch fun. I wish we had more outdoor activities we could enjoy. Especially since the weather is finally getting a little cooler.


  1. Geez sounds like you need an intervention!! :)

  2. Look out, the Christmas Tree lots will be next. LOL

  3. I wish we had a pumpkin patch with dried corn - Landon would love that! He'll spend twenty minutes with his hands in a bowl of uncooked rice, must be something about the texture.

  4. Adorable, adorable, adorable. Especially the candid shot of Isla and your mom. You're such a good mom for taking Connor to the pumpkin patch so many times!

  5. Just love the pumpkin patch pictures! And a pumpkin butt to boot :)

  6. I love the picture of Isla and the five pumpkins. So sweet.


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