Awkward/Awesome {three}

Awesome: Having a friend text me that we need to hang out. Me, not really having a life, responding with "ok, how about today?"
Awkward: Said friend responding that they are busy all week, so maybe next week.

Awkward: Having a wrong number call my phone.
Awkward x2: Them asking what number they called and me blanking on my phone number.
Awkward x3: The lady responding with "Who doesn't remember their own number?" I wanted to respond back with, "Well I am 9 months pregnant, in the middle of making dinner and have a screaming toddler in the background. You try to remember your phone number with all those distractions &$#@%!"
Awesome: I held my hormones in check was a little kinder and just hung up the phone.

Awesome: People caring.
Awkward: Getting 20 million texts a day from people asking "How are you feeling?"
**I started loathing this question at the end of my last pregnancy as well. You can read all about it here.

Awesome: My MIL calling to let me know they can now babysit for us.
Awkward: We didn't have plans and didn't ask for babysitting.
Awesome: Taking her up on that babysitting and getting an evening to ourselves.

Awesome: I found a restaurant gift card in our room, so we used it for our random night out!

Awkward: My car having problems starting.
Awesome: Us finding out it only needed a new battery and not some insanely expensive repair.

Awkward: Someone telling me I looked huge and needed to have the baby immediately.
Awesome: I didn't punch this person. I merely told them that was a rude thing to say.

Awesome: A different someone telling me "Ohmygosh, you are due in a week!?! I never looked that good when I was that pregnant." Now this person gets an A+ on what to say to a pregnant lady!

Anything awkward or awesome happen to you lately?


  1. yay for no punching people even when they deserve it! kudos to you.

    I left an award for you on my blog: Hope you enjoy!

  2. "I'm busy all week..." Ha!!!

    Oh man... I kinda can't wait for the awkwards when I'm pregnant some day. Unless you're getting more than your fair share, this seems like a ripe field for 'em.
    You tell me who said those rude things to you and I'll track them down, mmmmk?

  3. These were hilarious.

    Who the heck told you that you looked too big and needed to get the baby out immediately! That is SO obnoxious. I seriously can't believe some people.

    btw, the gal that said you look amazing was right. You look FANTASTIC! Seriously. And I love the new haircut.


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