40+ Weeks

Today I had a doctor's appointment. It seems I am making progress. I am 2-3cm dilated. And, the doctor did a membrane sweep. Hopefully it works and I have a baby in my arms in the next couple days. The doctor also offered to induce me on Saturday. But I stayed strong and said no. So, if baby doesn't come, I have a non-stress test scheduled for Monday and another doctor's appointment scheduled for next Thursday. By that point I would be 11 days late. I don't want to have to go that long. So hopefully baby will decide to come soon!

In the mean time, I have been getting stuff done around the house. The refrigerator is all stocked. I did all the laundry yesterday. Including our sheets, which I had just washed a couple days before. This may be normal for some, but for me its not. Honestly, I wash my sheets like once a month...on a good month! I am just being honest. Don't judge too much. Plus, now we are getting clean sheets every couple days!

And this morning my mom came over to help me clean the house. She knows how to get things done. I think I need to be asking her to come over every time I need to clean. The place was spic and span in no time at all. I have been obsessing over the house not for baby (after all, baby's room is clean and ready) but because I know people will stop by to see baby and inevitably see the rest of the house, so it should be clean. Wiping down the front door and baseboards might not have been necessary, but that got done too.

The last thing I have on my list is my car. It has been bugging me. I need to vacuum it out. Maybe I can do it after Connor's nap today. It needs to be all clean for baby's first ride!

This must be what nesting is. It only took me being over cooked to get there.

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  1. 40+ weeks, and still smiling! You're such a trooper.

    Also, I only wash our sheets once a month too.


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