And Then There Were Two

Having two kids isn't necessarily harder than I thought, but just different than I thought. I prepared myself for Connor hating this new little person and wanting to take out all his anger and rage on them. I have found just the opposite. Connor loves his "sissy" so much. He is actually rather gentle with her. He loves being by her. Touching her little hands and laughing. Touching her eyes, nose, ears and sticking his fingers in her mouth. But he is actually real gentle about it all.

That doesn't mean we don't have to protect Isla though. Connor has had more energy than I have ever seen in him since Isla came into the world. He throws things, runs, jumps, body slams and everything else there is he can do. It is this type of behavior we have to protect her from. Her and everyone else for that matter. I am hoping figure in just a few weeks, he should be used to having Isla around and will calm down a bit. Hopefully.

I am learning everything is different with two. There are no peaceful nursing sessions. Well, except for the middle of the night. Getting in and out of the car has to be strategically done. I have a running toddler and a small little infant. All that has to be taken into consideration. Today I actually lifted Connor out of his crib while nursing Isla. That was a first. But hey, it worked. And I am learning the art of prioritizing who needs my immediate attention more. Sometimes it takes a little thought to appease both, but I will figure it out.

As we work our way into the swing of things in our new life, I have to say, I am more than pleased with the fact that Connor really loves his sissy. It makes my heart so freaking happy.



  1. So sweet! This makes my heart happy reading and looking at the pics of two of the cutest kids!!

  2. I'm so glad he's fond of her! My brother was real fond of me when we were little... Between 7-14 or so, we 'squabbled' and now he's been my best friend for over 10 years.

  3. The pictures of Connor kissing Isla are just heart-melting sweet. I'm so glad he loves his sister and that the transition has been positive for your whole family.

  4. Congratulations on your precious baby girl!! I love her name!! My baby fever just sky rocketed seeing your two precious babes together!!


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