So everyone didn't look at the camera at the same time...what's new about that? I can say Isla was way more into being pulled around in the wagon that Connor was. In fact, once we were done, she climbed back in, ready for round two.

 And well, because life is always better with a few action shots, here you go...

That is my parents dog running around after us (well, technically she was mine and Ian's at some point). I must admit, I am warming up to the idea of getting a dog, but only a little one. I don't do ginormious dog poops! Oh, and the wagon, it was mine at some point too. His name is Bob. He has a magnet on his backside to prove it.

This week:

  • I am still tripping out over discovering that my blog friend Rachael and I used to work together years ago! And neither one of us remembers each other! 
  • Connor loves picking dandelions and blowing them. I think it is really cute. 
  • I went on a mommy date with my friend Mallory. It was so much fun. We went shopping and had lunch. 
  • My mom and I ripped out a whole planter of huge bushes in my backyard to make way for me to plant a garden. 
  • I'm still not sure why us mom's turn motherhood into a war, but I read this great blog post about it this week. 
  • Tonight we are doing a glow in the dark easter egg hunt with the kids. I am pretty excited! 

And because I know you are thinking about it, that is the same skirt I went off about yesterday. Just buy yourself one already! 

What I Wore {fourteen}

I am not a shorts person. I own a couple pairs, but am just not a fan of shorts. So, in anticipation of the summer (heck, we already are enjoying warm temps!) I ordered myself a couple skirts from Old Navy. And seriously, these have got the be the most amazing skirts ever...I ordered two of the same style. I live life on the edge like that. These skirts are soft and easy to wear. And, they go with just about anything. I pretty much plan on living in them this summer.

Jacket: Roxy (super, duper old)
Shirt: BDG from Urban Outfitters
Necklace: Forever 21
Skirt: Old Navy
Shoes: Target

Why are you still reading this?! Has my semi-out of focus picture not convinced you to order the skirt?! You need to. This isn't a want, it's a need. Seriously. Oh, and the icing on the cake? Paired with a sale, I scored my skirts for $10 each. Just buy one already, ok?! You WILL thank me later.

And for a couple other details of my outfit. I am one of those people that think I am really going the extra mile when I throw a necklace on. And long necklaces are my friend. Given that I always wear the same one, I was pretty excited to get a new one the other day. Isla is fond of my owl necklace as well.

And, well, I promised myself last year that this year I would get myself a cute pair of sandals and stop sporting my flip flops with everything (now I only wear them 6 days of the week instead of 7!). So, I was pretty pleased when I came across these lovely sandals at Target. They are super comfortable. And though I have to admit, it was the color that drew me to them, I like them so much, I am thinking of getting some in another color as well.

But really, all I want you to know is this Old Navy skirt is the best ever. And Old Navy did not sponsor this post or give me a free skirt (though I would love one). I just love this skirt that much.

A Little Switcheroo

I rearranged my living room. Exciting, I know. I just thought I would get it out there right away. That way you don't have to waste your time reading about the trivial things in my life if you don't want. Then again, what are all my posts about?!

A few months ago, Ian and I spent the better part of an afternoon rearranging our living room to find something, well, different. We arranged the furniture numerous times. And we were never sold on any of the new layouts, so we put things back the way we had them. Talk about a productive afternoon!

Then one day, in the middle of nap time, it hit me...I knew how to rearrange the living room. And so I did it. All by my lonesome. And low and behold, it turned out amazing.

Here is a little before, to remind you what I was working with:

And here she is, all rearranged:

Admittedly, there have been a couple furniture changes since my before picture was taken. I moved our leather chair into our bedroom. Then we found a chair that matched our existing set on craigslist. And I picked up the wooden desk/chair at a garage sale (for $5!!!).

Really, what I love is how open the room feels just by not having to walk around a chair to "enter" it. I also love how you can now sit across from people when talking. And, well the chairs by the front window are kind of my favorite because I love having the afternoon sun on my shoulders while I play with Connor in here during Isla's nap time.

Here are a couple of my favorite touches to the room. When I rearranged, I had the area next to the tv, under the windows, to play with. Now, I have tried to keep this room as toy free as possible (a little more on that in a minute!) but decided it would be fun to put all of the kids vintage toys together in one place. And in case you care, I never spend much on vintage toys for my kids because though I think they are amazingly cute, I also actually let my kids play with them, so I don't want to spend a ton on a collectable.

My other favorite thing in this room is the picture ledge that I hung up and have displayed our picture books on. Eventually my plan is to have three (or maybe more!) such ledges hanging up, but for now this is all we need. And it makes me so happy to see our memories on display and to so easily be able to look through them.

Now remember how I said I try to keep the living room toy free? Well, there is the little reality that I have toddlers. And, well, I actually have a double stroller that calls the living room home. And since it has been nice out, the kids and I have been playing in the front yard daily, so their outdoor toys have been living here too. So, here is a little glimpse to my reality:

And just in case you forgot what I was talking about, as I rambled on and on about something so minuscule, I rearranged my living room. Exciting, I know. But seriously, I really like how it turned out. For being something so little, it sure makes me happy. Maybe that says something about me?

A Quick Trip

Back before we had kids, Ian's busy seasons weren't a big deal for me. I passed the time by working extra hours, having dinner with friends, watching tv, shopping and really doing just about anything I wanted. These days, busy season is not met with such gusto...especially on the days when I am ready for the back up troop to arrive home before noon! Also, these days Ian has to work Saturdays, which leaves him (and really us) one day off a week. Because of this, sometimes lots of the time it is nice to have a change of scenery on that one day.

When Ian got home on Saturday, he brought up us heading to the beach for the night. While looking up cheap hotel rooms, Ian was texting our friends, who moved to the coast last year, to see if we could stop by and say hi, but they offered more. They put a roof over our heads. So, we jumped in the car and left.

We got to their house about 8pm. Their son was in bed. Our kids played contentedly (way better than normal...seriously) for a couple hours while we sat around drinking wine and catching up. It was bliss. Then off to bed we went. Unfortunately, Isla had a super tough night. In her defense, she had a really bad one Friday night as well. But seriously, about 3am I was swearing off us ever traveling with that girl again.

Thankfully the morning brought coffee and a beach that was practically at our feet. After stumbling out of our friends house and to the beach, we walked and played in the sand. Then we walked some more and Isla fell asleep...no duh, the girl was tired. She hardly slept the night before!

After taking a scenic drive along the coast, we stopped and had some lunch, then packed up and headed for home. It was a short trip...25 hours from the time we left our house until the time we got home. But those 25 hours (minus the few that Isla tortured all of us by not sleeping) were good for my soul and good for our little family.

Sometimes a change of scenery is all that you need.

Like Mother, Like Son

We are a night time drinking, full caffeine family. Ian and I seem to handle it well. And, well, it appears Connor can pass out after making himself a cup of joe as well.

And on a semi-unrelated note, how cute is Connor's coffee maker...and the fact that he went to bed with it?! He got it for Christmas. It is wood and all sorts of adorable.


What good is it to take pictures on the bed if you aren't going to have a little fun, right?! And don't you fear, no one was hurt, or fell off the bed in the making of this madness. Though, there was one close call. Very close.

This week:

  • Connor told Isla the other day, "Sissy, stop making a scene!" That is something I say to him. 
  • Isla has taken to rejecting breakfast time and screams if I try to put her in her highchair. Whatever, drama queen. 
  • I attempted to make Connor a train out of food. He wasn't as impressed as I was. Oh well...just proves that so much of what we do for our kids is really for us! 
  • My brother stole semi-embarassing pictures of me off my phone and posted them on instagram. Kind of made me feel like I was 15 again

And for anyone who read this post, I actually went to sleep with ease after drinking a coffee the size of my head. I am considering doing it every night. I kid. 

Hello Spring!

We welcomed spring into our 'hood yesterday with some rain. Unfortunately that rain only happened at night...such a disappointment. I was looking forward to taking the kids out and dancing in it. sigh.

Fortunately, we have been taking advantage of the springish weather the past couple weeks and spending time outside everyday has become a part of our routine. It happens in the afternoon, after nap time, in case you care to know. And it has been happening in the front yard. Connor refuses to go into our backyard (or playroom, for that matter) because of our neighbor's dogs. But that deserves, and will get, a post of its own at some point.

Where was I? Oh yeah, spring, outdoor time, playing in the front yard...

Basically how things have been going down is I take the kids outside to play. Connor stalks spots one of our neighbor's out playing, either the kids across the street or the jr. higher next door and is off the play with them. That leaves me and Isla playing in the front yard all by our lonesome. I know she would rather be playing with the big kids. She lets me know by pointing and squawking. She's not big enough for that freedom yet. So she is stuck playing with her 'ole mom.

I swear, the sun on your face can fix just about any problem...at least until I go back inside and see my sink full of dishes.

Today I noticed one of our blueberry plants have blooms. So excited for the blueberries in our yard and the ones we will go out and pick.

Aww, spring...I am pretty sure you are my favorite season.

Just Sayin'

"I don't know why I have trouble falling asleep at night", says the girl sipping on a trenta iced coffee at 9:30pm. 


from Pinterest

One thing I have had to do over the years is learn not to compare. It's easy to look at people, especially the persona people put on, and compare lives. And this never leaves me feeling great. Or, if it does leave me feeling great, that greatness would come with guilt because really is it ever good to feel better about yourself at the expense of someone else?

As I learned not to compare and care more about myself and how I was doing, rather than what people were thinking, a game changer happened. I became a mother. In motherhood, absolutely every-single-freaking-thing seems like a comparison and it gets old. Real old, real fast.

I'll let you in on a little secret. Most of us moms out there are doing what we find best for our children. But for some reason, we also think what is best for our children and our families is best for everyone else too. That is where the problems come in. The comparisons. Oh, your 17 month old isn't sleeping through the night?! Mine has been sleeping through the night since 6 days old. Um, well good for you.

When these conversations happen (which, um, is quite frequent on the mom circuit) I try to remind myself, and other moms who I can tell are feeling beat up by it all, every kid has their strengths and their weaknesses. And except for those moms out there that are lying even to themselves, raising kids be hard ya'll...for every single stinkin last one of us.  

Since I have been around the block a time or two, I am realistic. Women are never going to just level the playing field and be honest all the time. We all want people to think we have it all together...or at least to not think we are completely falling apart. My advice? Find a posse. A group of gals you can be real with. The ones who won't judge when your kid is throwing bark at their kid and you are just too tired to do anything about it. The ones who won't judge when you open your car door to pull out your kids and it looks like you dumped a weeks worth of trash all over your car. The ones who won't judge when you are scrounging through the cupboards trying to make up a recipe for dinner because you just don't feel like dragging your kids to the grocery store. 

I'm so thankful for my posse. And anytime any of you want to just let it all hang out (literally), give me a call. I'd be happy to hang out while our kids beat up on each other...um, I mean, I would be happy to chat it up at a nice restaurant while our kids sit quiet and still.

Connor Got In!

We found out last week that Connor got into the preschool we wanted him to go to. This is pretty exciting. I know he is excited about it. He even talked to me about it today. It's a whole new adventure for all of us.

I haven't consistently gotten up in the mornings (like haven't set an alarm) in almost 4 years. All that will change come September. I have these grand ideas that I will get so much done while Connor is in school...all two days a week, for 3 hours a day. I know, not quite realistic. I also have some fears and sadness about letting go and letting Connor go to school. Again, I know, only two days a week. I am excited though. This kid is social and I can't provide for him all the socialization he craves right now, so I know this will be good. There is just something a little sad about thinking of my little man going to preschool. Then I think about how adorable he will look with a backpack on and smile. 

And if you haven't already entered, my giveaway for a Nuby tickle toes ends tomorrow. 


I tried taking some artsy pictures of me and the kids in a field this week with my new toy...lets just say there was nothing artsy about them. And I have discovered the problem with a wireless shutter remote is without someone behind the camera looking at the picture, it is incredibly hard to make what I want to happen in the picture, happen. Make sense? But I am acquiring quite the collection of outtakes and am thinking I just may need to share them soon. All of us could get a good laugh out of them.

This week:

  • Though ants have taken over my house, I refuse to allow them to get comfortable. 
  • Afternoon outdoor play sessions with the sun on our faces have been happening daily and is just pure bliss.
  • Since the time change, both kids have been sleeping in until 9:30. Be jealous because it is amazing. 
  • Isla's new favorite word is "puppy" and she repeats it over and over and over and over...
  • I put Isla in sandals that squeak every time she takes a step. After a day, I removed the squeakers.
  • Connor took one of Isla's hair clips and told me it was a "teeny, tiny phone", then proceeded to hold it up to his ear and have a conversation. 

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Also, it looks like google reader is going away...what's that about?! Anyway, if you want to keep following along, you can find me at bloglovin - Follow my blog with Bloglovin

What Isla Wore {four}

Isla told me she isn't super comfortable being a model, so we came to a compromise and I allowed her to sit for the photos.

Shirt: Baby Gap - hand-me-down
Leggings: Baby Gap 
Shoes: Toms - an amazing craigslist find

I bought those leggings Isla is wearing on clearance the week after I had her. Please hold while I wipe my tears and remember a tiny Isla...and that shirt was a hand-me-down. I like texting my friend pictures of Isla wearing her daughters clothes and make her remember when they were little. Me and babies, I am such a sap. 

The older Isla gets, the more fun I have dressing her. I think because it is less cumbersome to put things on a bigger human. Tiny babies are just hard to layer clothes on. Then a blow out happens and you have to change all those layers. It just doesn't seem worth it. Plus, when they can stand, they just look cuter in clothes. 

Oh, and even though Isla didn't cooperate with her little photo shoot, I did get a cute picture of her playing in the yard. She was wearing Connor's sunglasses. Every time they came off, she brought them to me to put back on. I hope this means she will actually wear sunglasses. Connor has never been a fan and I think little kids in sunglasses look adorable. 

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Tickle Toes Hippo {Nuby Product Review & Giveaway}

It's hard to describe the tickle toes hippo without you being able to hear it laugh. Because it makes about the funniest (and creepiest) noise known to man. This said noise has certainly sucked my kids in. They think it is amazingly hilarious. 

Though I am not normally a fan of plush toys, especially the talking variety, I have to admit I was instantly won over by the tickle toes hippo. I think it has something to do with the amazing color of pink that it is. That and the laugh. The laugh actually sucked me in as well. 

After showing Isla once where to push to get the hippo to laugh, she had it down. Smart kid, right?! I produce geniuses, I tell you. But the hippo...this hippo has already saved a couple walks we were on and even came out at the park. Isla has become very fond of it. She likes to cuddle with it a lot. 

Don't want your son caring around a pink hippo? Nuby has you covered. They have several animals to choose from in their tickle toes line. In fact, they are giving one away to one of you! You are that special. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

And in case you don't win your very own tickle toes, they are available for purchase at BuyBabyDirect, K-Mart, CookiesKids, Diapers.com and Amazon.

I did not receive any compensation for this post, although as part of the Nuby Mommy Blogger program I may receive items to sample or review. All opinions are my own and 100% honest. 

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Almond Blossom Family Pictures

For a couple weeks each year, the central valley turns into a magical place to live. The almond orchards are in bloom and it is oh-so-freaking-pretty. Now the rest of the year, not so pretty. But for those few weeks...

Before we move on I must warn you, I took a lot of pictures. More than 600. I have narrowed it down to my 200 favorite more than a few favorite to share with you. Even though I am not incredibly fond of any of the family pictures we took, I am pretty in love with the rest. I am thinking dragging my family into the orchards once a year for a photo shoot will become my thing...you know the things parents do just to annoy their children.

Again, don't saw I didn't warn you...

^^ Talk about a skinny little boy! I swear we feed him...a lot. 

^^Isla was so incredibly interested in the blossoms. She is such a girl! 

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