Connor seems to have almost too much fun pressing the shutter for the pictures and running back into the shot. And I stand there nervous that he will knock over the camera and break it, which ultimately ends in me walking over and helping him. So, after weeks of out of focus photos, I have decided I am going to take the plunge and get a wireless shutter remote. Hopefully it will get here quickly so I can play with it use it for our pictures next week.

This week:

  • Isla crawled up the play structure at the park and flew down the slide before I could even run after her. 
  • Connor has begun asking for a hot chocolate with whipped cream whenever he sees starbucks. It appears we have an addict on our hands. 
  • Isla climbed up on a box so she could turn a light on and off. WHAT?! Too quick. 
  • I got a cover for our old floral couch in the playroom. When Connor saw it he said, "Oooh, we got a new couch!"
  • Connor and I enjoyed our first purchase of the season from the ice cream man...I'm so excited for summer and all that comes with it.  
  • Speaking of summer, I now have 21 quarts of lemon juice waiting to be made into lemonade this summer! All the lemons were from mine and my parents lemon trees. 


  1. I really love your weekly pictures!! So fun.

  2. Oooh, lemonade! In a few years, they can have their own stand! And save up money for running away from home (to the treehouse in the backyard). Love these photos! And I need a wireless remote too!

  3. I love the action shot of Connor running towards the camera! I've been enjoying the differences between each weekly picture... thanks for sharing them with us.


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