Over the last season, Connor's imagination has come alive...and I love it. I love watching him on the floor having full blown conversations with toys. He has a voice that only comes out when he is playing and it warms my heart so much. 

I love that there are no limits to the imagination. It doesn't bother Connor that there is no furniture in the house he plays with...or that he only has one person to play with! He puts that person in the bathroom to "go poop" even though there is no toilet in there. They climb on the roof, knock on the front door and drive their car in (and on top of) the house. There are no limits.

In the bath the other day, Connor lined up two ducks face to face. I thought they were kissing, then I realized no, they are talking. And Connor proceeded to have them carry on a conversation for a few minutes. It doesn't matter that ducks can't talk, or that they are fake. Heck, the ducks have even had conversations with the trains before!  

I love the innocence and imagination that kids have. As I've gotten older, I have forgotten about it. We become so jaded and forget what it is like to spend our time lost in another world, a world that we create. It's fun to experience this all over again, through the eyes of my kids. 

And in case you care, a poorly shot video clip of Connor playing with his house yesterday. He drug it outside all by himself because "the house wanted to be outside". 


  1. I was playing with my friend's almost-four year old last Friday and it was wonderful. We played with his stuffed animals for more than two hours - they owned a restaurant, drove racecars, climbed a mountain. His parents made the comment that they don't often play imaginary games with their son, so it was interesting to watch him imagination at work. It floored me. It has never occurred to me NOT to imagine with kids. They are wonderful, dedicated parents, but very practical people, so while I can imagine they might struggle with imaginary play, it just wowed me that they don't often get it see it in action. I don't know. Do you find you have a hard time imagining with Connor?

    1. When I take the time to imagine with him, I don't have any problems. Mostly he likes just talking...or today having me save a person from the top of the playhouse. And I have been trying to give him time everyday while Isla is napping. That way he is kind of guaranteed some one on one time every day.


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