Callum's First Giants Game

On Saturday we took Callum to his first Giants game. Ian got two tickets through work, so we left Connor and Isla with his parents and took Callum with us to the game. Now, let me tell you, I literally couldn't have imagined Callum being as good as he was. Like he was way better than he normally is. He literally didn't cry. He spent most of the game strapped to my chest in the ergo, perfectly content. He pretty much just started at the people behind us and got super big eyes every time the crowd cheered loudly.

It was fun how many people made comments about Callum at the game. So many people wanted to ohh and ahh over him. And several people told us about the first time they took their babies to Giants games back in the day at Candlestick Park. It was really sweet to hear so many people reminisce.

I'm glad we took Callum to the game and glad it went so incredibly well…and glad I was able to fill my belly with garlic fries. Now to get Callum to act like this at Connor's tball games because he literally goes crazy every single stinking time.

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A Fairy Garden Party

My friend's mom, who also happens to be my neighbor, has to be one of the sweetest and coolest ladies out there. Her garden is like no other. It is always overflowing with a bountiful harvest. She has chickens, ducks and bunnies. My kids love going over there…heck, so do I!

This past week, she hosted a fairy garden party for the girls (her granddaughter, Isla and another friend's daughter). And when she hosts something, she hosts something. It started out with the handmade invitation that went out a couple weeks ago. Isla has been carrying that thing around with pride and excitement and counting down the days until the party. She got the girls little fairy outfits…which I was pretty much dying of cuteness just watching Isla run down the street to her house all dressed up. There was a fairy bell to ring when they entered the garden. The girls had a tea party. Then they got to spread fairy dust everywhere. And, they made little fairy gardens to take home.

And us moms? Not only did we get to just sit back and watch the cuteness unfold, but she lavished good food and drink on us too. It was pretty stinking awesome.

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Connor: Like I said before, this kid and dressing up, he loves it. And I can't help but feel like I am staring at a teenager Connor in this picture. 

 Isla: She got to go to a fairy garden party (more on that in another post) this week and was so happy and completely in her element. 

Callum: This little guy loves giving out smiles, being lavished attention by all the moms at school pick up…and didn't roll over once this week. 

"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2016."

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One thing I have this time around that I didn't have with the other two is perspective. Perspective can be both a good and a bad thing. It helps me remember that each stage only lasts a short while. And it sadly reminds me that each stage only lasts a short while. See what I did there?!

I don't know if it was because Connor and Isla were much closer in age that once I had Isla, I couldn't see a light at the end of the tunnel in terms of sleep. All I felt was exhaustion and I thought it may be never ending. Now that I have a 4 and 6 year old, I realize the sleepless nights don't last forever. In fact, they don't even last that long…not that they still aren't a killer, but there is coffee. Perspective.

I also realize how fleeting the moments are. Callum is already no longer a limp newborn in my arms. He has become a "hip baby". Those tiny newborn cuddles that are so amazing have been replaced by equally as amazing open mouth smiles. It all goes so fast.

It's hard because I never know when the last time Connor will go to grab my hand in public. Or when Isla will stop telling me all the time that she loves me. Or when Callum will no longer see me as his ultimate comfort.

I get that the days can be long…heck, Isla bit Connor ON THE BUTT yesterday in front of tons of people at her school…the days can be really long. But the moments are truly fleeting. I want to soak them up. I want to remember them. The good and the hard. But I also am excited to watch these kids of mine grown into the people they were born to be.

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Three Kids

You guys, I was actually taking pictures of Callum and the light was so good, I called the other kids in the room and had them climb up on the bed with him. I am so glad I did because this second picture is like my favorite yet of my three munchkins and I am totally going to print it out for our house. 

Anyone who knows me, knows I am honest about my kids and their relationship. In fact, I kind of get tired of moms declaring their kids best friends that never fight. Connor and Isla spent their first years at each others throats. It's only been in the past couple years they can actually interact without fighting…and there is still plenty of fighting, but they can now actually interact at times without fighting. I don't wear rose colored glasses around here and tell everyone they are best friends. But, I will say, when they are playing together peacefully, it's utter and complete bliss…of course, I am not sure it that is due to the quietness I get to enjoy or the adorable sibling relationship.

Enter Callum.

The kids are obsessed and he always rewards them with the biggest smiles. They are always up in his business and manhandling him, so why he smiles so big for them is beyond me. Yet, I can't help think about the firs time Callum punches Connor in the face for always getting up in his face. Or the first time he grabs a fist full of Isla's hair. Or the first time he gets into the kids toys and destroys them. Then again, they also may enjoy getting to relive some of their toddlerhoods, playing with their long forgotten baby toys with Callum. I guess one just never knows how things will turn out. I will know soon enough. So, for now, I will just enjoy Callum rewarding the kids with the biggest smiles ever when they get all up in his face…and leave the worrying about all of them annoying each other for future Jessica.

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Connor: This kid is all about the imaginative/dress up play.  

Isla: Always drawing and coloring and I love it.

 Callum: He rolled over for the first time this week. I think he's done it one time again since. I've tried numerous times to get him to do it while videoing him, but the kid won't perform. 

"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2016."

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Little Moments Not to Be Forgotten

// sleeping in the afternoon sun //
// princess Isla //
// sweet sibling moment //
// stage time //
// peaceful afternoon sky //
// fireman Connor //
// another sweet sibling moment //
// playtime //

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For Love of the Crockpot

I feel like I need to get it out there that the runner up to this photo was one of me actually kissing my crockpot. Yes, I do love it THAT MUCH.

I have been on the crockpot bandwagon way before it was even cool. Yes, it is cool. A couple weeks ago, I was reading the news and in the article, some big time chef dissed the crockpot. I instantly felt defensive. And may have even considered writing this lady a letter. I mean, she hadn't just dissed an acquaintance of mine, but a super close and super reliable family member of mine. Since I knew a letter would be no help, except to maybe give her a laugh in her day, I thought I would instead share some of my favorite go-to crockpot recipes.

I try new crockpot recipes almost weekly. Pinterest is my go to source for recipes. The problem is, it is hard to find ones that are at least semi healthy, don't require a ton of extra work (so are more one pot style meals) and aren't soups. There are a couple soups on this list, but all these recipes are meals I have made numerous times and are winners in my house.

Honey Garlic Chicken and Veggies - Bonus points for this being a "one pot" recipe because the veggies are already in it!

Spaghetti Squash and Meatballs - In full disclosure, I use pre-made meatballs, making it literally "stupid easy" (see the name of the actual recipe on the link to get that one).

Sausage Spinach Tomato Soup - So incredibly much flavor. And given how much spinach that goes in, I consider it a one pot recipe as well. Bonus points for this being a soup my husband actually loves…I'm the soup lover in the family, not him.

White Chicken Chili - It only has five ingredients. It really can't get any easier.

Southwest Chicken Soup

Teriyaki Chicken - This one may take a couple extra steps to make the sauce thicken at the end, but it tastes really good.

One of my ultimate favorites, I don't have a recipe for, Rootbeer Pulled Pork. You literally just throw in the pork roast, completely cover it with rootbeer (I have had better results having the pork roast completely submerged vs. using a specific amount) and cook it all day. At the end of the day, pull the roast out and shred it. Then add some rootbeer from the crockpot and come bbq sauce and mix it all together with the pulled pork. It is so dang good.

Wow, I really proved that big time chef wrong there, didn't I?! But seriously, the crockpot is one of the most used items in my kitchen. And I am loving life come dinner time when all the work is already done and we just get to eat. So I think it and I will be best buds for a long time.

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Callum {4 months}

Weight: 14lbs, 8oz
Length: 25.5 inches

Likes: People smiling at him, anything he can put in his mouth, looking at himself in the mirror, sitting up, being in his jumper
Dislikes: Sleeping through the night, getting hungry

Callum has grown and changed leaps and bounds this month. He has definitely left all his newbornness in the dust. He now laughs, smiles at any happy face, babbles, found his feet. But don't you worry, he still isn't rolling over. The kid is trying to sit up, but won't roll over. I am semi convinced that he will be walking before rolling. #priorities. 

Sleepwise, Callum started the month on a high and ended the month on a low. He had started consistently giving me an 8+ hour stretch and now I am getting like 3 hour stretches out of him. But it is getting better. It started when we went and visited my parents for spring break, so I don't know if that just derailed things and we are now needing to get back on schedule or what. I am still getting one really good nap out of him a day…that is, as long as the other kids don't do anything too crazy. They have been found "checking on him" while he is asleep (aka: touching him until he wakes). 

In super good news, Callum has finally embraced his car seat. No longer am I listening to constant screaming in the car and it truly is joyous. Of course, I think it helps that he can now grab toys and put them in his mouth. So, he can "play" while we drive, rather than just sit there. Callum likes putting pretty much anything in his mouth these days. He will even grab my fingers and try putting them in his mouth. Callum likes chewing on Sophie the giraffe. This makes me particularly excited because I bought that overpriced, overhyped toy when Connor was a baby and neither him nor Isla really showed much of any interest in it. At least I am (sort of) getting my money's worth. Of course, I learned the lesson long ago to not get caught up in the hype of baby gear…the hype always lets me down.

Callum likes his independence. He really enjoys being on his playmat, playing away. And he also really enjoys being in his stroller. I just started sitting him up in it (before I was making him lay flat) and he pretty much thinks it's the best thing ever.

Sizewise, Callum is long and lean. Though in the past week or two has started to chunk up. Like his little double chin chub just showed up about a week ago and I totally love it. Many people have commented on how big his feet are. Given that I have never measured any of my kids feet, they just look like feet to me, but apparently they are big. Callum started wearing 6-12 months clothes. Can you believe that?! I kind of can't. Like they genuinely fit and aren't too big. I actually had to pack up some 3-6 month things already because lengthwise, they just don't fit. Diaper size, he is in a size 2 and those still fit him well. It's crazy how quick babies grow. I forgot about how rotating clothes and shoes is a constant thing. Of course, I am still loving reliving Connor's babyhood through his clothes. 

And, in case you care, here is Connor's 4 month update and Isla's. I always try to not look at them until I am done writing Callum's…that way I can truly compare them afterward.

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Connor: It may be slightly out of focus, but I will take a genuine smile any time I can get one…especially when he is running around playing.  

Isla: Snails are her jam. And there may have been a little snail funeral and a lot of tears after an accidental snail killing this week.

 Callum: This kid is so into looking at himself in the mirror. He can literally be screaming his head off and if I hold him up to a mirror, he stops and smiles at himself. 

"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2016."

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