Isla {4 Months}

Weight: 14lbs, 13oz
Length: 24.5 inches

Rubs her eyes when tired
Looks at herself in the mirror & smiles
Follows people around the room with her eyes

Every time I take Isla to the doctor, her pediatrician always comments on how proportional she is. Such a weird compliment(?) but maybe most kids don't have height, weight and head all around the same percentile. Isla is holding strong just above the 80th percentile. She sure is putting her older brother to shame!

The last few nights, Isla has been going to bed in her own bed. This is growth people! In fact, the other night Isla slept in her own bed from 8pm until 5am! Before this she was waking numerous times a night (sometimes every hour), so was hogging our bed snugging in bed with us a lot. Needless to say, its nice to have our bed back and its nice to get a few hours of uninterrupted sleep. I'm crossing my fingers this continues!

Isla is a smiler. All she needs is for someone to smile at her and she flashes her huge toothless grin right back. And she is becoming more generous with her laughs. A sure way of getting her to laugh is by kissing her cheek. I'm not sure why that is SO FUNNY, but to her it is. And those baby smiles man, they do something to you! They make me like putty in her hands.

Isla loves watching her brother play. She will follow him around the room with her eyes. She'll even arch her back to look behind her to keep watching him. She also likes watching me and Ian. But I am pretty sure Connor is her favorite.

Bath time is still a huge hit with Isla. We are mostly bathing her with Connor these days. Its just easier to kill two birds with one stone. She likes to splash water all over the place. And if a toy gets close enough, she likes to suck on those too.

Speaking of toys, she is playing with them more and more everyday. She already had been pulling on ones dangling above her, but she has now managed to pick a few up and get them to her mouth. Of course, everything goes in her mouth these days, her clothes included. Whatever she can get in her hands and get to her mouth - other people's fingers, her clothes, her fist, her wrist (which seems to be her favorite) - she does. 

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  1. I love these posts!!! Especially about her smiles.
    I just heard about how infants are primarily oral explorers then switch to using their hands more around 4-6 months uNLESS you put velcro mittens on them and THEN they start using those little hands sooner. So cute, huh?


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