It's Raining!!!

I've only been waiting since uh, October for a good rain! Woot, woot!

With no plans to go anywhere, I dressed up Connor and we went in the backyard to play. He had so much fun and didn't want to come back in the house.

Finally, after about half an hour, he came to me and said "hands". His hands were freezing. Then and only then was he willing to come inside and warm up. Even inside, he didn't want to take his rain gear off. But with the promise of being able to play in the rain again later, he conceeded.

Even if the rain is only supposed to last the day, I still love and appreciate it. 


  1. What a cutie! A little boy in a yellow ran jacket is classic.

  2. Yay! We need rain. "Hands" ??? What a doll!


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