Lately {in Photos}

1. Mama and her boy
2. Good morning world, love Isla
3. Connor and his double-double
4. Hello there happy girl
5. Starbucks valentines cup = LOVE
6. Isla and her huge bow
7. Proud potty moment
8. Smiler
9. Isla looking adorable
10. Coolest cup ever!
11. Train museum in Sacramento
12. Isla's baby book


  1. Love love LOVE this! Miss you guys so much xxx

  2. Your kiddos are soooo stinkin' cute!!

  3. That picture of Connor with the double-double cracks me up! He looks so serious and it's almost as big as his head!! Did he eat it?????

  4. SUCH a great round up of photos. Especially Isla's top-right smiling one (all of the smiles, really) and the one of you and Connor and .. gosh... all of them. I want to know more about Isla's baby book! It looks so profesh! Did you blog about it?


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