Oh Rain, How Connor (and I) Adore Thee

The way I have been blogging about rain lately makes me think back to my old blog posts about snow in Scotland. You can read about that here, here or here

It poured down rain for a few hours today. As soon as I heard the rain, I was excited. When I looked out the window to confirm what I was hearing, I was giddy. In honor of the occasion, I once again allowed Connor to go out and play in it. I swear that kid loves the rain just as much as his mama. And he played and played and played until his boots were full of water and his pants were soaked through. Even then, he still had to be forced to come back in the house. 

If only the rain would stick around for a few days in a row...this girl and her little boy can only dream!


  1. These rain pictures of Connor are my favorite! You should really print out a series of them to have them framed.

  2. You're both so cute (I wish there was a picture of you, too!)

  3. That made my year! I had fun!


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