What I Wore {five}

Going out two Fridays in a row? Very unusual for this mom of two. Heck, it was unusual when I just had one too! But, all my friends seem to be growing up and two Fridays in a row I had 30th birthday parties to attend. This one requested that we dress up, so I obliged.

Dress: Diesel
Cardigan: hand me down
Belt: from Scotland
Shoes: Banana Republic

This entire outfit is all stuff I've had for years. Ian bought me the dress for my birthday a few years ago. In fact, I wore it to my birthday dinner in 2008. And I normally don't wear belts on my mid-section, or over a sweater for that matter, but tried it and though it turned out well. Ian even said he wished he was going out with me looking like that! Awww...


  1. Okay, you really hit the mark with this one. I'm desperately craving a skinny belt so I can blatantly copy you. Your style is always so inspiring to me.

  2. This is super cute! And you are looking fabulous post baby!


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