Snow Day 2012

Winter seems to have forgotten us in California this year. Like three days of rain (no exaggeration) and maybe two days that a coat has been required. So freaking depressing. Of course, it has been more depressing for my brother that bought a season pass to our local ski resort. Sorry bro.

Anyway, some snow came this past week and we decided to take the kids up to the snow on Sunday. Isla had never been and Connor, I want him to be a fan of the white stuff. Up to this point, he hasn't been a fan (read about Connor's past interactions with the snow in 2010 & 2011).

Well this year, Connor seems to be a fan. He instantly wanted to go down a hill on a saucer. He did back out and wanted Ian to go with him, but seemed to really enjoy going down with Ian. He referred to snow as both "snow" and "ice", and tried eating it at every opportunity, including dirty snow in the parking lot and on walking paths! When I asked Connor what color the snow was, he said "white". Melt my heart. I know, something only a mother would appreciate! I've become such a softie. But back to the snow...

This is actually the same lake we went to this past summer. Kind of funny to see it drained and semi-covered in snow.

We had fun getting out of town and going to the snow...and playing in the mud. There was a lot of that. But we did see the snow. And heck, I even put Isla in the snow for a token picture!

Maybe next year Connor will get to go skiing!


  1. I love it!! And Isla looks so cute bundled up!

  2. Isla looks soooo stinkin' cute bundled up. Glad Connor enjoyed it this year.

  3. Omigosh! Isla the pink marshmallow! I love it. And that's so great that Connor's enjoying the snow this time around. Hopefully we'll get more next year.


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