What I Wore {four}

Last night I went to a little get together with some other gals. Being that I didn't know most of them, I thought I would break the mold a little and actually put a little effort into my outfit (i.e. try a little harder than the "arms are for hugging" t-shirt that was covered in spit up that I had worn all day). Anyway, here is what I came up with.

Necklace: PacSun
Shoes: Toms

I realized after putting on the outfit that everything except for my necklace and shoes are from Scotland. Made me miss the shopping there. And those jeans, they are my favorites. I really need to buy another pair of them as they won't be wearable for much longer...they have a nice hole forming on the butt. I need to get back to Scotland for so many reasons, one of them being shopping!


And a little P.S. Sorry for my absence. I had so many technical problems this past week, it wasn't even funny...probably because it ended with me having to spend money to fix them! But, I'm back up and running again. Thankfully. I was going thru withdrawals. Pathetic, I know.

1 comment:

  1. I love your outfit! Super cute!!

    P.S. Is that a big chalk wall?! If it is, I love it! Quite jealous!!


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