The Poop Situation

I walked in to get Connor up from his nap the other day (yep, he is back to staying in his crib. Crazy kid!) and instantly noticed he didn't have any pants on.

So I started surveying the room looking for his pants...he had thrown most of his bedding out of his bed too. When I found his pants, I noticed his diaper on the ground next to them. This was a first. He has never taken his diaper off before.

As I am walking toward the crib, I realize he is standing in the corner saying "yucky poop" and pointing to the smallest turd known to man that he had pooped in his bed. The funny thing about this is we have been working on him pooping in the know, kind of pooping on demand. Obviously he mustered up all his strength to poop one out in his bed. Cute and gross all at the same time.

And guess what? I am that mom. I took a picture of it. And yep, I am posting it for all to see. Hey, at least I am warning you! So I present to you, the smallest turd ever.

While I was trying to take a picture of it, he kept leaning over looking at it. So funny! And yes, gross. Who knew poop could be so interesting?!?

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