Brotherly Love

I remember when I was pregnant, I really wanted to have another boy. Why? Well for one, it was all I knew. Heck, and I have a ton of boys stuff that I could reuse! For two (can you say "for two") I always wanted a sister growing up and I thought it would be cool for Connor to have that bond with a brother.

After Isla came, I was so happy. And I realized, I had nothing to worry about. I have an incredible relationship with my older brother. Sure, we didn't get along so well when I was an un-cool junior higher and he was in high school. But when I was going into high school we moved and we became each others friend. I have lots of good memories from growing up with, crazy car stories and helping each other keep things from the parents (sorry mom & dad). And let's face it, brothers are awesome. My brother can make me laugh like no other. I feel comfortable and secure around him. Who wouldn't want an older brother?!?

Its fun watching Connor develop a relationship with Isla. Whenever he gets the opportunity, he tries to shut himself in a room with her...trouble! I caught him "petting" her head and saying "Isla" over and over. Too freaking cute! Of course, later I heard him say "bye, bye Isla" and turned around to find him covering her head with a blanket. But still, he seems to love her a lot and like being around her.

Here is Isla enjoying her older brother torturing her in the bath the other night. He was squirting water on her. Of course, she didn't care cause it's her older brother!

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  1. That's so sweet! I feel like some of the competition is removed when there's mixed genders... My older brother is my best friend. And we can be each other's wingmen. :)


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