Its because of things like this that I browse craigslist for the fun of it!

Just a Thought

I am easily entertained. It is just a fact of life. I also have an extreme love for Taco Bell. I have had it forever and it will probably never go away. I don't care that the beans are made with a "just add water" recipe, or that the food is oh-so-bad for me. My love/devotion for Taco Bell will not wain.

While on my trip, I am collecting Taco Bell hot sauce packets to take back home with me. Ian and I use them when we make Mexican food and the supply my mom brought over in November is almost gone.

While picking up some scrumptious Taco Bell the other day, I came across a hot sauce packet that was all too funny. It said:

Help! I can't tell where I am. It's dark and I can hear laughing.

Whoever thought of putting crazy sayings on hot sauce packets was a genius...or a loser! It wouldn't make me go to Taco Bell more (the wonderful food already lures me), but it does entertain me while I am dressing my food. Though I do question the sanity of the people who make up the sayings.

Going to the Bathroom with Baby

A blogger friend of mine (don't worry, she was a real friend first), wrote a blog on the dilemma of going the bathroom when your out with your baby. It's worth a read. She is also a recent addition to the world of mothering and writes about her experiences.

Up until a week ago, I had no experience in this area. That has changed. Even though I have had to get creative with my urinating experiences, it hasn't been as bad as I thought.

Bathroom Scenario #1:
Using the baby bjorn. It first happened at the airport. It was actually harder getting me, Connor and our carry on baggage in the stall than it was going the bathroom with Connor attached. Also, it happened so fast, it wasn't a problem. Now, using a port-a-potty was a little bit harder. The reason for this? I had to "hover" over the toilet, as there was NO WAY I was planning on sitting down! Still, with Connor being so light weight, I was easily able to get by.

Bathroom Scenario #2:

Flying on an airplane. While on the airplane ride from London to LAX, not one person offered to hold Connor or help. That made for some fun times! There are fold down changing tables in all the lavatories on airplanes. They fold down just over the toilet...down to the height of the open toilet lid. Noticing this, I decided to leave Connor on the changing table and crouch myself into the space between the changing table and the toilet. My head and shoulders stuck out blocking Connor from falling off. It worked. In fact, it worked every time I had to go the bathroom during my 13 hour plane journey.

I am sure this is only the beginning of fun/interesting/creative experiences I will get into while raising a baby!

Bathing Baby

How do you wash a baby without a baby bathtub? Apparently, very carefully! After telling my mom we didn't need a baby bath, and then washing Connor in the bathroom sink, she has now decided to go invest in a baby bath. Surprisingly, Connor seemed to enjoy himself in the sink. I just put a towel behind his head, covered his belly with a wash cloth and let him chill.

P.S. Maybe someday I will be willing to talk about my trip over in an airplane with an infant. Just know that it was exhausting, but we made it through...covered in spit up and poo, but alive.

Food for Thought

Something you never want to say (or hear) when you are eating:

This tastes like cow manure smells.

So Ian and I went out for coffee today. We wanted a snack and decided on a cheese platter. We both like various cheeses and frequently enjoy the odd cheese at home. There were five different types of cheese on the platter. When digging into one of the cheeses, I said the magic phrase...this tastes like cow manure smells (which on a side note, I am considering trademarking!). Ian gave me a weird look. BUT, when he dug into the cheese, he responded with:

I understand what you mean.

Take that for not listening to me Ian! I don't know what kind of cheese it was. It looked like blue cheese, yet tasted like cow manure. Yummy! Needless to say, I didn't go back for a second bite of that particular cheese.

2 Months

Weight: 9lbs, 7oz
Length: 22 inches

I can't believe my little bug is already two months old! When I was pregnant, two months seemed like a lifetime. Now, two months seems to have flown by. I can't believe how much my life has changed in these two short months. I really don't think there is any way to prepare for it, except to just jump in with both feet. It has been an exhilarating experience to say the least. I have had to give up many simple luxuries, like cleaning the house, doing the laundry, emailing people back, making dinner every night, having a nice conversation with Ian. But, I have also gained joys. It is amazing how I can go from feeling so tired and oh-so-frustrated to feeling on top of the world...just from a smile. Those smiles, kicks and funny faces (Connor knows how to stick out his tongue...taught to him by his wonderful parents) are what keeps me going.

I never thought I would stop caring about spit up being all over me (no point in changing my shirt 100 times a day) and all over the house. Really, I have better things to do with my count the number of sneezes Connor can do in a row (so far, he has topped out at five) or force toys upon him that he seems to have no interest in. My life has certainly changed, but I wouldn't change it back for anything. Plus, having a cute baby really does help!

A Song for Connor

My aunt wrote this song about Connor and sent it to my family. I think it is too cute. Enjoy!

You better watch out,
Get ready little Ri,
It’s OK if we shout,
I'm telling you why:
Connor G is comin’ to town.

He's excited to meet,
All his new family.
Doesn’t really matter,
If we’re ready or not.
Connor G is comin’ to town.

He’ll wake when you're sleeping.
He’ll sleep when you're awake.
He knows if you are grouchy or nice,
So be nice for Connor’s sake!

Don’t give us any guff!
And don’t be shy,
Get out and buy stuff,
I'm telling you why:
Connor G is comin’ to town!

With little tiny hands and little tiny toes,
tootie-toot-toots and a little button nose.
Connor G Is Comin' To Town.

A head with hair, a smile and coo,
a tiny little boy that will steal your heart too.
Connor G is comin' to town.

The entire Booth family in our land
will have a jubilee.
We're going to see our precious boy,
so very happy we all will be.

Oh, you better watch out!
Get ready little Ri!
It’s OK if we shout!
I'm telling you why,
Connor G is comin' to town.

My New Obsession

So, I got something for Christmas, and it has quickly become my new obsession:

Wii Fit

Okay, I know, contain your laughter. Just a few short months ago, I used to go to the gym. But times have changed. Little babies can't go to the gym and I don't want to get fat. Enter the Wii Fit. Seriously, it is fun. And, working out long enough on it really does cause me to break a sweat. In fact, my muscles even feel a little sore. But the best part is fun working out.

I like the challenge of trying to time my steps correctly when doing aerobics, or keeping all the hoops up when hula hooping. There is also the challenge of keeping my center of balance when doing yoga. I'm not saying the Wii Fit is for everyone, but at the moment, it is definitely for is fun and makes me not feel lazy. Talk about a win, win situation! And the best part is...I don't have to leave my house to do it! That means no excuses about the rain/snow or time. Just turn on the tv and go...seriously LOVING IT!

Oh, and we added Connor as a pet on it so we can weigh him on the board. Are we smart or what?!?

Connor & Daddy

A photo sesh of Connor & Ian done by yours truly.

And a full color shot of the little man:

Connor's Art Project

I had a blank canvas laying around the house and decided to put it to use. I thought it would be fun to paint Connor's hands and feet on the canvas every couple months to watch them grow. The feet went off without a hitch. When I put the paint on his feet, his toes curled up, but that was it. The hands...well, they were a bit harder. Connor didn't want to flatten them out, so I had to kind of force him to, which of course made him happy! The first hand didn't turn out very well, but the second hand you can at least get an idea that
1. it is a hand
2. get an idea of the size
I had fun doing this and look forward to watching my little man grow.


Did you ever think about how unhonest we are? Or maybe its just me. I never tell people what I am truly thinking or what I am going through...well, I do tell a couple people, but not most. Most the time, we go on living our lives, yet carrying around burdens. Why do we do this?


It's hard to trust people. There aren't many people in the world that I fully trust. This is because of things like gossip. People don't mean to hurt others...or at least I don't think they do...but they do. We open our mouths and share information that isn't ours to share and before you know it, we have hurt someone. Yet, because of this lack of trust, we end up walking through wars on our own...not being able to talk to others, ask others for prayer.

Tonight I go to bed with a heavy heart and a mind full of thoughts. Its not because of me, but because someone I love is in trouble. I will probably lay in bed, thinking and praying...hoping they know how much they are loved, that I am crying out to God for them.

Because of a simple thing (trust), I know of their war and because of a simple thing (trust) I keep it to myself.

I love you more than you know. My life would not be the same if you weren't in it. And I am fighting for you.

Stuck in a Rut?

As a new mom, all I keep hearing from "my handlers" (husband, midwife, health visitor, etc.) is that I need to make friends with other moms. Now, I am going to be honest with you...sitting in a room full of crying babies and trying to talk to other moms does not rate high on my list. Also, making friends with people just because they have children doesn't rate high either. But, I am learning...

I am learning that I don't have to only hang out with people just like me or those I thoroughly enjoy. I need to keep an open mind about people. Honestly, I don't think I surround myself with people who are just like me, but I do surround myself with those that I thoroughly if you are one of those people, know that I enjoy you!

But, things have changed. I moved to a new place. Never worked up here to make friends. Did get involved with church though. But, I have still learned...I need to broaden my horizons. I need to give people a chance when they want to hang out, even if they aren't someone I would normally surround myself with. But...

I don't think I will have to do this for a while still! (No stretching and growing yet) Since Connor has been born, our home has been full of visitors. And in less than two weeks, I will be heading to the states for six weeks. But, after I return from that visit, I will return with a clear head (learning not to judge a book by its cover), streets hopefully not covered in snow (thus allowing me to safely leave my house) and will be ready to make some new friends...well, acquaintances at least. It takes a lot before I will call someone a friend...

Oh, and without further ado, an email I received for new moms about how to make other "mom friends":
  • Smile, make eye contact, ask how old their baby is, and how they are finding things.
  • Keep an open mind.
  • Join groups, text and call people and go out for coffee even if you don't know them that well.
  • Get out there! Speak to people. Make the effort - especially when you don't feel like it. If people ask you for coffee, GO!
  • Get out of the house every day, and try and see your new friends every week.
  • Be open and kind to everyone you meet, a fantastic friendship can development from a few pleasantries exchanged at the weighing in clinic.

New Years

Ian's whole family hit up the New Year's street party in Edinburgh to ring in the new year. It is the largest party in Europe. Not knowing what to do with Connor, we decided to strap him on me and bring him with us. We bundled him up and put shooting (as in guns) head phones on his ears to protect those growing ear drums. I was afraid I would be the only horrible parent that dragged my little one out to a freezing, crowded street party...thankfully I wasn't. Actually, should I say, I was surprised that I wasn't and by the amount of children at the party. We had a good time. The highlights for me were this horse racing betting game (that was WAY TOO MUCH FUN) and the fireworks over the castle at midnight. Here are some pictures from the party:

Me with the horse race game

Connor & I at the New Year's street party

Ian, Connor & I at the New Year's street party

Fireworks over the castle in Edinburgh

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