New Years

Ian's whole family hit up the New Year's street party in Edinburgh to ring in the new year. It is the largest party in Europe. Not knowing what to do with Connor, we decided to strap him on me and bring him with us. We bundled him up and put shooting (as in guns) head phones on his ears to protect those growing ear drums. I was afraid I would be the only horrible parent that dragged my little one out to a freezing, crowded street party...thankfully I wasn't. Actually, should I say, I was surprised that I wasn't and by the amount of children at the party. We had a good time. The highlights for me were this horse racing betting game (that was WAY TOO MUCH FUN) and the fireworks over the castle at midnight. Here are some pictures from the party:

Me with the horse race game

Connor & I at the New Year's street party

Ian, Connor & I at the New Year's street party

Fireworks over the castle in Edinburgh

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