Connor's Art Project

I had a blank canvas laying around the house and decided to put it to use. I thought it would be fun to paint Connor's hands and feet on the canvas every couple months to watch them grow. The feet went off without a hitch. When I put the paint on his feet, his toes curled up, but that was it. The hands...well, they were a bit harder. Connor didn't want to flatten them out, so I had to kind of force him to, which of course made him happy! The first hand didn't turn out very well, but the second hand you can at least get an idea that
1. it is a hand
2. get an idea of the size
I had fun doing this and look forward to watching my little man grow.


  1. Absolutly love it! Good job Mommy!

  2. Good for you! I tried getting Landon's handprints on a photo frame for RJ when he was Connor's age and it was a complete disaster. Yours look so much better in comparison. And I love the idea of documenting his growth this way!


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