Sick Boy

The last two days have been filled with a lot of sickness in our house. My little man has it coming out both ends...poor baby. Just yesterday we went through:

8 outfits for Connor
7 towels
4 outfits for me
3 blankets
3 sheets

I have done a LOT of laundry. We have gone through a lot of pedialyte and ottor pops. This afternoon, I finally broke down and made a doctor's appointment for tomorrow. You see, I never want to be the person who runs to the doctor for every single little thing. Yet, it is almost the weekend and I would rather see the doctor tomorrow then end up in the er over the weekend. Hopefully this sickness will be gone soon.

20 Weeks - Pregnancy Style

Do you have the time, to listen to me whine
About nothing and everything, all at once
I am one of those, melodramatic fools
Neurotic to the bone, no doubt about it
- Green Day

That song came on the radio today and I couldn't help but laugh. Because about now, that is the direction my life is headed. I am having one big pity party for myself over here. Part of it is about the move and feeling totally overwhelmed. But most of it is about my expanding waste line and my lack of clothing options. Getting dressed every day has become something I dread. I seem to be forced to put on the same things every stinking day. And I don't want to waste money on more clothes. So, I am kind of stuck with with I have...stuck in my pity party. Only sort of, really. Once I unpack my clothes from Scotland, I anticipate finding some more options to wear. I don't remember feeling this way last time. Then again, I spent most of my time in oversized men's polos at work and sweats when I was at home. 

All this to say, I am challenging myself. Challenging myself to NOT look like a slob everyday and to have some sense of style throughout this pregnancy. Because of this, I am going to start posting pictures of myself on here. That way I have a reason to try. You see, I don't want you all judging me and thinking of me as a total slob, so I will try, even if just to impress you. So there you have it. 

Without further ado, I present me today:

Jacket: Old Navy
Tank: Topshop Maternity
Jeans: Old Navy Maternity
Shoes: Rainbows

And me yesterday:

Tank: Michael Stars Maternity
Jeans: Old Navy Maternity
Shoes: Rip Curl flip flops

Just for you, I promise to get out of jeans and into something else soon. I can't make the same promise about ditching my flip flops though...sorry.

We Got the Keys

We got the keys to our house on Wednesday. Here is Ian opening the door for the first time. We are going to start moving in tomorrow. Hopefully everything will be unpacked and we will be ready to actually live there in a few of the perks of living with the 'rents, not feeling like you have to sleep/live in a chaotic house. We can unpack, then start living there! Now the real fun begins.

18 Months

Weight: 25lbs (my measurements)

Height: 32.75 inches (my measurements)

Exclusively feeds himself fact, refuses to eat if others try to feed him
Climbs on everything
His new word is light (Eye-ght)...
Though these days he tries copying most of what we say
Knows where his (and everyone else's) eyes, nose, mouth and ears are
18 teeth

I have always been fascinated how boys (well, and girls) know what they are supposed to like. I've never directed Connor to like certain things, yet the kid is obsessed with cars and trucks. Seriously obsessed. If someone doesn't let him in their car to drive, he cries. If they do, he cries when it is time to stop. And, he loves keys. In fact, he can actually stick keys in key holes...I guess his hand-eye coordination is doing well. When we are walking, I have to stop him from touching and playing with every car we see. It is actually really cute.

Connor also loves animals. He runs after dogs and cats. And if one will sit there long enough, we have learned he will torture it. Eyes are his favorite. So, we do have to monitor him. But usually, a dog sits still just long enough for Connor to hug it. Bear hug it right around the middle. So freaking cute! I guess everything (well, mostly everything) this kid does is cute to me.

One of Connor's new tricks are holding his feet and legs up when he doesn't want to be set down. It started with me just trying to set him down in the house one day. Now it has spread to everything. My favorite is shopping carts. Trying to force my screaming child with his legs in the air into a shopping cart isn't the easiest. I usually opt for bribery. A snack, car keys, cell phone or sunglasses usually do the trick.

I love this little guy. He melts my heart on a daily basis.

Stress Relief

Our entire house buying journey has not been a stressful one. We weren't under a time crunch...well, except to be in the house before the baby arrives...but people didn't even know about that, so whatever. Even with all the offers we put in and the houses we didn't get, it still wasn't a stressful thing.

When our offer was first accepted on our house I started stressing out. I started emailing our realtor in the middle of the night asking her the most random of questions. She would calmly answer me back and then remind me we had time to think about our decision and pull out if we thought it was a bad one. You see, when we put in an offer on the house, I ran thru it, deemed it acceptable to live in and we put in an offer. That was that. Nothing special. No sparks. No nothing. So when our offer was accepted, I started stressing out.

Then we went back to the house. We had a house inspection. We showed it to our parents. And each time I went there, I fell more and more in love with it. It really is an adorable house. Original wood floors. Nice, new kitchen. A fireplace. It is cute and has charm.

The last week of our escrow has been stressful. Bang your head in the wall, scream at people stressful. Everyday we were told our loan would come thru, and everyday we were met with more requests from the loan company. Stupid petty requests that I don't remember dealing with the last time we bought a house. But because of this and because of all the horror stories people seemed to want to tell me, I was waiting for the entire deal to blow up in our faces.

But finally, on Friday at 4:45pm our loan came through. The loan company was so excited, they had us sign our loan docs on Saturday. That was such a weight off my shoulders. Made me have such a good weekend!

We get the keys on Wednesday. I can't wait!

It will be nice to move in. After living the life of nomads and not actually having lived with our own furnishings and decorations since 2007, it will be nice to be living in a home of our own again.

Cute Outfit

Originally I had some other things I thought I would share with the blogging world know, important things like my disdain for people being on their cell phones at all times or the yummy food I made and ate yesterday.

But then, the weather was nice and I am wearing a cute outfit, so I decided to share that instead. Part of me cannot believe that I am already 18.5 weeks pregnant. That is almost halfway through. Kind of crazy. With Connor, I felt like I was pregnant for-stinking-ever. This time, it seems to be flying by. I still consider myself to be in the awkward phase where people can't tell if I am pregnant or just eating too much. A worker at Coffee Bean last week said something to me about me being pregnant. It threw me for a loop, but in a good way. At least she didn't think I was just fat. Anyway, enough talk about the fat on my belly, here is me today:

Scarf: Gift from a friend for my birthday
Tank Top: Topshop (I miss that place)
Jeans: Old Navy
Shoes: H&M...and I always feel a little glamorous wearing them!

Though I am rather certain I am showing a lot more with this baby than I was with Connor, I have yet to blow up like a house, so that makes me happy. Of course, I still have plenty of time to let myself go...and Taco Bell is ALWAYS calling my name!

**Pardon the low quality pictures. I was feeling too lazy to lug out the big camera and then have to download the pics to my computer. So, iphone shots it is!

**And mom, thanks for letting me use your bathroom without your permission. It is WAY cleaner than mine, so thanks for keeping your bathroom so clean!

Playing Catch Up

I feel like there has been so much going on lately and I just don't seem to have time to blog about it all. I have pictures from weeks ago sitting on my computer just waiting to be gone through. Usually I am so on top of things like that. Not sure what is happening. I just seem to be picking up my computer less and less.

Anyway, while in Vegas, Connor and I went to the Lied Discovery Children's Museum. I had never been to a children's museum before, so I wasn't fully sure what to expect. My main fear was that everything would be way over Connor's head and he wouldn't enjoy himself. But, my fear turned out to be just that, fear. Connor had a great time. And I left feeling a tad bit jealous that we don't have a children's museum in our city.

There were two areas dedicated to toddlers. Connor had fun in those. But, I would have to say the highlights for him were the little city (especially the cash register at the grocery store) and the water tables. My kid has a serious love of water. I actually had to pry Connor away from both the cash register and the water table so we could do some more exploring.

I was impressed with the attention to detail put into the children's museum. Light switches at kid level, very realistic play city and the science area. Now, the science area was way over Connor's head. But I enjoyed playing around in it. You know, playing with shadows, experiencing a hurricane, playing games about healthy food. It was all fun and games for me! And given that Connor had just spent the past couple hours running around, he was content to sit in his stroller and give me a chance to have some fun.

Now I can't wait to go somewhere again that is home to a children's museum so we can once again go exploring. Either that, or just drive to one of the many cities in driving distance from me that actually houses a children's museum.

Party for the 30th

 So my birthday and party were a week ago. But with all the travel and everything else, I didn't get my pictures downloaded before I left town. Thus I am telling you all about my birthday party a week late.

Just to tell you a little bit about myself, I hate being the center of attention. That includes birthday parties. I turn bright red and squirm when people sing to me. Especially in a public place, like a restaurant. And my little party was in a restaurant. A sushi restaurant. Who doesn't want sushi for their birthday?!?

When we got to the restaurant, I discovered that the restaurant set up our group smack in the middle of the restaurant. Uh, thanks for that? Way to keep the attention off of me. Especially when I had a group with me who wanted to sing me happy birthday more than once. Though I must admit, the second time I sung along to act like it wasn't my birthday. Believe it or not, even with the embarrassment, I survived the night. Though I did decide to wait and open my presents and cards in the privacy of my own home. I couldn't handle any more attention.

And in case you were wondering, I am pretty sure I out ate everyone with me. I have a serious love of sushi. I know I ate twice as much as Ian. Don't judge. I am growing a human! As for the cake (well, actually two of them) I decided on fruit tarts. And they did not disappoint. I think my mouth just started watering thinking about all that food again.

An action shot for you

And because I thought we looked so dang cute, a picture of me and my brother Jeremy


Connor checking out the view

 We're in Vegas for a few days. Five to be exact. Ian had a conference to go to so Connor and I tagged along. Vegas isn't the most child friendly city out there. Small kids aren't even welcome at any of our hotel's restaurants.  Thankfully, I thought ahead. I rented a car. That way Connor and I weren't stuck on the strip. Sure, we haven't done anything too exciting, but we have been able to go to the park, the grocery store and a really cute outdoor shopping area. And tomorrow we are going to hit up the children's museum. I have to admit though, besides the beautiful view and having someone make my bed every day, I am looking forward to heading home in a couple days. Malls and hotel rooms are no place to entertain a child.

Camping Recap.

Our camping trip took us all over central California. We started out in San Luis Obispo to watch my brother-in-law play soccer against Cal Poly. We then headed up the coast to camp at New Brighton Beach in Capitola. Given the killer spot, we were able to visit both Santa Cruz and Monterey on our little vacation. 

Connor seemed to enjoy all the beaches we visited. He wasn't sure about sand at first, but then warmed up to it and started putting it in his ears. Nice, right? As for the water, he didn't want it touching him. But, if Ian or I was holding him and the water hit our legs, he thought it was hysterical. Come to think of it, maybe he thought it was so funny because it was us getting cold and wet and not him! Smart little boy.

Connor got to try out some rides at the Santa Cruz Boardwalk. Being the cheap person that I am, I was happy he is still small enough that we didn't have to pay for him to ride.

At the Boardwalk, we discovered that joy turns into tantrum when the ride is over. Sometimes, crazy bad tantrums that makes us question ever taking Connor to do something fun again.

We tried to give Connor his first smore. He didn't like it. As soon as he grabbed it and the gooey marshmallow stuck all over his little fingers, he wasn't down to try it. Not even a bite. Oh well. Maybe next year. 

Besides hitting up the beach in Monterey (which may I say, the water was so freaking clear there!) we rented a thing-a-ma-jig. Connor didn't want to sit in the basket, but as soon as we started riding, he was all excited. The only problem was he hated his helmet and at one point, got it off and threw it while we were riding.

I must admit, I was fearful taking this camping trip with Connor. I was convinced bed time was going to be a disaster and this had me living in fear before the trip even started. However, Connor went to bed every single night without so much as a peep. He slept thru the night every night but one. I was majorly impressed with him. And, I was impressed with myself for bringing a strap on high chair for Connor. It worked wonders with keeping him contained when we needed to do little things like, uh, setting up a tent. The only problem we had was with Connor wanting to run free into the road, so we had to be on "Connor guard" at all times. But all in all, it was a fabulous trip and I definitely look forward to the next time we pack up and go camping...hopefully this summer.

And purely for informational purposes...

Of all the places I went the bathroom on our trip, the public toilets at Pismo Beach were by far the worst. And the best? The newly re-done rest stop on hyw 46 outside of Paso Robles, followed closely by the bathrooms at the beach in Capitola.
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