Party for the 30th

 So my birthday and party were a week ago. But with all the travel and everything else, I didn't get my pictures downloaded before I left town. Thus I am telling you all about my birthday party a week late.

Just to tell you a little bit about myself, I hate being the center of attention. That includes birthday parties. I turn bright red and squirm when people sing to me. Especially in a public place, like a restaurant. And my little party was in a restaurant. A sushi restaurant. Who doesn't want sushi for their birthday?!?

When we got to the restaurant, I discovered that the restaurant set up our group smack in the middle of the restaurant. Uh, thanks for that? Way to keep the attention off of me. Especially when I had a group with me who wanted to sing me happy birthday more than once. Though I must admit, the second time I sung along to act like it wasn't my birthday. Believe it or not, even with the embarrassment, I survived the night. Though I did decide to wait and open my presents and cards in the privacy of my own home. I couldn't handle any more attention.

And in case you were wondering, I am pretty sure I out ate everyone with me. I have a serious love of sushi. I know I ate twice as much as Ian. Don't judge. I am growing a human! As for the cake (well, actually two of them) I decided on fruit tarts. And they did not disappoint. I think my mouth just started watering thinking about all that food again.

An action shot for you

And because I thought we looked so dang cute, a picture of me and my brother Jeremy

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