18 Months

Weight: 25lbs (my measurements)

Height: 32.75 inches (my measurements)

Exclusively feeds himself now...in fact, refuses to eat if others try to feed him
Climbs on everything
His new word is light (Eye-ght)...
Though these days he tries copying most of what we say
Knows where his (and everyone else's) eyes, nose, mouth and ears are
18 teeth

I have always been fascinated how boys (well, and girls) know what they are supposed to like. I've never directed Connor to like certain things, yet the kid is obsessed with cars and trucks. Seriously obsessed. If someone doesn't let him in their car to drive, he cries. If they do, he cries when it is time to stop. And, he loves keys. In fact, he can actually stick keys in key holes...I guess his hand-eye coordination is doing well. When we are walking, I have to stop him from touching and playing with every car we see. It is actually really cute.

Connor also loves animals. He runs after dogs and cats. And if one will sit there long enough, we have learned he will torture it. Eyes are his favorite. So, we do have to monitor him. But usually, a dog sits still just long enough for Connor to hug it. Bear hug it right around the middle. So freaking cute! I guess everything (well, mostly everything) this kid does is cute to me.

One of Connor's new tricks are holding his feet and legs up when he doesn't want to be set down. It started with me just trying to set him down in the house one day. Now it has spread to everything. My favorite is shopping carts. Trying to force my screaming child with his legs in the air into a shopping cart isn't the easiest. I usually opt for bribery. A snack, car keys, cell phone or sunglasses usually do the trick.

I love this little guy. He melts my heart on a daily basis.

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