Playing Catch Up

I feel like there has been so much going on lately and I just don't seem to have time to blog about it all. I have pictures from weeks ago sitting on my computer just waiting to be gone through. Usually I am so on top of things like that. Not sure what is happening. I just seem to be picking up my computer less and less.

Anyway, while in Vegas, Connor and I went to the Lied Discovery Children's Museum. I had never been to a children's museum before, so I wasn't fully sure what to expect. My main fear was that everything would be way over Connor's head and he wouldn't enjoy himself. But, my fear turned out to be just that, fear. Connor had a great time. And I left feeling a tad bit jealous that we don't have a children's museum in our city.

There were two areas dedicated to toddlers. Connor had fun in those. But, I would have to say the highlights for him were the little city (especially the cash register at the grocery store) and the water tables. My kid has a serious love of water. I actually had to pry Connor away from both the cash register and the water table so we could do some more exploring.

I was impressed with the attention to detail put into the children's museum. Light switches at kid level, very realistic play city and the science area. Now, the science area was way over Connor's head. But I enjoyed playing around in it. You know, playing with shadows, experiencing a hurricane, playing games about healthy food. It was all fun and games for me! And given that Connor had just spent the past couple hours running around, he was content to sit in his stroller and give me a chance to have some fun.

Now I can't wait to go somewhere again that is home to a children's museum so we can once again go exploring. Either that, or just drive to one of the many cities in driving distance from me that actually houses a children's museum.


  1. Hi Jessica!
    We went to the Lied museum last summer and loved it too. My girls spent TONS of time playing with that pully system and the foam bricks. Did you see that?

    We were so blessed living in St. Louis - there are several different children's museums/science museums. We miss that a lot. We currently have a membership to the Science Museum in Atwater. It's smaller than the one in Vegas, but still tons of fun - my kids don't get bored and they're working on expanding their toddler area. Plus, our $50 family membership gets us into lots of other museums (including the Exploratorium and Happy Hollow in San Jose). I know it's a longer drive for you, but we would love to have an excuse to go again if you ever want to go with us - we'll be here until early August. Let me know!

    Talk to you soon,

  2. Since I don't get to see you very often, I'm glad I get to follow you on your blog. Hope you will be able to stop by my house sometime soon. Love, Grandma

  3. Let's go to the Stockton Children's Museum! Reghan is always up for a trip there and would LOVE to go with Connor!!


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