Stress Relief

Our entire house buying journey has not been a stressful one. We weren't under a time crunch...well, except to be in the house before the baby arrives...but people didn't even know about that, so whatever. Even with all the offers we put in and the houses we didn't get, it still wasn't a stressful thing.

When our offer was first accepted on our house I started stressing out. I started emailing our realtor in the middle of the night asking her the most random of questions. She would calmly answer me back and then remind me we had time to think about our decision and pull out if we thought it was a bad one. You see, when we put in an offer on the house, I ran thru it, deemed it acceptable to live in and we put in an offer. That was that. Nothing special. No sparks. No nothing. So when our offer was accepted, I started stressing out.

Then we went back to the house. We had a house inspection. We showed it to our parents. And each time I went there, I fell more and more in love with it. It really is an adorable house. Original wood floors. Nice, new kitchen. A fireplace. It is cute and has charm.

The last week of our escrow has been stressful. Bang your head in the wall, scream at people stressful. Everyday we were told our loan would come thru, and everyday we were met with more requests from the loan company. Stupid petty requests that I don't remember dealing with the last time we bought a house. But because of this and because of all the horror stories people seemed to want to tell me, I was waiting for the entire deal to blow up in our faces.

But finally, on Friday at 4:45pm our loan came through. The loan company was so excited, they had us sign our loan docs on Saturday. That was such a weight off my shoulders. Made me have such a good weekend!

We get the keys on Wednesday. I can't wait!

It will be nice to move in. After living the life of nomads and not actually having lived with our own furnishings and decorations since 2007, it will be nice to be living in a home of our own again.


  1. So exciting! I can't wait to see it! and of course help you unpack! :)


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