Willa's First Soilds

I'm pretty sure I thought long and hard about starting Connor on solids. I got one of those baby food makers and took my job of making him nutritious and delicious combinations very seriously. By the time we got to Callum, I threw table scraps at him and called it good. Then there's Willa. I always aim to start my kids on solids around six months old. And I don't do baby cereal, as research says it's unnecessary and unfortunately full of arsenic. I hadn't thought much about exactly when I would start Willa and what her first food would be. But the other night, sitting at the dinner table, half of an avocado was left and I just decided to go for it. 

Clearly she didn't like it ;) She had a hard time picking it up, so I handed it to her instead. Even then, it kept flying out of her hand. In her mouth, she managed to get a couple big bites, but I think most of it ended up coming back out. Overall, she seemed extremely satisfied with her first experience. Now for the fun to begin! Well, not too much fun until she gets some teeth in. No pizza for this girl yet! 

Willa's first solid food - August 11, 2019

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First day of school for Connor & Isla

I'm pretty sure the summer went by at warp speed this year. Or maybe it just went by fast because I didn't blog it? Perhaps because I have four children to keep me busy? Or even perhaps because it is FAR TOO SHORT? Anyway, somehow it happened. And here we find ourselves at August 12th, the first day of school. 

Connor started fourth grade. His teacher was Isla's first grade teacher. Good thing I liked her! It feels a bit like when he started first grade and went from half day to full day. Fourth grade loses a recess and the other one is shorter. They also have a bigger class sizes. Big changes, I guess. And Connor came home telling of how fourth graders are now the little kids at recess, whereas last year, they were the big kids at recess. A whole new world, I tell you. But at least Connor is setting his sights above working at the local diner. He settled on saying surgeon, but he is also considering astronaut, lawyer and train conductor. He's keeping his options open at the ripe ole age of nine ;)

Isla, on the other hand, has been sticking with wanting to be an artist for a while now. She got the teacher she was hoping for. And ironically, both Connor and Isla's teachers have the same last name. However, Isla's bestie isn't in her class, so there were some bummed feelings about that. But, they are sitting in groups of four in her new class, and she is friends with everyone in her group. So all is not bad in the world. Of course, with Isla it never is. 

Then there is Callum. Poor guy was fully convinced he was headed to school today. He grabbed his backpack and wore it to the kids school. He even set it down outside Isla's class like all the other kids. Saying he was disappointed to not be staying is an understatement. But he gets to start preschool in a couple weeks and I know he is going to love it...as long as he doesn't hit his new preschool friends with sticks and throw sand in their faces. 

I swear, time just keeps going faster and faster the older they get and I'm really not liking it. I am loving the people they are becoming and the relationship I am developing with them, but the thought of them leaving already gives my heart palpitations and that is years off still.

But first day of school went great!

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Willa {5 months}

likes: being worn, nursing, playing with toys - especially ones that make a crunchy noise, her siblings, people giving her attention
dislikes: being hungry, needing to burp

accomplishments: goes up on her hands and toes, crawls/pushes around backwards

Willa just keeps growing and changing. With all the movement she is doing these days, she really enjoys being on the ground. She can manage to inch herself backwards and roll to get around. Her latest thing is going up on her hands and toes at the same time, almost like she is going to do a push up, haha! She does not like it when she works her way under furniture and gets stuck. She is still such a smily baby and smiles at strangers in public all the time. It's fun to watch her keep smiling at someone until they will acknowledge her.

Sizewise, Willa is in 3-6 month clothing, with some larger sizes working too. Though I have bought a couple things in the next size up and just let her wear them oversized so she can wear them longer. Her size 0 saltwater sandals we got at the beginning of summer still work on her. She is solidly in a size 2 diaper. 

Willa hasn't been doing so hot in the sleeping department lately. She seems to be waking more frequently at night just to nurse. She is no longer sleeping swaddled. This just sort of happened. She was crying at bedtime sometimes and I thought maybe it was because she was hot, so I stopped swaddling her. It didn't really affect her going to sleep at night. And I think her not sleeping as well is more just her enjoyment of nursing!

Just in last week before turning five months, Willa had the opportunity to stay in a hotel for the first time, see the Hollywood sign and go to the beach. In fact, she turned five months old while we were staying in Solana Beach near San Diego.

Now that Willa is on the move a bit, she seems to enjoy being on the ground exploring. Especially if there are toys nearby that she can put in her mouth. Or paper. She really likes sucking on paper. She also really enjoys being in her activity center thing. But not much else, as she doesn't like being trapped...she wants to be free to roam.

And just like that, five months with the smiliest, easiest going baby around. It sure is going fast.

For funsies, each of the other kids at five months - Connor, Isla and Callum. Connor and Isla had a lot more hair than Willa at this point and Callum had a bit more. Her hair will grow eventually though, right?

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Fourth of July

I decided to do some pictures of the kids on the fourth of July and I really liked how they came out. I got so many good ones of the four of them, I really couldn't decide which I liked best. I posted one on instagram of Callum sharing his popsicle with Willa that was really cute too. That didn't last long, but Isla stepped in and let Willa enjoy her popsicle a bit. Willa definitely liked it, but more held it up to her mouth and licked it rather than putting it in her mouth. It made a mess all over her face, but in a fun and cute way...the way only babies can make messes look fun and cute! 

We had a low-key barbecue and swim in our backyard with both mine and Ian's parents. Then we started fireworks around 7pm. Isla took the time to make the official order and list of fireworks. This year Connor was into setting them off, so took over those duties. And in between fireworks would try to set the paper left over from the firework on fire, so it appears we have a little pyro on our hands. 

^^ The firework that Callum picked out at the stand...which was actually really loud and intense. 

My aunt and uncle came and joined us later for fireworks. We finished up just as it was getting totally dark and everyone else was beginning their fireworks...haha! But then, we had the kids in bed at a decent hour and they slept through the loud illegal fireworks going off around us, so that was nice. It was a low-key holiday, just how I like to celebrate them!

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Little Moment Not To Be Forgotten

//staring at summer like //
// two sisters in a box //
// breakfast //
// playing //
// artist at work //
// these boots are made for walkin //
// new toy //
// conked //

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Willa {4 months}

weight: 12 pounds, 12.5 ounces
length: 24 inches

likes: chewing on things, being worn in the wrap, attention from people, rolling over, bath time
dislikes: swimming, being over tired

accomplishments: found her toes, rolls both directions, grabs toys and puts them in her mouth

This past month has definitely seen the most change in Willa. She has left her newborn-ness behind with a vengeance. She is interacting with people more than ever. In fact, at Isla's end of year class play, she "talked" through the whole thing, then as soon as it was over, stopped. I truly think she was just trying to talk back to them! Willa has started picking up toys and putting them in her mouth. And after I thought for sure she wouldn't be rolling over soon, she rolled both ways in the SAME DAY! She also found her feet, which is one of my personal favorites. 

Now that Willa rolls, she is just all over the place. She literally doesn't stay on her back, just instantly turns to her stomach. She does get mad when she gets herself stuck somewhere, like in the corner of her playmat or her feet under our bathroom vanity. She also seems to want to be entertained. She no longer is content just being. She likes being where other people are, especially her brothers and sister, and watching all the action. She likes people talking with her and shaking toys at her. 

Willa is still nursing great, but starting to get distracted easily. If there is something going on, she wants to come off and see what is happening. So, if I really need her to eat well, I have to take her to a quiet room. At her four month check up, the doctor was on board with me waiting until six months for solids, as I had done with my other kids. Willa also spits up SO MUCH. But she is gaining weight just fine, so it isn't that huge of a deal. Just all of our clothes and all our furniture ends up covered in it...and I don't smell so swell by the end of the day.

Size wise, Willa is fully in 3-6 month clothing. She has a couple 0-3 month outfits that still fit, but those obviously fit big. When she wore her "little sister" footed sleeper for the last time that I bought just in case, I felt a bit sad for it to go by so fast, but also so privileged to just have her here. Willa is wearing size 2 diapers. I found a size 1 the other day and put it on her so it didn't go to waste. It was a bit snug, so 2 is definitely her size. 

Willa doesn't really do much besides cat nap during the day. Unless I am wearing her in the wrap, but I don't do that super often as I still need to get stuff done as well. She is still sleeping well at night, though has taken to getting up for the day in the 6:00 hour and well, I am not a huge fan of early mornings. But Ian will usually take her for a bit in the morning, so I can at least sleep in until 7. 

But really, lets just talk about that SMILE! It lights up any room. She is happy to give it to anyone that stops and chats with her at the store and I frequently catch her smiling at her siblings from across the room. I hope that smile never stops and joy continues to be a feature in her life.

Because it HAS to happen, all the other kids at 4 months - Connor, Isla, and Callum. Oddly enough, Callum and Isla were basically the same size and Willa is just about the same size as Connor was. 

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Another Sisterly Comparison

You guys, these are the types of things I just love. They are so trivial and don't really matter, but I still totally dig them. Being able to dress my younger kids in the same outfit their older sibling once wore just seems so fun to me. Both Willa and Isla are on the cusp of 4 months in these photos. Believe it or not, Isla had about two pounds on Willa and was the same length. Kind of funny because I feel like Isla doesn't look chubbier in these photos. Also, Isla had a bit more hair...which given that it wasn't much more, it gives me hope that Willa will have a full head of hair before we know it.

I noted about Isla that she loved to smile and I do have smiling pictures of her, but I honestly think Willa really loves to smile. The girl is always smiling at people. You give her attention and she will smile. Like so much so that I almost try to capture non-smiling photos too, as I want to remember her in all the ways. 

Someone asked me the other day, "Do all your kids have those eyes?" Yes, yes they do. We get comments about their big blue eyes all the time...well, Callum's are more hazel these days, but everyone else hung on to their blue eyes and they seem to be quite the feature. 

A little side note about this dress, our friends from the UK sent it and another one over for Isla when she was born. I had actually secretly hoped they would have a girl at some point so I could send them back to her, as I thought it would be fun for both our babies to wear them. But, I am also glad that I hung on to them for Willa to wear, as I didn't hang on to that much girl stuff.

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