A Lost Tooth at School

^^ Isla is full of her own pose ideas these days and holding up seven fingers was totally her idea. It was cute.

Isla lost her SEVENTH tooth at school yesterday. I remember from my childhood how cool it was to loose a tooth at school, so I was excited for her. She lost it at lunchtime and got to go to the office to get a tooth necklace to store it in and everything. She was VERY EXCITED when I picked her up at school.

Isla spent some time writing the tooth fairy a letter to leave with her tooth. She even included for the tooth fairy to take good care of her tooth. It really was cute and the type of thing I just eat up as a mom. Then, she put it under a pillow at the foot of her bed and was sure to remind me numerous times to tell the tooth fairy...which in her defense, the tooth fairy has forgotten numerous times at our house in the past! Then Connor wanted to play tooth fairy, which was adorable and comical all at the same time. I told him he couldn't wait until she was asleep, but he could write a note for me to place. All on his own, he came up with a rather witty note. He said the tooth fairy was going to leave a million dollars, but was low on cash, so could only leave seven. We leave a dollar for the number of tooth lost (it's her seventh lost tooth, so seven dollars). Then he included that the tooth fairy would take good care of her tooth and a picture of the tooth fairy destroying the tooth...because, after all, he is the older brother!

Isla woke this morning and the first thing she did was look under the pillow at the foot of her bed. She found the money and the note and was super excited. It was all very cute.


About a week or so ago we had this weird substance fall from the sky. It would have really puzzled us had we not encountered the same stuff on our vacation this past summer. Because, you see, it really just doesn't rain enough here in Modesto...which is obviously the reason California is perpetually in a drought! 

Well, my kids were pretty dang excited for the couple hours of rain we got. They instantly ran into the backyard to play. In fact, Callum played for so long, we finally had to drag him in for dinner. But they, Callum especially, had oh so much fun running and biking around in the rain. 

I personally enjoy rain myself and wish we got more of it. When we do get it, it usually just lasts for a couple hours. And I feel totally jipped when it only rains at night and I miss the whole thing. I enjoy being able to cuddle up at home during a dreary day, then bundling up in our gear when we have to go out somewhere in it. My poor wellies sit sadly in my closet much of the year, completely unused. 

But for a couple hours on a day in October, we had rain. Hopefully it won't let months and months pass again before it makes an appearance. 

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Isla {seven years}

It almost feels harder to put into words just who my kids are as they get older. Isla is so very much her own person. She is friendly, loves hatchimals and shopkins, little tomatoes are her favorite and she refuses to wear jeans (or jean shorts for that matter). She is excelling at school, though seems to enjoy talking in class. She plays with both her brothers and seems fine with the fact that she is surrounded by boys (all our neighbors around her age are boys too). She still does dance (a ballet/tap combo class) and enjoys reading Fancy Nancy and Pinkalicious books. 

Isla really is a social butterfly. She can be shy with adults, but never seems that way with kids her age. She can make friends almost instantly at any park or play place. This may be because she enjoys talking so much...and always has something to say. Other kids in her dance class have complained when she is by friends in class because she talks too much...hahaha! And, no joke, I have looked in the class far too many times and seen the class stopped, everyone looking at Isla as she tells some sort of story. 

Isla is great at playing by herself and has a vivid imagination. She sets her hatchimals up as a school classroom and gets to teaching. Her stuffed animals are also very important to her. Play is so important to her at school that she skips eating her snack at snack recess and often doesn't eat lunch either. This usually means she is opening her still full lunchbox as soon as I pick her up and digging in. She is still a picky eater, but eats well if you give her things she likes. Things like Hawaiian rolls, tomatoes, yogurt, grapes, and veggie straws are her jam. She used to refuse to drink milk, but will now drink that, and depending on her mood will eat meat from time to time. 

Isla definitely has an opinion about what she wears. If she doesn't like something, she won't wear it. She basically refuses to wear anything but leggings on bottom, so sports a lot of tunics and dresses with her leggings. She seems to enjoy things being more colorful, rather than less. She even has a strong opinion on her hair. She wants it long and basically refuses to have it cut. She also doesn't like having it pulled back and prefers to just wear it down. 

Now here's a little interview to get life as a seven year old from her perspective. 

What is your favorite:
     color - indigo
     food - edamame
     drink - lemonade 
     ice cream - mint chocolate chip
     toy - my phone (insert all the eye rolls here)
     book - The Magic Treehouse
     song - Drops in the Ocean & I'll Never Be Quiet
     tv show - Glitter Force
     movie - Harry Potter
     thing to do - play
     game - tetherball
     sport - jump rope
     animal - I like all of them

Who is your best friend? all of them
What do you like doing with them? play lots of things
Where did you meet them? lots of places

What is your favorite thing about school? PE
What do you enjoy learning the most? math
What do you like to do on the playground? play
Who do you play with at school? most of the people in my class

What is your favorite thing about yourself? That I'm a girl

Three things that makes you special:
     1. I'm the only girl kid
     2. I'm the middle of all the ages (I.e. the middle child)
     3. My name is really pretty

Isla wanted to add the following question:
What is your favorite plant? Lily and daisy

So there you have it. Isla obviously enjoys playing, but could never specifically tell me what beyond "lots of things". She refused to name best friends, as she didn't want to hurt anyone's feelings...even when I reassured her I was sure none of her friends would be reading this. I laughed that her favorite toy is her phone, as she doesn't get to play on it during the week at all and when we do let her play on it, all she does is watch Netflix. And, well, just yesterday she was complaining to me about being the only girl child and today it makes her special. So, we shall see how she feels about all that when the baby comes and we know if it's a boy or girl! 

I feel like there has just become so many years to look back on to link them all, but a couple of my favorites are when she was a sassy little 3 year old and had an adorable toothless grin at 6 months old

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Pumpkin Love

We went and picked out pumpkins yesterday. I really just wanted to get some to decorate our front porch and mantle, but was surprised the kids were excited to pick some out as well. Connor and Isla each picked out a pumpkin for carving and we picked one out for Callum as well. Of course, they wanted to carve them yesterday and were a bit bummed when I explained we have to wait a couple weeks because otherwise the pumpkins will go bad before halloween. 

Isla spent a bunch of time selecting the perfect little white pumpkins to make a snowman out of and has been obsessed with it ever since...including showering with it last night and asking that we make clothes for each of the little pumpkins! It was a quick and easy trip. One in which Callum quickly lost interest in the pumpkins and instead wanted to explore the farm...check out the tractors and look at the animals. But this was an actual farm, just with a pumpkin stand set up on the side of the road, so not exactly the perfect spot for Callum to just run free, but he still had fun and the farmer was nice enough to let him drive her gator. 

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No Longer Contained

So this happened, two weeks ago now, but I am obviously awful at posting lately. I'm not going to lie, I was sort of hoping by taking the side off Callum's crib, the clouds would part, the sun would come out and he would instantly sleep perfectly. Well, that didn't happen. In fact, nothing has changed in his bedtime routine or sleep since doing so. Well...except when we forget to close the baby gate on his door, I am creepily awoken at 2am by a toddler excitedly staring at my face saying "I here mama! I here!" Yep, that's now happened a couple times. And honestly, I haven't decided if I prefer him calling out for us or him just coming to my bed. Obviously us going into his room and getting him back to sleep in his bed is more ideal, but throwing him into our bed with us sure is convenient. And, just to be clear, the baby gate on his room has nothing to do with keeping him in while he sleeps. It started out as giving him a safe place to play if I am taking a shower or something. But it's also convenient when he won't stop bugging his brother and sister or something as well, haha!

I actually started shoving the chair that is in Callum's room up against the side of his bed so he can't roll out, but can still easily crawl out the end, as it only blocks about half or so of the side of his bed. It works well, as he hasn't fallen out of bed once.

My hope is to have Callum and Connor sharing a room sometime in the next few months. I am thinking it won't be too far off, as I've noticed Callum isn't as eager to go to sleep at night, which we've always put him in bed before the older two, but I am thinking times are a changing with that. That's actually the reason I didn't switch the crib to a toddler bed (we have a footboard that makes the crib a toddler bed), as I was thinking he will be in the bunkbed with Connor soonish. We shall see.

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School Pictures

I buy my kids school pictures every year not because I think they are amazingly done or because I don't have enough pictures of my kids. Really I do it because they are an adorably cheesy way to remember their childhoods. Since I always spring for the cheapest package, I let them shine and choose what they want to wear and which background and pose they want. It amazes me each time how into it they get. 

I remember school pictures being a big deal as a child, but I mostly think that was because it was like the only picture we had done in the year! My family certainly didn't go frolic in some idillic outdoor location for a photographer once a year. Heck, we didn't even hit up olan mills or jcpennys once a year for family pictures. That was more like every few years. I really do cherish the fact that we do family photos every year together and are able to document our children's childhoods so well. I do hope someday they are appreciative of that ;) Even if they aren't, I know as an old lady I will enjoy looking back. And I imagine it will be fun to show my grandchildren pictures of their parents when they were young. 

I really don't know how I got so far away from school pictures so quickly like that! But here is a picture I snapped of the kids when I was dropping them off at school on picture day. 

Some things I want to remember about this is how Isla laid out five dresses to choose from. And how she wore wedges to school...which I thought her teacher would be mad about, but never said anything. And how Connor wanted to make sure his hair looked nice, which he never even wants it touched normally. And how he wanted to make sure he brushed his teeth extra good for pictures. It's the little details that make me smile. And make me glad I at least buy the cheap package of pictures. 

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Baby #4 {18 weeks}

I have literally been the worst at documenting this pregnancy. I have these three pictures, all taken on my cell phone while walking out the door somewhere. I've meant to be better, but somewhere between running the kids all around and taking naps, I just haven't seem to have done it.

I get asked all the time how I am feeling. 99% of the time I feel absolutely exhausted. I don't remember feeling this exhausted in my other pregnancies. And if I get too tired, I just feel sick. But my morning sickness was never bad. My gag reflux though, that's another story. It is still alive and well at 18 weeks, making brushing my teeth difficult at times and bad smells just really affect me. Other than that, I really am doing well.

Foodwise I don't really have any aversions, per say. It's more how I feel when I look at the food! But in general, I have begun shunning meat, which seems to have happened in each of my pregnancies. Any fried and bad for me food really sounds good though. I am eating copious amounts of fruit as well.

I think I can feel the baby move, but am not 100%. I definitely can't feel it from the outside though. Maybe I should just say I am feeling "flutters" and call it a day. I do look forward to in a few short weeks when I can see the baby jabbing through my belly and have some reassurance that all is well in there.

I said I was going to wait until at least 20 weeks before I bought anything for the baby, then I went ahead and got some stuff. So I currently have a mini crib sitting in my room. I found the one I wanted  on facebook marketplace and just went for it. Then we went and got ourselves a minivan this past weekend. So I guess we are getting ready after all. Though I am sure I will wait to buy a pack of diapers until the week before my due date...because priorities. Haha!

There you have it, what's going on so far. I should be having my 20 week ultrasound here pretty soon, but it hasn't been scheduled yet for some reason. Which reminds me that I really should be emailing my doctor about that and not writing a blog ;)

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