Callum {3.5 years}

likes: playing with kids, nerf guns, cars, leaving the house, playing with water, anything sweet (ice cream, popsicles, candy, etc)
dislikes: going to bed (or nap), having to hold my hand, his teeth being brushed

can count to 19..and beyond, but gets a little messed up
knows his colors
pees standing up

Three and a half years and ornery as ever! This kid was a dream baby and went on to be the most ACTIVE TODDLER EVER. Like seriously. Active with a side of ornery. He keeps me humble on the daily. Sure, he means well. But hitting people with sticks isn't always cool. And hitting random people's butts in public and yelling "tag!" can be a bit embarrassing. 

Callum is so, so social. He loves playing with other kids. When his brother or sister actually play with him, he lights up and you can tell it means the world to him. He can just play a bit rough. Wrestling, shooting others with a nerf gun and chasing people are among his favorite ways to play. But anytime he sees a kid, he just always assumes they want to play! 

Callum is about 90% potty trained and honestly, I had kind of given up hope and that is way better than I expected at this point. And it's not because he can't do it...he totally can. It is all about him just not wanting to take the time to go. He made potty training Connor and Isla seem like a breeze...well, Isla literally was and Connor I now know pretty much was. Callum is just wanting to pave his own path! 

Callum is still a very good eater. Though when I asked him his favorite food, he said "McDonald's. That is what I like to eat." and when I asked his favorite ice cream, he said "McDonald's ice cream". I promise you, we don't have McDonald's that often! He doesn't even get to do playdates there like the other kids did. But, at home, Callum is a great eater. He will eat mostly anything...especially if it is coming off mine or Ian's plate. He doesn't like to drink milk, but drinks water like a champ and will steal any soda people leave laying around...even if he doesn't know the person. 

Sleep wise, Callum is so-so. He really could still use a nap, but when he does nap, he takes forever to go to sleep at night. But, when he doesn't nap, well the afternoons can be a bit of a struggle. Because when he is tired, he becomes even more ornery than normal. But also, if he wakes up super early (5:30-6:30am), he really just requires a nap. Callum still wakes up most nights to crawl into bed with us, but that is just normal in our house for our kids. 

^^ "No more pictures!!!"

Also, I totally did these pictures to match ones from Connor at the exact same age. In case you are into that sort of thing, here is the post

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Last Day of School

The kids had their last day of school on Friday, so I thought I would do a little rundown of how it went. 

Connor got an award for making it to the million word club. He read and did tests on 1,700,000 words for the year. Since they didn't do things like this when I was a kid, now a days kids read a book, then take a test on it to see if they understood it. If they pass the test, they get points for it and it keeps track of how many words they read. Connor also received the soar award. Each teacher gets to pick two kids for the year for this award, so it's a pretty special thing. Connor's teacher had all sorts of nice things to say about him, which really warmed my heart. 

Isla had perfect attendance for the year. I would like to give myself a pat on the back for that one, since that's the first time that has happened with any of my children. Connor missed one day this year, as he was sick. Isla also received the soar award from her teacher. This was a sweet surprise to have both kids get it this year, as neither has gotten it before. Though Isla didn't make the million words club (it's even almost unheard of for a third grader to), she did read and test the most words in her class. I love reading and have great memories of reading a ton when I was a kid and really, really wanted to pass that love onto my children and so far it seems like I am! 

I feel like I barely survived this past week of school with all that was going on. I missed some things, yet still felt like I was running around endlessly. I hope my kids know how much I love them and want to be a part of their lives.

Now on to SUMMER!!! No setting an alarm. No having to be out of the house early. No homework. Plenty of time to go explore. Plenty of time to hang out with friends. Plenty of time to swim. Let us also note that it really doesn't feel like that long ago that I was looking forward to my own summers and now here I am looking forward to my kids!

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Blueberry Picking

On Saturday we did our annual blueberry picking trip. I always think we will go several times a season, and back when I had two kids that actually happened, but that reality is becoming less and less...hence calling it the annual trip ;) Some friends of ours came to stay with us for the weekend and what better family fun than blueberry picking (or the zoo, which we hit up the next day)?

We actually managed to pick quite the haul of blueberries. We picked just shy of six pounds. Which was impressive, given that Callum ate basically everything he picked and I couldn't bend over to pick because of wearing Willa in the wrap. Really, we have Ian to thank for the bulk of that, though Isla picked a fair amount as well. 

This place has this really neat big tractor that they turned into a play structure. The kids really enjoyed themselves playing on it. And I tested out the strength of that little wagon while the kids were playing, by plopping myself down on it to rest. 

It was a fun time and I'm glad Ian got to join us this time, as oftentimes I go during the week and he doesn't get to join in on the fun...also known as kid wrangling. Because, well, Callum disappeared there for a minute and my mind always flashes to us being on the nightly news. Thankfully he was quickly located a couple isles over from the rest of us.

^^ Connor and Luca. He is Connor's oldest friends, as we all lived in Scotland and met when we were pregnant. And they moved to southern California about a year after we moved back. 

By the way, I don't remember fruit picking being a thing when I was a kid. The first time we went was when we lived in Scotland and Connor was a baby. Some friends invited us. Then we moved back to Modesto and blueberry picking was all the rage. And the thing is, I totally love it. That is all. 

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Willa {three months}

weight: 12.5 lbs (my measurement)
likes: her bouncy seat, being worn, attention from her siblings, nursing, 
her pacifier, people smiling at her
dislikes: gas, spitting up, Callum roaring at her loudly

This girl is still FULL of smiles. Smiles all the time. She smiles when I kiss her. She smiles when I sing to her. She smiles when I smile at her. And I just eat it all up. 

Willa does great with tummy time and can hold her head up really well. And once she is done, she will just lay there for a bit before crying out to be turned over. She has yet to really even try to roll over. If you have her laying, but slightly propped up, she will try to sit herself up, but really can't do much more than lift her head up. Willa spends a lot of her time with her hands and feet flailing about. She is starting to get control of them though and seems to be grabbing things with her hands more and more. 

Willa has developed a sensitivity to loud or startling noises. It started with Callum roaring at her. I had literally never heard her cry so hard and loud. It was funny and sad all at the same time. She has since had the same reaction to a loud noise that happened close to her. 

Sleep wise, Willa is still doing well. She goes down really easily, as long as I am there to nurse her. It doesn't matter if she is hungry or not, she wants to be swaddled and nursed when it is time for bed. I usually get at least a 6 hour stretch out of her before she wakes up. If it's before then, I offer her the pacifier if she wakes and that generally does the trick. During the day Willa doesn't really have a schedule with naps. And honestly, she seems to more catnap then take long naps...which fits my theory that has gone along with all my kids, babies are either a good napper or a good night sleeper, not both. However, if I wear her in the wrap, she will sleep hours. It's crazy. But I think she just likes being cozy. 

Willa is fully in size 0-3 months clothing and even some 3-6 month is starting to work. I think it all depends on brands. She is wearing size 1 diapers, but I will be switching to size 2 when those are out...mostly because I had bought size 2 when I did a stock and save deal on diapers at Target. 

Willa is still nursing like a champ. Sometimes she will start crying when I am nursing her. It just means she has a big burp that needs to get out. And it is usually a really loud burp. But, once it's out, she is ready to eat again. I let her eat as often as she likes during the day, hoping it cuts down on the nighttime feeds. And so far it (or one of the numerous other factors) is working, so I am keeping at it.

It feels like the last three months went fast. But really, I think it's just I would have enjoyed basking in her newness a bit longer. But honestly, I also love this next phase of her interacting with me so much more. Time is a double edged sword, I tell you. 

And, just in case you like to compare like me, here is Connor's 3 month update,  Isla's and Callum's too. All my babies looked pretty similar at this age, but I still think Willa and Callum look the most similar. 

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Isla, the Dancer

Isla had dance pictures this past weekend. She is finishing up her fourth year dancing and says she wants to move on. She actually told me she knows all there is to know about dancing, but I thought saying she wants to move on sounded nicer...haha! The funny thing is though, her getting all done up for pictures had her saying, "Well, maybe I will do it again." The girl likes her some fancy and some performing, so the end of the year at dance is just her thing. 

A week ago, they called all the parents into the dance call to talk about picture day and the recital that is coming up. They announce that girls can wear a small amount of makeup if wanted. Isla literally throws her hands up in the air and yells "I love makeup! I love makeup!" She certainly doesn't shy away from the limelight. Thankfully, Isla has been with the same group of girls for a few years (even went to preschool with a few of them!), so they all know her. In fact, she attended one of their birthday party's last month. I dropped her off and when I picked her up, I was told by a mom that stayed that Isla was the life of the party. Oh man. 

This girl. She is sweet. She is spicy. She is comfortable in her own skin and I just love and admire that about her and hope she never looses it.

Also, for the record, these poses are ALL Isla. I never have to pose this girl. She just gets in front of the camera and works it! Haha!

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Connor's Band Performance

There's a place in town that puts together kid bands. They practice for eight weeks, then put on a concert. Connor's band, Storm, stayed together for a second session in a row. The drummer left and Connor moved from the piano this last time to the drums for two songs and the bass guitar for one song. Their performance was this past weekend at the Gallo Center. 

My favorite song they performed this time was So What by Pink. It helps that Pink is one of my favorites, but also, it was their strongest song. But seriously, every time I heard the little girl say "tool" in the chorus, I couldn't help but chuckle. Quite the word for a little kid.

Connor really enjoys music, so this has been a really good thing for him. It is an activity he always looks forward to and never complains about...which is big for a kid that normally doesn't like leaving the house! He is going to do another session in the summer, so we shall see if Storm stays together or not.

In case you missed it and want to see photos from his last band performance, you can see them here

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Callum the Helper

Callum is going through this stage where he wants to "help" with practically everything. 

Yep! He pulls out the stool and wants to help stir ingredients or even help cook. That one makes me a little nervous with hot items, but so far, so good. He will even run to the playroom and find his little oven mitt when I am baking. 

Yep! He always says "I help" and proceeds to get out his tool kit and hammer the floor close to where the cleaning is happening. Haha! Though if there is any spray involved, he is more than welcome to spray. 

Watering the plants?
Yep! He is all over this one. I am happy to let him go to town watering the plants in the front and the back yard. And they certainly get plenty of love. Inside the house is a whole other story. 

Well...kind of. He loves putting things in the washer or switching them to the dryer. But when it comes to putting away the clean clothes, he really just likes playing in them...and gets mad when I actually put away the clothes!

Washing the car?
Yep! Callum loves helping Ian wash his car. He will scrub it and rinse it off. I take my car to the carwash and he loves handling the vacuum. 

It really is a cute stage. And though it can slow me down and sometimes I just want to tell him no, I also don't want to discourage helping out, so I try to let him help in some way whenever he wants. 

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