Scenes from Quarantine {week nine}

There have been complaints from the peanut gallery that "everything is changing" because I keep requiring more and more of them around the house. Admittedly, I should have been requiring a lot of this a lot sooner, but didn't necessarily have or take the time to do it. And being stuck at home seemed like just the time. Well, I now know that things like making your bed, putting away your clean laundry and picking up after yourself is just "too much". Too bad for them, too much is here to stay!

The weather turned a little cool on us before heating up again for summer. I haven't been able to decide if it was a nice reprieve or just cruelly showing us what we are missing out on. But the 100* heat is headed our way.

Our yard (both front and back) has never looked better. Having nowhere to go and nothing to do means we are dedicating the time to pull the weeds that we always needed to do. I can't decide if this is a good or bad thing. I mean, of course it is a good thing our yard is looking better. But at the same time, it means there haven't been adventures...whomp, whomp, whomp.

It also looks like things may start opening up again...slowly. And I haven't decided how I feel about this. I am cautiously optimistic. Excited for things to seem more normal again, but also concerned. It's hard to know how much to venture out. I guess we shall all see with time.

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Scenes from Quarantine {week eight}

^^ "fort comfy" as Isla named it

^^ our unintentional coordination game was strong that day! 

One of the kids had a meltdown this week and screamed "I hate coronavirus and I hate the heat!" I have never felt more the same with any of my children.

My kids have been troopers. We haven't gotten together with anyone during quarantine. That means, my kids have played with no one except for each other for eight weeks. And sometimes, they just really, really want to play with someone else. When we have done birthday parades, Callum has cried seeing his friends in other cars and not being able to get out to be with them. Isla misses her friend Amelie so much. Sure, they can video chat, but that's just not the same as a good ole in the flesh play session. Connor, on the other hand, is living his best life, as the introvert that he is.

I didn't have a childhood stopped in tradition, so holidays during quarantine haven't bothered me at all. In fact, I enjoy the slowness and ease of them. On Mother's Day, we drove to pick up some rims Ian found. No one except for Ian even got out of the car. Then, on the way home, we stopped and picnicked and played at a normally busy stop that was closed. It made for the perfect outting and stop. And it felt oh-so-refreshing to get out of the house.

Early in the week, Ian noticed the windshield on my van shattered. We don't know when or how it happened, as I hadn't gone anywhere in a few days. But getting it replaced has turned out to be quite the process. Insurance processes separately the window and the censors in it for dive assist. So stupid.  But here we are, a week later, still not having the whole thing done.

Since it has been warm, the kids have played in the pool a bunch. But the weather is turning a bit cooler again and I am certainly not saying no to that. I would take 70* days any day over pool time. Our house just gets so hot when it's hot out and that seems especially torturous when it's time to go to sleep.

That's all I've got for you today.

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Scenes from Quarantine {week seven}

It was my birthday week. I remember when this all started thinking surely we wouldn't still be under quarantine by my birthday. Obviously I was wrong. I don't like attention, so a birthday in quarantine was actually perfect for me. Ian ordered dinner from my favorite restaurant and we ate it at home. It was nice.

Then some of my mom friends realized it was my birthday and everyday for the rest of the week, people dropped things off, which seriously felt so great and made me feel so loved. On the morning of my birthday, someone left flowers and an adorable gnome book. Then later, someone left wine and toilet paper...oh coronavirus, how you've changed our view on tp! The next day I got some chocolates and watermelon jam. Then, a big cake (which I saved to eat on Friday with the kids in celebration of making it through another week of school). Lastly, I got some goodies from a local shop. It was so fun having my birthday last all week long!

Schooling from home just felt extra this week. Managing the video calls with so many other people int he house is quite the chore. And just having to help Isla with so much of the tech aspect of things just leaves me feeling drained. I've started making daily lists for her of what she needs to accomplish and she can generally go from one task to another in the same program, but she still struggles with toggling between programs. And sometimes a task might last a minute, so I just have to stay close to her the whole time. Only four weeks left until summer break!

Callum got a packet of crafts to do in the mail from his preschool. He apparently was in the crafting mood (last time they sent some, he was NOT) and did all of them in one morning. His school has also been posting videos of the teachers reading stories or singing a song and he totally has been into that. He has asked to go back to "playdough school and church school" and it breaks my heart a bit. Out of everyone, he does not understand what is going on the most and doesn't get why his life has changed so much.

Now the burning question is, how much longer will this whole quarantine situation last and will we all be hesitant to leave our homes and gather with others with this is all over?

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Scenes from Quarantine {week six}

Well, warmer weather is here. The kids went in the pool for the first time this year...even if it was far too cold for me. I put my feet in and it was freezing. The warmer weather also means more ice cream and other cold treats. And no one is saying no to that.

Connor and Isla started doing twice weekly video calls with their teachers. They love these calls. I feel for the teachers though and having all that chaos coming at them at one time! Connor held up Willa for his class to see. And Isla shared our bearded dragon with her whole class. The kinks with school seem to be getting worked out and all is going much smoother.

I started feeling stir crazy. Like EXTREMELY stir crazy one day. I guess only going to Winco twice in a month plus and nowhere else finally got to me. I just wanted out. To go somewhere. For the most part, I am totally fine being at home. But sometimes, I just want to do something. We did get Connor a new/bigger bike and have gone on several family bike rides. So, that's been nice.

Every time someone comes to my porch and talks to me from a distance feels life-giving. That sounds so cheesy. But the human interaction outside of my children really is nice. I dropped some hand me downs off on a friend's porch and stood at my car talking to her for half an hour...while the kids went crazy in the car, haha. But it was totally worth it and nice to have that face to face (from a distance) adult conversation for a bit. Turns out this introvert really enjoys seeing people in the flesh from time to time!

It's weird though, everyone keeping their distance. People being sort of friendly, sort of standoff-ish. A post man delivered a package for someone else to our house, so when he came back to get in his truck, I ran it out to him. You could tell he really didn't want me getting close. I almost offered to toss the package to him. It was just another reminder of how much things have changed over the past several weeks.

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A Glimpse Into the Life of Willa

This is Willa at 14 months old.

Willa can now climb up onto furniture, so of course it is her favorite place to be. She has also managed to fall off of said furniture she can now climb up on. 

The car she is playing with has buttons that make noise. All the cars that make noise are her current favorites. She loves pressing the buttons over and over and has such an accomplished look on her face each time she does. 

Notice no bow in her hair. She rips them out as soon as I put them in these days. I even try to distract her for a minute after doing so, but she still generally rips them out right away. 

Notice the adorable onesie peeking out that is covered in strawberries. When I bought it, I imagined her wearing it when we went to pick strawberries somewhere. Now I wonder if we will ever leave the house again...slight exaggeration, but you get the point. 

Some of the things you can't see is Willa now walks everywhere. No more crawling for her. She also screams to communicate, which is...loud. The screams sound the same for happy and sad, good and bad, wanting something, etc. 

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Scenes from Quarantine {week five}

I kind of can't believe we are here...five weeks, FIVE WEEKS, of staying home. I think of where the world was, where I was, five weeks ago. I remember having talks with the kids teachers, saying "until next time". Hoping schools would be open again for the oh-so-sweet preschool Mother's Day tea that I have been looking forward to for months. I remember spending my last day I sent the kids to school running to Target and stocking up on snacks and such (that was the last time I was there) and to the library to grab a bunch of books. I wish I had thought to take a last picture of the kids with their teachers. Besides that, I really just wish I drove around and gave my friends really long and awkward hugs.

So distance learning Connor, he can do it all on his own, easily. And it doesn't take him long. Isla, on the other hand, needs help switching among the approximately 35 programs they use about every 60 seconds. So that's going about as smooth as you can imagine. And she has way more work than Connor. Also fun. I did decide to look up Go Noodle on you tube this past week for the kids and that is actually fun. The kids love it. They ask to do several videos at one time and it helps to get their wiggles out.

We actually made it two weeks between grocery trips and I found that oddly satisfying. Sure, every meal is not Pinterest worthy, but they are good...or at least decent, haha! I also discovered we go through way more peanut butter than I would ever think.

You know the friends episode where they talk about how there is no such thing as a selfless good deed? Well, I have decided to do a couple good deeds a week to boost the joy level in myself and others. These aren't big things necessarily. It's things like sending someone a note in the mail or leaving a bottle of wine on their porch. Just a little something-something to boost morale.

Speaking of boosting morale. Instead of making a daily list of things to do (which I normally do and LOVE...nerd, I know) I have switched to a list of things I would like to accomplish over the week. It's a shift in perspective, but allows me to get things done I have been wanting to do, but also not stick to a rigid schedule. I have done things like finish painting the laundry room (I only started in September!), painting the attic door in the girls room, dropping off hand-me-downs to someone, taking a load of stuff to be donated. Just some ways to make me feel productive. Also, all those things did not happen in one week!

In case you care to see more specifics of what we got up to this week - easter (technically the end of week four) and Connor and I baked bread

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Yes, easter looked different this year. But, we were the people that booked a camping trip last year on easter not realizing it was easter. Haha! So it's not like we are so stooped in tradition that it bothers us. It was more of a slow and enjoyable day. 

We all ate breakfast together and the kids got their easter baskets. Then we all watched church on the tv. We played legos while church was going. Then, it was time for the backyard egg hunt. At first, I was going to make each kid get a certain number of eggs, but I decided to just let them go for it and all worked out. Sure, Willa ended up with two eggs. But she was sure proud of those two eggs! And toward the end, I helped Callum find some of the eggs, as the older two had a bunch more than him. After that, we had lunch, then went for a walk in our neighborhood. 

Next, we cruised by Ian's parents house for a social distancing egg hunt in the front yard. His parents watched as the kids hunted for eggs, then we left and headed for home...where we ate a traditional easter meal of orange chicken, haha! 

All it all, it was a really enjoyable, slow paced and drama free day. Quite enjoyable in fact. 

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