A Cheeky Age

There is something about 16 months that's a cheeky age. Or maybe a curious age? It's the age where you have to move all the toilet paper rolls or they WILL be unrolled. And actually, shutting the bathroom door is better because otherwise the toilet may or may not get played in. The tupperware cupboard gets unloaded five times a day, along with the toy box and bookshelf. So I had to laugh when I found Callum in the above situation, remembering my other two in very similar situations. 

All three kids are just a couple weeks apart in age in these pictures. Actually, Connor and Isla's pictures are only a day in age apart, but Callum's is a couple weeks before. Also, apparently the first two situations happened while I was in the shower. These days I shower before the kids get up, but Callum still finds plenty of time to roam and get into things because, life/three kids. Can we also take a minute to notice how much hair Connor and Isla had compared to Callum. I was actually thinking the other day how thick his hair is getting...until I saw those full heads of hair!

I really do love the curiosity of children, even if it means a lot more clean up for me.

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Bad Mom?

Just be prepared. I am going to go on a bit of a rant here...

Keeping Callum entertained at Connor's baseball games can be a bit of a challenge. Lots of times the places he plays are not safe places to let Callum out of his stroller to roam around. And he's not content just being held by us. Couple this with it being evening time and it makes it quite the challenging couple hours. I have taken to getting him treats from the snack bar to keep him happy. And it's funny (not really haha, but intriguing) what people have to say about it. I get that giving a 16 month old cheetos isn't a normal occurrence. Heck, we don't even buy chips at all for our house. But sometimes there are just those do what you have to do to survive times and I would rather face them without people making comments about me feeding my kid cheetos...as if I am actually feeding him rat poison or something.

Which makes me think of the whole unicorn frappuccino fiasco last week. I saw someone in my instagram feed get attacked for posting a picture of her kid with one. One commenter even said she didn't deserve to be a mom. Really? Over giving a kid a sugary beverage? After watching so many people say so many negative comments about it, I did actually pipe up a bit to someone I know that commented about someone else I know's adorable children with their pink frappuccinos. I was just getting so tired of people sharing the nutritional information for a venti when in reality most people were getting their children a tall and that is HALF the size of a venti. Not to mention that no one knows how much the child actually drank. I mean, I thought those drinks looked so fun, I took my kids to get them...and that was the FIRST TIME IN THEIR LIVES they had ever had a frappuccino. Of course the unicorn ones were sold out and they had to settle for other flavors that they didn't particularly like or finish all of anyway. But my point is, how would anyone know that is the first time my children had frappuccinos, yet people love to judge.

People don't know that I put a lot of thought into what I feed my family. I read labels like no other. I avoid nitrates and high fructose corn syrup. And corn syrup, for that matter, along with artificial sweeteners. So when we are out somewhere and I let my kids have a treat, I let them have it completely guilt free knowing "everything in balance".

All people see is one event and decide to open their mouths. Why? Do they feel like the child is being raise incorrectly and their statement will change everything? Does it make them feel better about themselves, like they know something others don't? Or perhaps do they just like spouting off their unwanted opinions when they really aren't wanted or needed?

Now I know some will say that everyone is entitled to their opinions. And it's true. But just because you are entitled to your opinion doesn't mean you need to state that opinion out loud. We all are living our lives and raising our families how we see fit. And really...I mean REALLY...if no one is getting hurt, keeping our opinions to ourselves is probably a good thing.

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Because sometimes you get dressed in something other than a flannel shirt (hey, flannel shirts are my jam!) and go get yourself some flowers at the most adorable flower stand ever. 

Someone complemented me on my collection of flannel shirts the other day. It make me both smile and laugh. I seriously love flannel shirts. They are just so cozy and still count as wearing real clothes. I have quite the collection. At least 10. No joke. And, as anyone that sees me all winter knows, I literally wear them every day. It has gotten to the point that when I don't wear one, I usually get complemented on my outfit by people that see me everyday. I think it's their subtle way of telling me to stop with the flannel shirts. But I will never stop. They are my true love. 

Also, a little real life hack for you. I don't iron my clothes. I hate ironing. This shirt I am wearing, the collar gets messed up every time I wash it. I stopped wearing it because I didn't want to iron the collar. Enter my genius idea. I tried my hair straightener on the collar and it totally WORKED! I was pretty dang excited. Because, it's the little things, right?!

But back to the flower stand. If you are anywhere in the Modesto area, you NEED to check out Wild Blooms Farm in Ripon. It's the most adorable side of the road flower stand. The stand is right in front of the flower fields, so you can see all the beautiful blooms coming up behind it as well. If you don't live in the area, just check out their instagram. All those beautiful flowers will definitely make you smile. 

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little moments not to be forgotten

// blowing dandelions //
// bath time //
// baseball //
// playing with stuff he shouldn't be //
// siblings //
// trike ride //
// good morning //
// box fun //

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Easter Weekend

^^ That moment when you both see the egg and go for it at the same time

We started the weekend off by me riding the kids to my friend's mom's house in the bucket bike for an easter egg hunt. I was told we looked like an easter parade pulling up in that. Haha! But, I have to admit, my calves were burning a bit riding all three kids in that. I've really only ever done two at a time. My friend's mom throws some amazing parties, and this one did not disappoint. Callum's favorite part was filling his easter basket with rocks in the backyard and poking the bunny with his finger. Connor and Isla had a grand ole time running around with their friends. And the four of us overstayed our welcome by about an hour after the party ended...when the lack of a diaper (who brings diapers with them when they have babies?! oops!) sent us riding for home. 

But it worked out because when we got home, Callum went down for a couple hour long nap and it gave me the perfect opportunity to let Connor and Isla dye some eggs. Now they really enjoyed the egg dying part, but I really think their favorite part was after that was over when I let them mix all the colors together...and make a huge mess. They claimed they were doing a science experiment. They were playing so well together that I let the mess slide. I can pretty much let anything slide when they are actually getting along and not fighting!

Sunday morning we went to church together, then Ian took the kids while I worked in the nursery for the second service. After I was done we headed out to Ian's parents for lunch. My parents and brother came as well. It was pouring down rain, but that didn't stop the kids from running around in the rain collecting their eggs. After the kids were nice and hyper, we packed them up and headed back home for a quiet evening to ourselves.

It was a good and full weekend. Full of friends, family and love.

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Isla's Half Birthday

So one day last week, Isla says to me, "It's my half birthday in two days mom. What are you going to get me?" Insert dumbfounded mom look here. Which I then replied, "How did you know it's your half birthday?" And, I should have known...Isla replied, "Uncle Jeremy told me!" Of course Connor starts crying about how none of his half birthdays have ever been celebrated...ohmygosh. But, in true Jessica form, I knew I needed to mark the occasion.

You see, one year I made a huge stink about my half birthday. And some amazing people in my life went along with it. They sang me half the birthday song while presenting me with half a birthday cake. And I got half a birthday card. Three of these same people made a point to call me at 3:17am one year on my birthday because I made such a stink about that was when my REAL birthday was. I was such a stinker...of course, still am in many ways!

So, given my history, I knew I needed to do something. I got a birthday card and those two little things you see Isla holding. I woke her up singing "happy half birthday" and presented her with her half card and gift. She totally ate it up. She was all smiles. It was super cute and totally worth celebrating, just by the smile on her face.

Now here's to remembering to celebrate Connor's half birthday next month!

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Isla Lost Her First Tooth

Isla lost her first tooth on Sunday night. It happened while I was reading to her before bed. She was super excited and said it didn't hurt at all. Then she excitedly took it to the bathroom to clean. She put it in a ball jar (her choice) under her pillow...and continued to carry it around in the jar everywhere she went on Monday. It's cute how proud of it she is. It has been loose for a MONTH, so it really is about time that it came out. When she first told me it was loose, all those weeks ago!, I felt a little bit of sadness. My baby girl is growing up. But, when she pulled it out on Sunday night, I felt nothing but joy for her. Seeing her joy brought me so much joy.

Also, my kids know I am the tooth fairy but still play along. I'm really not sure if it's for my sake or theirs (or really just because it is fun). But I was a little nervous that Isla would blow it for other kids at school on Monday, but I don't think she did.

Because I get all sappy about my kids milestones, here is the post from when Isla got her first tooth...the very tooth she just lost. It's funny how I still totally remember the evening when we discovered that first tooth in her mouth, not like it was yesterday but certainly not like it was five years ago! Also, in case you care, here is when Connor lost his first tooth, complete with a video of him pulling it out.

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