Isla {18 months}

Weight: 24lbs (my measurement)
Length: 31.5 inches (my measurement)

15.5 teeth (that last one has just barely broken through)
Climbs on furniture
Know where her eyes, nose, mouth and belly are
Knows all the hand motions for patty cake
Blows kisses

On the one hand I want to say how grown up Isla is, because well, she is. She is so not a baby any more. Give me a minute while I run grab some kleenex. She really is all toddler. Then on the other hand, she still needs me so much. She only wants me in many situations. She still nurses (I know, right?! More on this to come). Oh and she still isn't consistently sleeping through the night. See, she still needs me! 

Some of Isla's favorites include playing patty cake (this always works to distract her when she needs it), bath time (she normally tries climbing in before her clothes are off), the tupperware drawer (so cliche, right?), dirt, playing with the cozy coupe, dolls, her play kitchen and running away from me while turning around at me and smiling (yeah...I loved when Connor went through this phase as well...NOT). 

Some of Isla's least favorites include getting her diaper changed and her clothes changed, for that matter. Oh, and having to be held by anyone but me when she is tired. And she is not a fan of riding in shopping carts. Awesome, right? Lately I have been taking the stroller in stores with us because it is just easier. 

Isla has recently started getting shy around people she doesn't know. In the most extreme instance, she put her hands over her face and didn't remove them until the person talking to her (who we knew) finally gave up and walked away. But normally she just hides her face a little and generally acts shy. Once you get to know her though, she isn't shy at all. 

So I mentioned that Isla is still breastfeeding. Yep. Not sure how that one happened, but we are taking it one day at a time. The girl loves her some boob. Obviously at this point it is really just for comfort. We were down to only at night, but recently she has switched that one up on me. She seems to want it when she wakes up from her nap, then again when she goes to bed at night. Though I don't normally talk about it, because people kind of frown upon extended breastfeeding, it really isn't a big deal. And it helps that the only times she wants it is when we are at home. 

Sleep with Isla has always been a bit of an interesting thing. She takes one nap a day, in the afternoon. As long as Connor doesn't wake her up, it normally will last three or more hours. And at night, Isla goes in her crib and to bed without crying (unless it is a babysitter putting her to bed...she knows how to prey on the weak!). Lately she wakes up anywhere from one to three times a night. What she needs or wants when she wakes up is all over the place - sometimes she wants to nurse, other times she pooped and wants a clean diaper, other times she wants something to eat and other times, well, she just wants to party. That being said, again, if Connor doesn't wake her up in the morning, she will commonly sleep until 10am. 

Isla loves playing outside and especially loves the dirt. Besides eating it, and well anything else she finds on the ground, she loves playing with it. She rubs it on herself. She picks it up and moves it from one place to another. She just loves dirt. Isla also loves walking through the yard and picking all the weeds flowers that pop up in the yard. Well, and any flowers that pop up on my real plants. 

Isla really wants to run with the big kids, but isn't quite there. So she normally isn't happy when I make her stay in our yard when Connor gets to play with the neighbors. But it is cute to watch her copy Connor. She now yells "hi" and runs to the curb whether the neighbor kids are out playing or not...this is what Connor does when the kids are out playing. It's cute. Speaking of cute, it is also super adorable how excited she gets when Ian gets home from work. She loves going outside and greeting him. 

Oh this stage. Not quite baby anymore, not quite kid, it is pretty freaking adorable. Isla, though I am excited to watch you grow up, I have to admit, I love this stage and I love that you are still a mama's girl.


  1. She is such a cuite. Those piggies just kill me! And I love that you're still breastfeeding. I wanted to breastfeed Parker until age 2 but he's pretty much over it.

  2. Pretty freaking adorable is right. Look at those pigtails! Also, her skin looks tan. Is it, or is it just a darker skin tone?

    I loved the story of Isla playing in the dirt. She sounds like my kind of girl. Also, don't worry about breastfeeding. If it's working for the two of you, then it's working just fine!


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