Awkward/Awesome {twelve}

Awesome: Taking Connor on a special froyo date without Isla.
Awkward: He could have cared less and just wanted to play with some kids at another table.

Awesome: An unexpected free drink at Starbucks...I love it when the workers do that and I used to love doing that for customers when I worked there. 

Awesome: Facetiming with Connor while he was out of town with my parents.
Awkward: How incredibly close he holds the phone to his face. Oh, and for a while the picture was just black and I hear my mom say, "Connor, don't hold the phone up to your ear, look at them".

Awesome: Getting in my car and discovering a full take of gas after my FIL had driven it.
Awkward: Telling him he didn't need to do that and him responding that my gas light went on as soon as he left my house...oops!

Awesome: An evening family walk.
Awkward: Being about a mile away from home when Isla decided she wanted to cry the entire way matter what we did. 
Awesome: A family in their front yard and the parents saying "We've been there" as we passed by. 

Awesome: Heavy rain that brought big puddles to drive thru. 
Awkward: Driving thru one with my window down...not the smartest thing I have ever done. 

Anything awkward or awesome happen to you lately?


  1. I love that Connor holds the phone right next to his face. It looks like you and Ian were laughing about that in the picture!

  2. Awesome: We went to the Oakland Zoo today. Awkward: When we got to the chimpanzee enclosure (where there were tons of people), Ryder loudly asked, "Mom! Why does that monkey have two faces?!" Hmm... How do I delicately explain to this kid that the monkey has only one face... and that other part? It's his butt. :)

  3. I love those parents that can empathize with you when your child is having a rough time.

  4. Awesome: They had a really good sample at Trader Joes today: both my boys were stoked to get to eat a BBQ potato chip! Awkward: Parker choked on the potato chip and had about four people rush up to help him - including TJs staff. We created quite the scene. And then half the people stared at me wondering what kind of mother gives her 11 month old a chip! I do. That would be me.


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