Taking pictures with unwilling participants can be interesting at times. I do enjoy the candid/real ones, but can never seem to get the cute, real ones I am going for. I take 100 pictures and like 93 of them are just utter and complete chaos with at least one little person running out of the picture...hence the hand holding.

And Connor decided to put Isla in a choke hold all on his own. Such a loving brother he is.

This week:

  • We've entered a new stage. Connor is now peeing standing up. 
  • Hello 80's! My sandals and shorts are happy you are back. 
  • Goodbye tax season! Ian got Tuesday off in celebration, so we went to the San Francisco Zoo
  • I traded in my swiffer for a good old fashioned mop. It has a polka dot handle. I mopped my floors three times the day I got it...I was pretty excited about it. 
  • Connor went to take a toy from Isla and she said "no, mine!" I guess she learned a new word. 
  • We have a new back fence...and we had to tear out a bunch of plants in order to build it, so I guess we will be getting some new landscaping as well. 


  1. That dress is just fantastic on you. I love the way the stripes go in different directions! And I love the way you're in neutral colors and Isla's in bright colors.

  2. Cute outfit!! The third picture cracks me up!!!

  3. Super cute outfit! And that last picture is great, lol.


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