Why I Know I'm Getting Old

As you all know I pointed out yesterday, it was my birthday. The funny thing about getting older is in the last few years I constantly forget how old I am. If you ask me, I will usually tell you the wrong age. Not because I mean to, but because I guess it isn't so important anymore. So, imagine my shock when I recently saw how old one of my friends was and thought to myself, "That's weird, we should be the same age." Duh Jessica, you are old! Maybe that's why I can no longer remember how old I am...

Me, in all my birthday glory, enjoying the sunshine.

In honor of me turning another year older, I thought I would share a few reasons I know I am old...or not so much old, but an adult. Definitely not a child.

Reason 1 - I find myself having to tell my friend's daughter over and over that her mom and I are really cool people.

Reason 2 - I don't think anyone should utter the words "cray, cray" and I cringe whenever I hear it.

Reason 3 - My driving habits certainly have changed. And I no longer think it is cool to brake check people.

Reason 4 - The waist on my jeans just keep getting higher and higher. This mom no longer likes the look of butt crack hanging out...not that I liked the look before, but I certainly owned enough pair of pants that allowed for it.

Reason 5 - I also no longer see my bra straps as an accessory...sorry orange bra.

Reason 6 - I cringe at the thought of some of the things I did as an adult in my early (and even mid) 20's.

Reason 7 - I no longer leave the house in my pajamas.

Reason 8 - Hanging out with my friends usually involves me being home before midnight...though I must say, I am a night owl and this one has more to do with my friends than me.

Reason 9 - I meal plan and shop for groceries weekly.

Reason 10 - I know more real news than celebrity news.

I know, I know. I'm getting up there. It's crazy, but I can't do anything about it. So I'll just embrace it...and at least be happy that people generally think I am much younger than I really am.



  1. Oh boy, I not only fit every bill on this list, but I have for years! Yay to being old (a.k.a. mature cool)

  2. Omg I forget my age too! My husband had to remind me how old I was the other day. Sad!

  3. Reason #8 makes me sad... haha... i love staying up late [only when i get to sleep in] and we used to stay up til AT LEAST 2am!

  4. Oooh, the last two are true for me as well. Especially knowing about the news/listening to NPR. Also, I consistently think I'm a year or two older than I am. (I'm 25.) I blame that on being a planner, and always thinking about the future, but it's rather silly!

  5. Cray Cray...me too. Hate it. Love you though and all your posts! I always forget how old Rod is too and I just don't even care my age. I'm in the middle of my best life ever!

    Happiest of new years to you Jess!

  6. Ha! Maybe I'm slightly more mature and wise than I'd like to think! :)


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