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There is something about taking my kids out of their element that brings out the crazy in them. The, let's push mom to her limits...her extreme limits, crazy.

There was this time when Connor was about Isla's age (AND...I have just connected the dots in my head...maybe it's the age, not the child!) when we went to a cabin with Ian's family. The two nights were so brutal, we almost headed home at 2am on the second night. Connor just would not sleep. No matter what we did.

Anyway, enter this past week, visiting my parents. Isla is refusing to sleep anywhere but in bed with me. And every night she fights sleep until about 10:30pm. This is the girl who I lay in her crib at 8 every evening and she goes to sleep without crying. Not this week. Oh, and did I mention she is up with the sun. And she so nicely woke me up with an iPad to the face yesterday morning. It left a mark and is still sore.

Both kids have been in a bad state of that hyper-tired craziness that kids get the past two days. Awesome. Taking them anywhere has been nothing short of amazing. I was all excited to take Connor to the Lego store this evening for a free Lego build. We went and managed, though he was in rare form. It probably would have been better had he been well rested, but that's life.

I am looking forward to being home tomorrow night, with the kids in their own beds. Even if it mean driving 6 hours alone with the kids...in 90 degree heat, with the sun on my side of the car, and a car air conditioner that isn't super cold. Feel bad for me yet? Don't. My life is actually pretty dang fabulous. I even ran off with my dad for a bit this evening to get a massage. See, it's not all bad.

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  1. I just drove 400 plus miles with both kids. It was brutal. But somehow it's always worth it when you're visiting family.

    That pic of you with the coffee tee is adorable. I love the expression on your face!


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