Connor is slightly obsessed with the buildings in downtown LA. He talks about them constantly and loves looking at them while we are at my parents. So, we thought it would be fun to take him to the top of the building that I used to work at (also the place my dad works...though we never worked there at the same time). In all honesty, Connor seemed more bummed out that we weren't taking him on top of one of the buildings downtown than excited to be on top of a big building with an amazing view of downtown. Oh well, you can't win 'em all. But, in the days that followed, he did keep talking about how he went on the building, so I think he still liked it.

^^ After Connor learned the word "die", he didn't want to sit down because he was afraid he would "die". Thankfully he sat for a minute...and he wasn't close to the edge and he lived to tell of the experience. 

^^ Though this wasn't the view from my actual office (I had an interior office that looked at a hallway), this was the view from our conference room and the view from my friend's office. 

^^ Little miss Isla chilling in the middle of the helipad...and in the middle of The Foursquare Church's logo. 

This week:
  • I made it home in record time yesterday. Traffic was flowing fast and Isla slept for hours, so I drove most the way home before stopping for gas and Starbucks. 
  • Isla went to sleep without incident last night and slept all night. That girl really does love her own bed! 
  • With it being so warm and all, I got the kiddie pool all set up in our backyard. Yea for another season of backyard fun...if I can get Connor to come out. 
  • Connor got to ride on a pony in Griffith Park. He looked terrified the whole time, but as soon as it was over, he was asking to do it again. 
  • I met up with a friend from Scotland who now lives in southern California. It was fun to see her and catch up while our kids fought played. 
  • I had lunch at El Pollo Loco one day. That place is good. How did I not know about it before?


  1. We LOVE El Pollo Loco! We dream about their tostada bowl all of the time!

    And a pony ride at Griffith Park? That pony better be there next time I am there. Love the pictures of you guys with the buildings. Sounds like the drive home was a smooth ride.

  2. You got some beautiful shots of downtown. Glad you all had fun and braved the high roofs!


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