Built in Frenemies

Frenemy. It has a few definitions, but this one is probably my favorite, "someone who really is your friend but is also a rival." I am pretty sure that about sums up Connor and Isla's relationship.

I know for certain that Isla loves Connor. She follows him around and mimics things he says and does. And when she hasn't seen him for a bit (like say he has been at someone else's house for a couple hours), she will come up to me and say "nonnor" over and over, as if asking for him.

Connor the other hand, I am not fully sure how he feels about Isla. I asked him if Isla was his friend and he said "No she's not. She's just sissy." So there you have it. But at the same time, if she wasn't around, he wouldn't have anyone to bully. And he seems to love going out of his way to pick on her. Awesome.

There seems to be more and more times that I catch the kids actually playing together, and it warms this mama's heart. Of course, as soon as I am sitting there enjoying the warm fuzzies, Connor will go push Isla to the ground or pull her hair. And that quickly ends the moment. But I have to say, just seeing them interact and play with each other more peacefully more often gives me hope.

These two are learning and receiving some valuable things from each other. They are learning to share. They will always have each other to complain to about their un-cool parents. They will grow into being each other's fiercest supporters, yet some of the only people in the world who will be truly honest with each other.

My kids certainly don't have the perfect relationship with each other that so many moms out there seem to claim their's have. But I tell you what, Isla is one tough cookie and has Connor to thank for that. And Connor, well he has totally learned the art of bargaining because of Isla. Look at me, raising well rounded children ;)


  1. My sister and I fought like cats and dogs the first 15 years of her life. I was the instigator and she was the brawler. Then, suddenly, it stopped and we've been best friends ever since. Sibling relationships are funny. You love your sibling with all your heart, but they also know how to push you're buttons best of all!

    The pic of the two of them in the shopping cart is the best!

  2. i really LOVE this post!! I totally cried... I am a sap these days. But seriously they are awesome kids and you are doing a great job momma!


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