A 19 Month Comparison

As I mentioned before, Isla and Connor switched rooms. Isla's new room has great light in the mornings and is always begging for pictures to be taken. And, I have always been a sucker for taking pictures of my kids in their cribs. There is just something about it. When I went in to get Isla yesterday morning, she was being so dang cute, so I ran and grabbed the camera. We took a bunch of pictures and then went on with our day. In the back of my mind, I was reminded of taking some very similar pictures of Connor. After pulling them up, I discovered they were taken less than two weeks apart in age (I date all my pictures because I am anal like that).

So here we have again, another comparison of the kids at the same age, doing the same thing.

^^ This still remains one of my favorite pictures of Connor. I love his hair and the stare he has going on. 

Isla certainly has more hair than Connor, but in their defense, she has never had a hair cut and at that point, he had numerous ones. And they don't look much alike, though they both resemble different members of our families. 

I love being able to look at pictures of my kids doing relatively the same things at the same ages. I also love the chance to walk down memory lane because I am a sap like that. 

Just in case you want to look back a little, here are the comparisons from when they were 16 months, 8 months, 5 months and wee little babes


  1. Her hair, it's so cute even when she just wakes up! Gah, she looks so stinkin' big!!

  2. i love that you do these!! so fun!!

  3. I love the comparison posts you do! It's surprising to me how different Connor and Isla look, since I sometimes think they look alike in current pictures. Also, Connor looks a lot like my cousin-in-law's son. They could be cousins!


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