Crazy Much?

This picture has absolutely nothing to do with this post. It's just Isla being her cute self.


I'm that person that when I have people over I freak out and try to clean every square inch of my house. And when I glance at the random pile of stuff on the top of my refrigerator, I just know my guests are judging me for it. Chill out JessicaI am also hoping they didn't notice the banana smeared all over the shower curtain, the pile of papers on the mantle and well, I won't even get started on the desk. The desk is definitely a low point in organization for me. But seriously, lighten up Jessica. 

On the bright side, my house is all clean, so no more cleaning for me this week...unless you count the daily stuff. 


  1. Yup. Totally didn't notice any of those things!!!

  2. Honestly, I think -some- clutter and dust bunnies can make guests feel more at ease. Like they are really being welcomed into your home, not just viewing your house. Does that make sense? It's something I keep in mind when I feel like my house looks "messy".


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